The End of Spring Training…for me [DONT FLY USAIRWAYS]


Well, my game with Randy Johnson and the D-backs didn’t pan out so well. The game was sold out, and my Dad and I weren’t in the mood for scalpers. So we went back after I grabbed an Angels bandana, and I spent the afternoon eating pizza and reading Civil War (I’m up to month 3!). All in all a good evening regardless, until the flight, but more on that later.

 Spring Training 2008 was a rousing success. I hope to do it again soon, and hopefully it will become a father and son adventure every 5 years or so. I know no one read my keen insight and uncanny wit, but hopefully this is a good step in the right direction for this blog and my contributions to it. I hope someday people will look back and see this is as my first step to Internet domination, or at the very least, to completing my half of the bargain Goki and I set out for.

Anyways, in the coming weeks, I promise to dispell my thoughts on Civil War (I know exciting, let’s read about 2 year old comics!) and get myself up to the present. Also, I may be fielding requests for trades to buy, as the kind U.S. government was kind to give me a sizable tax refund, which I’ve decided will help in my quest to return to my days of spending hundreds of dollars on comics. Also, I will try and delve into the land of TV, and keep all my faithful readers up to date with the baseball world, and perhaps of something called March Madness? We shall see.


Don’t fly U.S. Airways. They suck. They really suck. My week of travel was hellish. First, my flight to Philadelphia en route to Arizona was cancelled (although I would’ve missed it to begin with; I’m a moron). Second, my flight to LA en route to Philadelphia and Ithaca was delayed, and I missed my connection. I was forced to spend the night in a hotel in LA, which sounds more glamorous than it is. I used all my money on cab fare, and had to wear the same clothes for 2 days, because my baggage was god knows where. I finally got into Ithaca last night at midnight….a full 12 hours after I was supposed to. Travel sucks. When is someone going to invent teleportation? Get on that.


One Response to “The End of Spring Training…for me [DONT FLY USAIRWAYS]”

  1. gokitalo Says:

    Nice series, Spiffy-O! Glad you and your dad had a great time overall. And to you, our gentle readers (a.k.a. Groin Gawkers ;)), keep your eyes peeled! We’ve got more reviews on the way, including Spiff’s aforementioned Civil War review! I still can’t believe he’s reading every single tie-in…

    When is someone going to invent teleportation? Get on that.


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