Guess What Day It Is? It’s COMICBOOK DAY! 4/16/08


That’s right, folks! Every Wednesday, whether it be me, David or Goki, or all of us, we will post a few insightful comments on what new releases to look at when you get to the store.

I’m just taking a quick perusal, and here are a few things that catch the eye:

Dark Horse Comics

Pigeons From Hell #1: For only 2.99, you can see if it lives up to one of the greatest titles for a comicbook ever.

DC Comics

Green Arrow: Year One TPB: It’s by the team of LOSERS (Andy Diggle and Jock), a title I liked for awhile and most people loved, and apparently this mini series was acclaimed when it came out. It’s also possibly my favorite character, so I will definitely be buying this. I’ll probably get to it in May, but you shouldn’t have to wait, comicbook fan! Buy yours today!


Perhapanauts #1: Um, yeah, I don’t know either. “Hey Dad, can I be an astronaut?” “Perhaps, son.” That’s all I got. Issue 2: “Perhaps you should be a Perhapanaut DAD! I perhateyoualaut”. Was that painful for you? I’m sure the actual issue is better.

Marvel Comics

Amazing Spid-OH WAIT (If I had completed that title, a marriage based on true love would have been forgotten forever)

Incredible Hercules #116: Apparently this has been getting okay reviews, and while I’m convinced the only reason this title exists is because someone thought it was funny that Incredible Herc works as well as Incredible Hulk, I’m kind of intrigued to check it out, because Hercules was a badass in Civil War (he really had Cap’s back). But he’s a very one-note character. He’s a skrull.

And since I don’t want to appear Marvel-centric, I won’t mention X-Factor #30, a series AA loves. Or Iron Man: Legacy of Doom #1, the sequel 20 years in the making. Or hey, Captain Marvel #5, the conclusion of the return of Mar-Vell to the Marvel Universe, and would you look at that? It’s a Secret Invasion tie-in. ‘Natch.


Hope you had fun. I didn’t.

To be continued: 4/23/08. Be there.


5 Responses to “Guess What Day It Is? It’s COMICBOOK DAY! 4/16/08”

  1. gokitalo Says:

    NOTE: Yes, I did mess up with my post. So I’ve edited it!

    If you think Spiffy told us about this new feature we’re doing, think again! 😉 Nah, I’m just kidding: this is a great idea.

    ”Perhaps you should be a Perhapanaut DAD! I perhateyoualaut”.

    Hahahaha, that was just horrible!

    Iron Man: Legacy of Doom and X-Factor are the two you mentioned that I’m most excited about. X-Factor is a great comic and the preview pages for Legacy of Doom looked pretty good. Iron Man’s encounters with Doom (in the Iron Man title) are classic stories I’ve got to get my hands on someday.

    I’ve heard good things about Incredible Hercules as well, even from people who haven’t been thrilled with the current state of the Marvel Universe. So maybe I’ll check it out…

    DC’s got some interesting stuff out this week: it’s crossover with Wildstorm (DC/Wildstorm: Dreamwar #1), the latest issue of Robin (Chuck Dixon!), the last issue of Kurt Busiek’s Superman run (hope he ends on a strong note), and the latest Batman and the Outsiders (again, Dixon). I’ve actually got my eye on two comics from Image, too: Nixon’s Pals, which is about a warden at a supervillain prison (it’s by Joe Casey, who can actually pretty good when he’s on his game), and Noble Causes #32, which is supposed to be a jumping-on point for new readers.

  2. spiffyithaca Says:

    Yeah sorry, I just came up with it at 1:30 AM or whenever it was. But yeah I thought it was a sweet idea to just do a run down each week of cool or eclectic things to keep an eye out for, when people go to the store.

    You did miss my point, however. It was only for stuff that was coming out THIS week, not this month or in the future, past and what not. It doesn’t really matter I suppose, but I think we can do a monthly rundown each month or something, and then this is more specific and whacky, as my post was.

    Thy Kingdom Come does sound like a good buy. I think I will read/buy #12-14 today, because I’m nuts like that.

    Have you ever read Noble Causes? I remember when it was such a big deal when it first came out, and wanted to try it, but never did.

  3. gokitalo Says:

    Actually, Spiff, I did get the point: I just got the weeks confused! I went to the DC Comics’s web site today and assumed its “hotlist” was referring to titles coming out today. Instead, it was talking about titles coming out next week! You’d think they’d at least wait until Wednesday was over… anyway, I’ve edited my post to fix my mistake.

    As for Noble Causes, I haven’t read it, but I’ve heard pretty good things about it. It’s kind of a superhero soap opera, since it deals more with the personal issues of the Nobles (the main characters) than the bad guys they fight (since they’re a superhero family).

  4. spiffyithaca Says:

    Well I love soap operas, so I’d probably love that shit

    Superman #675 looked beautiful, but I’m glad I didn’t buy it. Didn’t realize it was Busiek’s last issue.

    And just to let the public know: I got X-Factor #28-30, JSA #12-14, Captain America #37 today. Hurrah!

  5. gokitalo Says:

    Indeed! Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on those. As for Superman #675, the art is fantastic, but Busiek’s stories have been very hit and miss. So it’s probably good you didn’t buy it.

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