Who The Frack is a Skrull?! [Secret Invasion Speculation]


The first Secret Invasion tie-in comes out this week (Mighty Avengers #12), and I thought that meant it was high time for some good old fashion predictions for the events to come. Beware of spoilers from Secret Invasion #1 and the New and Mighty Avengers runs up to this point, true believer! And Ms. Marvel’s title.

Who is a skrull? This is the question that is racking everyone’s brains that is into the Secret Invasion crossover event.

We have a few that have been outed: Jarvis, Dum Dum Dugan, Elektra (deceased), Hank Pym

I have a few conjectures about the others, and I’d love to hear your thoughts on it. As Marvel will tell you, nobody is safe. While I don’t believe that’s entirely true, here’s who I think could be green:

1. Black Widow, Mighty Avenger: She’s been very nosy and was worrying about Spider-Woman’s power burst that saved the gang from Doctor Doom (while this can be construed as looking out for her team and wondering if Jessica is a skrull, i think it’s the other way around). She just seems to be an all around irritant, and since she’s really not a huge character, I definitely think it’s a strong possibility (there’s too many damn Black Widow’s anyways). Many would guess Spider-Woman, because of her complicated past with AIM and Hydra and Nick Fury and all that, and how she sent the skrull to Iron Man, but I think that proves she ISN’T a skrull. While the heroes of New Avengers believe Tony Stark the most likely to be a skrull, I’m certain that’s not the case. He’s too big a character and that’s not going to happen, and I completely believe how’s he’s acted to this point. By taking the skrull to Tony, I think Spider-Woman was gaining entry into the Mighty Avengers to keep tabs on everybody else. Of course, beating the shit out of Wolverine and ignoring her teammates wasn’t the best way to do it.

2. Lindy, Sentry’s Wife: Sentry, during another meltdown, accidentally kills his wife (I forget the exact plot details) Lindy and believes to have brought her back to life. She sounds like a skrull to me. Since coming back, she’s pretty much told Iron Man to kill Sentry before he loses control again. I think she worries that Sentry might be the only one able to stop the skrull invasion. And hey, that’s what I think will happen: In Mighty Avengers #1, Iron Man while choosing the team with Ms. Marvel, said how he expects Sentry to become one of the all-time greats, and I think Bendis will put him there by overcoming his tenuous sanity and delivering a killer blow to the Skrulls when it’s all said and done. But while Bendis has already made one civilian, albeit the saddest Skrull reveal to this date (Jarvis), I think Lindy will be number two.

3. Luke Cage and Jessica Jones’ baby: There was a green-eyed panel that suggests it, and who can trust superhero babies? I find it hard to believe, but a friend of mine is certain that it’s true, and hell, I can see it. This would make Luke Cage PISSED. Because Bendis loves Luke Cage more than his son, I doubt Cage is a skrull, so this might be where he goes with it.

4. Hawkeye or Iron Fist or both: These are the two most likely skrulls on the New Avengers, in my opinion. Hawkeye came back to life for the umpteenth time and hasn’t wielded a bow the entire time, preferring to stick to Ronan. That said, I think it would be too obvious to go with him, and just overkill to make all this shit happen to Clint Barton all the time. I think Bendis will prefer to have him stick around and eventually return as Hawkeye, and continuing his budding romance with Echo. That leaves Iron Fist, who conveniently has the money, the jet and the home base of the New Avengers. Just a thought. I don’t think it’d be both, but I really believe it’s one or the other.

5. Ms. Marvel: From what I hear (I haven’t read it), apparently there’s a rampant skrull Ms. Marvel running around in addition to the Carol Danvers we know and love. Who knew? But it makes sense, since Brian Reed writes Ms. Marvel, and he seems to be a bigger player in Marvel, as he co-wrote New Avengers: Illuminati with Bendis, a key prequel to this entire mess, so it follows that he gets a skrull to play with.

6. Vision: He came back to life (again). Now I’m not exactly sure if a skrull could pose as Vision and be able to have his entire database and all that, but if he can, then that would certainly make a helluva lot of sense, and be horrible for our heroes.

Wolverine is safe. Tony Stark is safe. Ares is safe (I mean I don’t know). Wasp is safe, because I doubt they’d make both her and Pym a skrull, but who knows.

Is Spider-Man safe? I definitely think so, but he’s the main character I think is most likely, just because of the fact that it seems like Marvel is aiming to fuck around with Pete’s character away from the rest of the Marvel Universe, and making the Spidey on New a Skrull who was acting behind the real Spidey’s back would work to do that. It’s highly unlikely this is the case, however. Just bringing it up.


Any thoughts?


2 Responses to “Who The Frack is a Skrull?! [Secret Invasion Speculation]”

  1. gokitalo Says:

    I think Black Widow, Hawkeye, Lindy, the Cage/Jones Baby and Vision are good candidates. And we’ve got two Ms. Marvels running around, so we know one of them can’t be the real deal. Who knows, maybe Wonder Man IS a Skrull!

    Don’t think Iron Fist will be a Skrull. Ed Brubaker and Matt Fraction have done a ton of work with him in the current Iron Fist ongoing, so making him a Skrull will probably mess that up.

  2. spiffyithaca Says:

    Yeah, I agree. I didn’t say explicitly, but I figure if the Iron Fist in New Avengers is a Skrull, it’d be like a Ms. Marvel situation and that there are two running around. I don’t think they’d mess with Brubaker’s stuff either. I still think it’s more likely that that is the case than Hawkeye being one, but maybe that’s wishful thinking. The argument for him being a skrull is a compelling one, like I said.

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