Guess What Day It Is? It’s COMICBOOK DAY 4/23/08


Yeah, it’s Wednesday again! Time flies when you’re reading comicbooks! Boy am I cheesy! Read more if you want some of the blog’s contributors opinions on what to take a look at that’s coming out today, 4/23/08!


While the trade paperback “I Hate You More than Anyone Vol 04” sounds enticing, and so does the 131st issue of Scooby Doo (I’m impressed), I’ll give the nod to….

Well, I would recommend Batman #675 or Justice League of America #20, but they are two titles I have not read, and when I flipped through them, they didn’t excite me all that much. Get Spirit #16.

Image Comics

No brainer here:

Mice Templar #4: For less than 3 bucks, you can find out how awesome this is. Sounds like Redwall meets King Arthur, and that can ONLY be awesome.

Marvel Comics

First off, get the Avengers/Invaders sketchbook, it’s free and delightful!

I could recommend Thor #8, since Thor #7 was one of my favorite issues of the title, but my top recommendation?

Mighty Avengers #12! One of the first big tie-ins with Secret Invasion. Huge draws here: Alex Maleev is taking the art duties, which can only mean one thing: 32 pages of awesome. Also, this issue has a little something to do with the goings on of someone long missing….NICK FURY. Big stuff here folks.


And just so everyone knows: I picked up the sketchbook, Mighty Avengers #12, Ms. Marvel #26 (to see what’s going on with that skrull), X-Force #1 (to see if I’m missing out on anything, which I doubt) and the Marvel Previews for May to July. I know, all Marvel. Once I catch up to Fables, I will be getting that again.




3 Responses to “Guess What Day It Is? It’s COMICBOOK DAY 4/23/08”

  1. gokitalo Says:

    I saw previews for Batman and Justice League of America and I was JLofA looked cool. Batman looked like a down-time issue, so I can’t blame you for skipping it.

    And hey, I used to buy The Spirit!

  2. spiffyithaca Says:

    I wasn’t dissing it. It was a full hearted recommendation. I need to get Eisner’s original Spirit, speaking of which.

  3. gokitalo Says:

    Haha dude, that’s like, over 23 trades of stories. AND THEY’RE NOT DONE COLLECTING IT

    Darwyn Cooke did some great work with The Spirit #1-12, though. I think Eisner would be proud.

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