Goki’s Giving Judgment- 4-27-08


Introducing a new feature at Groin Central! Basically I’ll go through all the comics I bought this month and give each of them a rating. Afterwards, keep your eyes peeled throughout the week, as I may give full reviews to certain comics on the list. Here’s how the rating system works:

Goki’s Fly is DOWN: it means this comic was so good, I unzipped my fly and made sweet, sweet love to it.

Goki’s Fly is UP: This comic wasn’t even worth pulling down my fly for.

Goki’s Fly is STUCK: Was it good? Wasn’t bad? I can’t decide, my fly is stuck!

Every so often, a comic will make me FUDO— our highest honor. However, every now and again I’ll read a comic that is so awful, I have to reverse-FUDO– a.k.a. ODUF. For those who don’t know what FUDO and ODUF mean, see our manifesto.

This is kind of a trial run, so I’ll be reviewing fewer comics than I normally would. But fear not, dear readers! I’ll also put up one-paragraph reviews of each comic, which is something I probably won’t have time to do with the longer lists. My fellow contributors, Spiffy and David, are more than happy to use this rating system (they can even call it “Spiffy’s Fly,” “Andy’s Fly” and “David’s Fly,” instead of Goki’s 😉 )

Got it? Then let’s begin!

X-Men Legacy #209: Fly DOWN

Nova Annual #1: Fly STUCK

Justice League Unlimited #44: Fly STUCK

X-Men Legacy #209: Like last issue, Exodus, the Acolytes, Karima Shapindar and a depowered Magneto continue to piece Charles Xavier’s catatonic mind together. Which means it’s flashback time for us readers! The main story, in which Karima asks Magneto if he or Xavier won their philosophical debate, is pretty good. The flashbacks, however, won’t really make sense to those unfamiliar with X-Men history. If you’re at least casually familiar with the Xavier/Magneto rivalry and know who the Acolytes are, you’ll probably be fine. I should point out that one of the Acolytes, Frenzy, show more personality in this issue than she has in years.

Justice League Unlimited #44: I was a big fan of the Justice League and Justice League Unlimited series, so I thought I’d give the comic a try. The central premise is a strong one; basically, we learn that the JLU version of the Mirror Master has turned to a life of crime out of necessity, instead of a desire to make others miserable. Unfortunately, the characters sometimes have very stilted and cliche dialogue in the issue. Wonder Woman’s is kind of painful throughout, and while Hawkgirl’s starts out okay, it gets worse as the issue progresses. Fortunately, the Flash is consistently spot on (and funny). Another thing that brings the issue down is the ending; I get that the narrator has just shown Mirror Master in a more sympathetic light, but Master’s still a villain. If I were in that room, I sure wouldn’t be smiling with everyone else.

Nova Annual #1: This issue doesn’t like to sit still, as we go back and forth between Richard Ryder’s teenage years and 40+ years in the future. As someone who’s not very familiar with the character, I admit I liked the scenes set in the past the best. Not only do we learn how Richard Rider became Nova (which I’m sure a lot of people know already), but why he was chosen to join the Nova Corps. We even learn the origin of his classic “Blue Blazes” line! That’s not to say the future scenes are bad; we get to see what a reformed Nova Corps might look like, as well as what could happen if the Phalanx war never ended and Richard never cured himself of the transmode virus (but never succumbed, either). It’s just that you know there’s no way the Phalanx war is going to last that long, since that’s the main conflict of the current Annihilation Conquest series.

I may add one more comic later today, so have your flies ready!


9 Responses to “Goki’s Giving Judgment- 4-27-08”

  1. spiffyithaca Says:

    My fly was down after reading this post Goki!

  2. spiffyithaca Says:

    Also, was the Noval Annual by the same team who does the Nova series? I’m looking at Nova solits and it looks pretty cool. Maybe it’s the cover by Alex Maleev and the fact that Silver Surfer shows up. But still! Keep me posted on Nova my man

  3. gokitalo Says:

    My fly was down after reading this post Goki!


    Also, was the Noval Annual by the same team who does the Nova series? I’m looking at Nova solits and it looks pretty cool. Maybe it’s the cover by Alex Maleev and the fact that Silver Surfer shows up.

    Same creative team, or at least the same writers. And you’re right, Maleev’s the man. So is the Surfer, despite his apparent lack of a penis.

    But still! Keep me posted on Nova my man

    I’ll do what I can, Spiffy-O! I’ve heard a lot of good things about the Nova ongoing, so maybe I’ll start picking it up…

  4. Lia Says:

    You all suuuuuuuuuck!!

  5. gokitalo Says:

    LIA! 😀

  6. Apocalypse Says:

    By Odin’s beard! I like it fellas it’s a nice start! I’ve known you kats for so long you feel like adopted sons of ours [Love & myself] and Lia’s y’all’s big sister and Teddy’s your Aunt! We WILL be checking in on the regular but David don’t forget where you come from understand? Or Steph’ll use the whip on you and a certain youn man will deliver an alpha level noogie on you! Doomy for some reason I can’t do anything on C.C.5 and recieved no reply on my request….Angel truly completes this trifecta of masterful mayhem!

  7. spiffyithaca Says:

    Bwahahahaha I missed you HL! Thanks for stopping by. I honestly couldn’t even change CC4 if I wanted to (CC5 was the short lived T5 board), since Ive forgotten my ezboard account long ago. You couldn’t post there? No matter, this is the place to be!

    And hey Lia, you suck too

  8. Apocalypse Says:

    Ok Doomy it’s all good an we’ll send people here of course! Don’t mind your big sister she’s just mad cause I took her favorite sword from her!

  9. Lia Says:


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