Blogger Profile: Gokitalo


(Believe it or not, I actually do kind of look like this. Kind of.)

Handle: Gokitalo

Name: “Goki” is all you’re getting, chumps! Spiffy and David both know my real name, however, so you’ll probably hear it at some point. For the record, I generally prefer “Goki” 😉

AIM: Gokitalo 2 (yes, there is a Gokitalo on AIM. Don’t IM him, he’s grumpy and mean)


Favorite Movie: Casablanca, The Godfather, X2: X-Men United, Batman: Mask of the Phantasm… I could go on!

Favorite Childhood Movie: Man, so many. Anyone remember The Big Green? Now that was a good movie.

Favorite Book: Batman: No Man’s Land, Etica Para Amador (yes, it’s in Spanish and yes, it’s awesome), Time’s Arrow, Crime and Punishment

Favorite Magazine: I’m not much of a magazine guy. I could mention Wizard, but then I’d have a dozen online comic fans screaming for my blood 😉

Favorite TV Show: Homicide: Life On The Streets and Justice League Unlimited. Bruce Timm’s DCAU is gold.

Favorite Superhero: Superman, Batman, Daredevil, Jack Knight… as you’ve probably guessed, I’m bad at picking favorites.

I hail from Merryland and attend college there as a journalism major. I’m not quite as up north as the Spiffster, but when it’s cold, it’s cold. Seriously, I’ve had to wear long underwear on some days. Yeah that’s right, I admit it.

I got into comics when I was but a wee 6 or 7-year-old. I think the first comic I got was an X-Men one they were giving out at Pizza Hutt. Perfect timing too (probably deliberate), as the X-Men Animated Series started a few weeks later and got me hooked. While I actually didn’t start getting comics regularly until middle school (via subscriptions), I’d often get comics in English and Spanish (soy bilingue!) as gifts. I also kept up with the many happenings in the DC and Marvel Universes via comics solicitations on their sites, as well as fan sites that probably aren’t around anymore.

It was during my high school years that I first started buying regularly: changed my life, I tell ya. Around this time I also met Spiffy and David, and we hung out together at various message boards. We probably bonded the most on Spiffy’s own board, Comic Castle 4 (a.k.a. Comic Castle 3 and Comic Castle 3.34), which played a huge role in refining my comics pallete.

Comics is probably my favorite hobby, but it isn’t the only one. Don’t watch much TV these days, but I just love quality shows (Homicide: Life on the Streets, baby). I’m also a big fan of cartoons, from The Flinstones to The Simpsons; I even like some anime! I’ve got a casual interest in video games and computer games, though I’m not always very good at them. I also like movies, and while 90 percent of what comes out with each year is either total garbage or completely forgettable (at least if we’re talking Hollywood: indie and foreign films generally have a better batting average), just going to the theater and watching something with my friends feels really rewarding.

As Spiff-mon said, if you’ve got any questions, feel free to ask!



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