Teen Titans #57 review



It’s been a while since I’ve read Teen Titans. I hopped off board when Geoff Johns finished his run on the title, although I kept tabs on the characters since then. With news that Sean McKeever was dropping his workload to one title to focus on quality, I decided to pick up the two latest issues to see how things were going. While Teen Titans #56 had its flaws, issue #57 is definitely a step up.

After brutally taking down and abducting one of the Teen Titans last issue, the villainous Terror Titans set their sights on Rose Wilson, a.k.a. the Ravager. While the Terror Titans learn just how big a handful Rose can be, Robin and Wonder Girl talk about their missing teammate and… well, just how big a handful Rose can be.

As you can probably tell, this is mostly a Ravager-centric issue. Writer Sean McKeever does a commendable job of following up on the character work the series’ previous writer, Geoff Johns, started. Through Ravager’s actions, as well as Robin and Wonder Girl’s conversation, we see pretty much every facet of Rose on display here. Long-time fans of the character will be happy to see the return of one of her old, pre-Ravager abilities, assuming McKeever hadn’t already brought back the ability in previous issues.

Things are pretty solid art-wise as well, although I’ve got some minor quibbles. Eddy Barrows does a great job with pencils, but there is a key moment in the story he should’ve closed up on, but instead depicted from afar. Which might make the issue’s big cliffhanger a bit confusing to those who glossed over the key moment. The coloring is also quite nice, but the “contrast” effect used in certain scenes to convey Rose’s ability at work makes it hard to tell what is happening in those panels. Which is unfortunate, because you have to be able to tell what’s going on in those panels to know how Ravager’s ability works.

These flaws don’t really drag the issue down that much, though. Teen Titans #57 is definitely a step in the right direction, and if the creative team can maintain that level of quality or surpass it in future issues, I’ll happily stick around.


One Response to “Teen Titans #57 review”

  1. spiffyithaca Says:

    Yay Titans. I’m a big fan of McKeever for his work on Sentinel, and I feel like I’ve read some of his other stuff.

    I wish I knew who Ravager was, however.

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