Comics stuff to FUDO about


There are some rad happenings in comics in the upcoming weeks and months. These are some of them (WARNING: slightly link-heavy):


Logan: He may be overexposed, he may say “bub” a lot and he may even seem two-dimensional at times, but in the right hands, Wolverine can be a great character. Brian K. Vaughan and Eduardo Risso definitely file under my definition of “right hands”: Vaughan’s as good a writer as he is versatile (compare Ex Machina to Runaways) and Risso’s dark, atmospheric art would probably be a great fit on many Wolverine stories. Which makes Logan, a three-issue mini-series by the two, sound pretty intriguing to this here reader. While the plot sounds familiar (“Wolverine heads to Japan to settle some unfinished business from his past), I doubt Vaughan and Risso plan to give us a run-of-the-mill Wolverine tale. Logan comes out next week, but Comic Book Resources has posted a few pages from the first issue (scroll down a tad) for thy viewing pleasure.

Final Crisis: Yeah yeah, another crisis. But you know what’ll make this different? Grant Morrison is writing it, J.G. Jones is PAINTING it and each issue will be oversized. I’m a big fan of Morrison and I think he really gets what makes the DC Universe so great. Not to mention the number of ideas he comes up with in a day is greater than the number of TV shows Spiffy watches in an entire WEEK.

DC Universe #0: it’s not just a prologue to Final Crisis, but to everything the DCU will be doing next. 52 collaborators Grant Morrison and Geoff Johns are reuniting for this one, and I suspect Geoff’s familiarity with recent DCU happenings will complement Grant Morrison’s crazy ideas and massive pre-Crisis DCU history well. It comes out on April 30 and it’ll only be 50 cents, so use those quarters you have left over from the parking meter.

Greg Rucka’s teaming up with Ed Brubaker for a Daredevil storyline in May. Not only are these guys excellent writers on their own, but together they wrote Gotham Central, which was one of the most unique DCU titles in a while. I kind of fell out of Brubaker’s Daredevil run, but I bet Rucka, whose exclusive contract with DC just expired, can renew the energy on this title. Brubaker talks more about it here.

James Robinson on Superman: Awww yeah. For those who know, James Robinson wrote the critically-acclaimed series Starman, which is one of my favorite series of the 90s. Robinson’s strengths include strong characterization, a willingness to experiment with storytelling and the ability to weave several threads (some seemingly unrelated) into a strong, compelling tapestry. He’s also one of the few “modern” mainstream comics writers who still uses third-person narration and uses it WELL. Robinson’s a good friend and frequent collaborator of Geoff Johns, who’s currently writing Action Comics, so I think having them work in tandem is a very smart move. I know DC has big plans this year to commemorate Superman’s 70th anniversary, and if Robinson’s going to be a part of them, then 2008 may be a VERY good year for Big Blue.

The return of DEMO: I actually read DEMO today after months of putting it off, just to be sure this is something to be excited about it. Lucky for me, it is. For those not in the know, DEMO was a 12-issue miniseries written by Brian Wood and drawn by Becky Cloonan that came out a few years back. Each issue was a done-in-one story focusing on a young twenty-something’s struggle with superpowers (basically X-Men if it wasn’t a superteam) or just life in general. What made the title shine was Wood’s ability to tell compelling stories while exploring various aspects of human nature, as well as the uncertainties many young people have to face. Now Wood and Cloonan are going to team up again for more DEMO stories, which will this time be published by Vertigo. Frankly, I’m pretty stoked. If you want to check it out for yourself, the AiT/Planet Lar trade for DEMO may be hard to find, but Vertigo is reprinting the series in May. 

DC trades: Starman Omnibus Vol. 1, JLA Deluxe Edition  (that’s right, Grant Morrison’s JLA), JLA Presents- Aztek, the Ultimate Man,  Team Zero, Ex Machina Deluxe Edition Vol. 1… the next couple of months are going to rule for DC in terms of trades. Oh, and I’d be a fool to leave out Justice League International Vol. 2, which DC released as “The Secret Gospel of Maxwell Lord” yeeears ago.

Mr. T graphic novel: awesome in concept. But will it hold up in execution? It’d better.

So guys, what’s coming up that makes you FUDO?

P.S. one more, which I completely forgot:

The Flash- Rogue’s Revenge: one of the many great things Geoff Johns and Scott Kolins did in their Flash run was revitalize the title character’s rogues gallery. Now the rogues taking center stage in The Flash: Rogues Revenge, in which Captain Cold and the gang decide to make up for all the crazy stuff they’ve been through since Johns left them.


One Response to “Comics stuff to FUDO about”

  1. spiffyithaca Says:

    All of this sounds great Goki, sorry not to post sooner. I’m not sure what I’ll be getting, but I’ll definitely have to catch up on Daredevil.

    I will be reading Logan #1, as my friend has a copy. I’ll get back to you on that one. Have you read it yet?

    And I think I will be reading Final Crisis, or at least read DC Universe 30 and Final Crisis #1 and see how much I can get from it all.

    And who knows about Superman. I generally don’t give a shit about him. I should probably read Starman.

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