Introduction and manifesto


Welcome to Goki’s Giving Groin, a site for comics and media in general (as if you couldn’t tell by the title)! I’m Goki, and together with my friends David and Spiffy, hope to take you on a wild ride as we talk about things we love, things we hate, and thing that make us FUDO. What is FUDO, you ask? Our manifesto below explains it all:

spiffygy (12:52:14 AM): I also mean to start up reading comics again
spiffygy (12:52:16 AM): Mostly through trade
Gokitalo (12:52:16 AM): Yesssss
spiffygy (12:52:28 AM): I have a few comic crazed friends at college
spiffygy (12:52:38 AM): A few of the things ive started are Invincible and Walking Dead
spiffygy (12:52:54 AM): If I get into it, I’m sure I’ll be reading 20 a month like I used to, is the problem
Gokitalo (12:53:38 AM): Good point. Although maybe you could get new, one-word Weekly Reviews out of it
Gokitalo (12:53:53 AM): “Good”
“So bad, I wouldn’t even give this one to Goki”
spiffygy (12:54:08 AM): haha
spiffygy (12:54:23 AM): You should start up a comics website
spiffygy (12:54:29 AM): And I could contribute my great reviews
Gokitalo (12:54:33 AM): That’s a good idea
Gokitalo (12:54:45 AM): I started up two comics blogs
Gokitalo (12:54:47 AM): One for a class
spiffygy (12:54:51 AM): GOKI’S GROIN: A Place for Comic Book Readers
Gokitalo (12:54:51 AM): YES
spiffygy (12:55:04 AM): haha
Gokitalo (12:55:02 AM): I really should call it that
spiffygy (12:55:36 AM): I was trying to think of G words
Gokitalo (12:55:52 AM): It has the pizazz my other blogs were lacking
spiffygy (12:56:04 AM): i have a gift
spiffygy (12:56:10 AM): ooh gift is a g word too
Gokitalo (12:57:47 AM): Goki’s Gift Groin
Gokitalo (12:58:15 AM): The Gift That Keeps On Giving
spiffygy (12:59:29 AM): haha
spiffygy (12:59:32 AM): MONEY
spiffygy (12:59:40 AM): not a good title
spiffygy (12:59:44 AM): but definitely a good user title
Gokitalo (12:59:43 AM): Yes
spiffygy (12:59:49 AM): Goki’s Gift of a Groin
spiffygy (12:59:53 AM): i dont know
Gokitalo (12:59:53 AM): Goki’s Giving Groin
spiffygy (1:00:01 AM): haha
spiffygy (1:00:04 AM): there it is
Gokitalo (1:00:13 AM): Our reviews will be awesome
Gokitalo (1:00:22 AM): “This comic was so good, I had sex with it and never called her back”
spiffygy (1:00:47 AM): “Even Goki, with his omnipotent giving groin wouldnt give this to a bum on the streets!”
spiffygy (1:01:02 AM): i like yours better
Gokitalo (1:01:14 AM): And instead of Thumbs Up and Thumbs Down
Gokitalo (1:01:18 AM): We could have Fly Up and Fly Down
Gokitalo (1:01:27 AM): This comic left Goki’s Fly Up!
spiffygy (1:01:31 AM): Or Erect and Flaccid
Gokitalo (1:01:32 AM): Also good
spiffygy (1:01:44 AM): Both work with the groin theme
spiffygy (1:01:57 AM): Fly Up, Dick Out
spiffygy (1:02:02 AM): now THATS a good comic
Gokitalo (1:02:00 AM): BWAHAHA
Gokitalo (1:02:26 AM): We could call it “FUDO” for short
spiffygy (1:02:38 AM): The only thing this comic was missing was ejaculation, and believe me true believers, I took care of that after the final credits
Gokitalo (1:02:43 AM): BWAHAHA
spiffygy (1:02:58 AM): FUDO has a nice ring to it
Gokitalo (1:03:19 AM): “I have one thing to about the art: FUDO”
spiffygy (1:03:42 AM): Of course you can interpret it as a good and a bad thing
spiffygy (1:03:44 AM): the FUDO
spiffygy (1:03:48 AM): a) so good youre jerking to it
spiffygy (1:04:02 AM): b) so bad, youre jerking over it, because you can pencil better with your dick
Gokitalo (1:04:15 AM): BWAHAHA
Gokitalo (1:04:35 AM): We should copy/paste this chat
Gokitalo (1:04:39 AM): And call it our Manifesto
spiffygy (1:05:20 AM): haha
spiffygy (1:05:33 AM): If I remember, ill save the chat
spiffygy (1:05:36 AM): you do the same
spiffygy (1:05:46 AM): and when we talk to each other again in a month, well hatch our plans for world domination
Gokitalo (1:06:02 AM): “pulling down our pants,” as it were
spiffygy (1:07:20 AM): my pants are always down when im talking to you
spiffygy (1:07:29 AM): you just make me want to FUDO
Gokitalo (1:07:47 AM): Dude, I FUDO’ed 10 minutes ago
spiffygy (1:07:59 AM): lmao
spiffygy (1:08:02 AM): and i dont lmao often anymore
spiffygy (1:08:16 AM): i used to be liberal with those babies
spiffygy (1:08:29 AM): but my ass was literally off after one of them
spiffygy (1:08:33 AM): and that was an expensive surgery
Gokitalo (1:08:31 AM): ROFL
Gokitalo (1:08:36 AM): (as you can see, I’m a rofl guy)
spiffygy (1:08:46 AM): that was shitty sitcom material right there
spiffygy (1:09:36 AM): Speaking of sitcoms….
spiffygy (1:09:38 AM): You must watch one
Gokitalo (1:09:40 AM): I dunno dude
spiffygy (1:09:43 AM): Its the best since Friends. Better.
spiffygy (1:09:50 AM): How I Met Your Mother
Gokitalo (1:09:52 AM): Ohh yeah
spiffygy (1:09:56 AM): Watch it
Gokitalo (1:09:54 AM): I heard of that
Gokitalo (1:10:27 AM): Is it grointastic?
spiffygy (1:11:13 AM): You wont be able to FUDO anymore after a lot of the episodes
spiffygy (1:11:26 AM): whoops, sorry about the video thing, if you got that. didnt mean to
Gokitalo (1:12:38 AM): That’s cool, we should only show off our groins when we feel ready
spiffygy (1:13:55 AM): haha
spiffygy (1:14:06 AM): i laughed out loud there
Gokitalo (1:14:07 AM): YES
spiffygy (1:17:21 AM): so we gotta figure a way to bring our humor to an audience
spiffygy (1:17:30 AM): even if the audience will be potentially repulsed by it
Gokitalo (1:17:30 AM): I agree
spiffygy (1:17:37 AM): and ODUF
spiffygy (1:17:40 AM): (inverse FUDO)
Gokitalo (1:17:40 AM): AWESOME
Gokitalo (1:18:10 AM): We could definitely tell some of the old gang
spiffygy (1:18:22 AM): AA’s the only worthy one
Gokitalo (1:18:26 AM): I’d say Lia is too
spiffygy (1:18:37 AM): We can fight T5 for interstellar domination
Gokitalo (1:18:39 AM): Yes
spiffygy (1:18:47 AM): Because he’s cylon
Gokitalo (1:18:45 AM): Penis Sabers
spiffygy (1:19:00 AM): (Battlestar Galactica reference)
Gokitalo (1:19:06 AM): I’m such a bad nerd
Gokitalo (1:19:11 AM): I’ve never watched that show
spiffygy (1:19:40 AM): Its galactastic
spiffygy (1:19:43 AM): or something
spiffygy (1:19:52 AM): While Im at home, ive been watching it with my dad
spiffygy (1:19:54 AM): Its sweet
spiffygy (1:20:14 AM): Ive pretty much replaced my comic obsession with tv shows and movies
Gokitalo (1:20:23 AM): “Son, does this show make you as erect as I am right now?”
“Sure is, Dad!”
“I love it when we have these father-son moments, son”
spiffygy (1:20:42 AM): since youve done a few, and i have yet to give one
spiffygy (1:20:45 AM): BWAHAHA
spiffygy (1:20:48 AM): i loved that
spiffygy (1:21:00 AM): So belovedly awkward
Gokitalo (1:21:22 AM): Yes. Yes, it is. I don’t even want to know what you two did next
spiffygy (1:22:01 AM): We watched another episode
spiffygy (1:22:13 AM): and FUDO’d in complete synchronization
Gokitalo (1:22:27 AM): Knew it
Gokitalo (1:22:36 AM): But it still made my skin crawl
Gokitalo (1:22:57 AM): Aim somewhere else next time
spiffygy (1:23:11 AM): ill work on it
Gokitalo (1:23:37 AM): Some kid started licking me because he thought I’d spilled yogurt on myself
spiffygy (1:24:09 AM): Thats a horrifying prospect
spiffygy (1:24:20 AM): i actually
spiffygy (1:24:22 AM): ODUF’d
Gokitalo (1:24:28 AM): AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
spiffygy (1:26:32 AM): so you still read comics, then?
Gokitalo (1:26:38 AM): Oh yeah man
spiffygy (1:26:50 AM): what are the good ones?
Gokitalo (1:26:57 AM): Green Lantern just hit the stratosphere
spiffygy (1:27:07 AM): doesnt he do that every issue
spiffygy (1:27:12 AM): HILARIOUS
Gokitalo (1:27:12 AM): It is
Gokitalo (1:27:19 AM): But I’m still going to say “Shut up”
spiffygy (1:27:29 AM): then say it
Gokitalo (1:27:29 AM): Fine
spiffygy (1:27:33 AM): without the formalities
spiffygy (1:27:39 AM): give it to me straight
spiffygy (1:27:42 AM): and hard
spiffygy (1:27:50 AM): i knew you couldnt do it
Gokitalo (1:27:47 AM): You’d better not flinch this time
Gokitalo (1:27:51 AM): AGH!
spiffygy (1:28:00 AM): hehe
Gokitalo (1:27:58 AM): I just can’t perform
Gokitalo (1:28:06 AM): under these conditions
spiffygy (1:28:11 AM): I never flinch
spiffygy (1:28:29 AM): Well Im going to call it a night, actually
spiffygy (1:28:34 AM): An online night, rather
spiffygy (1:28:41 AM): Im going to read/play madden/etc
Gokitalo (1:28:49 AM): No prob dude. We’ll talk comics and our awesome site next time
Gokitalo (1:28:57 AM): But yeah, Green Lantern’s gotten pretty good
spiffygy (1:30:10 AM): Ive never been a big GL guy
spiffygy (1:30:13 AM): But I believe it
spiffygy (1:30:24 AM): I’ll talk to you later, and sooner rather than later this time
Gokitalo (1:30:33 AM): Right on
Gokitalo (1:30:49 AM): We sure slacked off on Goktastic Spiffiness
spiffygy (1:31:16 AM): Yeah I know. I blame myself. I owe you.
spiffygy (1:31:20 AM): And I will repay you with this
spiffygy signed off at 1:31:21 AM.
spiffygy is offline and will receive your IMs when signing back in.
spiffygy signed on at 1:31:37 AM.
spiffygy (1:32:06 AM): Sobe sure to save this, because I sure as hell forgot
spiffygy (1:32:17 AM): and ruined it with my badass sign off
Gokitalo (1:32:36 AM): Dude, thank goodness you told me
spiffygy (1:32:49 AM): good im glad i signed back on
spiffygy (1:33:11 AM): bu anyways, good night my friend
spiffygy (1:33:13 AM): have fun in merry land
Gokitalo (1:33:24 AM): Enjoy thy Merry Madden
spiffygy (1:33:32 AM): oh i will
spiffygy (1:33:35 AM): its super bowl time
spiffygy signed off at 1:33:42 AM.

3 Responses to “Introduction and manifesto”

  1. spiffyithaca Says:

    Goki-O! It’s wonderful to be here, and there’s no better way to start this adventure than with our delightful manifesto. Hopefully people find this at least mildly enjoying, or we’re going to have a lot more arduous time starting this up!

    Anyways, folks, I’m Andy Greene, or Spiffy, as Goki calls me from our days roaming the Marvel message boards (I refuse to be embarrassed). Goki is the leader here, but David and I are hopefully going to be a great supporting cast, and provide some entertainment for the reader starved for comic, sports, movies, and TV show commentary! We’re going to be versatile, or at least that’s the dream.

    See you guys soon. I should have something up tomorrow….!

  2. dillonmania Says:

    I don’t have a dick……

  3. gokitalo Says:

    Improvise, Lia! Improvise!

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