Journey Back to Comicdom


It’s time to reflect. And I think we should start from the beginning.

It was a sad August day in 2006 when I quit comics. My comicbook store, Bigfoot’s Cards and Comics was coming to a close. Dan, the shop’s owner, said he was on to bigger and better things (the 6 year old in me wanted to shout “Like there’s anything better than owning a comicbook store!”), and ready to play more golf. I had grown up with Bigfoot’s.


From when I first walked in to buy candy and baseball cards, there wasn’t a week gone by when I wasn’t there. Whether it were Pokemon, Magic the Gathering, beanie babies, baseball cards or comics, all of my allowance as a kid and substantial amounts of my paychecks as a teenager funneled into the place like a fully functioning Beer Bong. In my later years, I even was fortunate enough to work there, although very sparingly (and my payment was practically all comics). It was an end to an era, or at least as much a rite of passage as high school graduation. It completed my transition from being a kid to being an adult, even though I had outstripped childhood long ago and held onto it selfishly. And because the comic shop was ending, and I had no intention to start buying at the competition, I quit, a decision cemented by the fact that I would soon be across the country in foreign waters, with far more real things to worry about than Wolverine and Spider-Man joining the Avengers and something called House of M.

And now I’m back. I was fortunate to make friends with a few comicbook readers and they finally got me to start back up this month. February 2008. It’s been awhile.

As they began to relate to me all of the events that had happened in Marvel (as my friends are truly Marvelites), House of M, Decimation, Civil War, World War Hulk, I already was lamenting my decision. The multitudes of huge events in both DC and Marvel were one of the reasons that I hadn’t missed it. But, since I had decided to start comics back up, I didn’t want to half ass this. I wanted to do right by the preeminent hobby of my youth. Now, after I’ve begun tackling some of these arcs, I realize that I really did miss them. Nothing says epic like murdering mutants.


Now, in the upcoming days or weeks, depending upon how lazy I am with it, I will chronicle my adventure. I hope it will be as fun for you guys as it has been for me.


NOTE: My first plan of attack has been to catch up in the Marvel Universe. I have not formulated a way to get realigned in the DC Universe, but there’s time, and I certainly don’t want to miss out on what’s going on. Also, I have plans to read Walking Dead in conjunction with all of this.

 Next: Secret War, House of M and New Avengers!


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