Guess What Day It Is? It’s Comicbook Day! 4/30/08


Now for our third segment of everyone’s favorite GGG periodical…Guess What Day It Is? For those of you who are slow, it’s Wednesday, or Comicbook Day! Hooray!

Here are a few things to take a look at while at the store, brought to you by me, Goki and David if he decides to quit school:

DC Comics

DC Universe Zero: As far as I can tell, there’s no reason not to buy this. It’s 50 cents, and the prequel to Final Crisis. If you’re like me, and daunted by Final Crisis, this appears to be the perfect antidote. Supposedly it’s new reader friendly and primes you for Final Crisis, even if you haven’t read 52, and the previous crises and all that other shit going on. We’ll see if that’s the case, but with a cheap pricetag of two quarters, why not give it a shot?

Image Comics

Noble Causes #33: I hear it’s dreamy, and it’s probably better than Urban Monsters, the other title that caught my eyes.

Marvel Comics

First off, if you missed the first printing of Secret Invasion, the 2nd printing comes out today. Don’t miss it a second time. Also, the Messiah Complex HC comes out today….something I will be buying soon.

New Avengers #40: Another Secret Invasion crossover, written by Bendis and Jimmy Cheung shows up for the art. It’s definitely a must buy. There are other titles of interest as well, including Initiative #12, featuring two Iron Man’s on the cover (probably War Machine, not a skrull). Buy it if you know what’s good for you.


Helen Killer #1 (of 4): Any comicbook that makes a pun out of Helen Keller’s name… GOLD. Get onboard the title that Wizard says is “OFF THE RESERVATION”, before it’s too late (Helen’s a killer, after all).

Note: Wizard said no such thing

I Was Captured By Lesbian Pirates in Outerspace #1 (of 6): Um, ’nuff said (but seriously….greatest title EVER).

Magic Pickle GN: For 9.99, this is probably the cheapest magic pickle you’ll be able to buy…..unless you’re in a very seedy place in New York (I’m hilarious).

Romance Papa GN Vol 2 (of 8): Ewwwww

For the record, I’ll be buying DC Universe Zero and New Avengers, and will take a look at everything else mentioned, and also look into Blue Beetle #26. Enjoy your Wednesday, folks, may you spend it being more clever than I.



6 Responses to “Guess What Day It Is? It’s Comicbook Day! 4/30/08”

  1. gokitalo Says:

    Slick list, Spiff. I’ve got my eyes on DC Universe #0, Blue Beetle #26, Noble Causes #33, and Magic Pickle. Romance Papa sounds disturbing…

  2. Lia Says:

    I got DC Universe #0. Cuz I love the Rogues.

  3. gokitalo Says:

    The Rogues rule. I actually got the second trade of Geoff Johns’ Flash a few weeks back (“Blood Will Run”). Not done with it yet, but it’s great so far.

    Also, the three of us will be reviewing DC Universe #0 together soon, so keep your eyes peeled…

  4. Lia Says:

    I still love Pyro and my Brotherhood gang, but thanks to Marvel screwing them/me over, I don’t really follow or care about Marvel anymore. I now primarily follow DC and the Rogues.

  5. Gokitalo Says:

    That reminds me, Lia, have you been reading the latest Wolverine storyline? If so, what do you think?

  6. Lia Says:

    I’m reading it. It’s fine, but I don’t have huge feelings one way or the other. Although I question why Destiny doesn’t appear or is even mentioned in any of the flashbacks…

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