First look at Final Crisis- UPDATED


Just as it did for Secret Invasion #1, Entertainment Weekly’s got the first look at Final Crisis #1. Click here to get your first look at the event, and click here for J.G. Jones’ various sketches of Darkseid.

Personally, I think the preview looks pretty good and new-reader friendly. It’s also nice to see Dan “Terrible” Turpin again! As for Darkseid, I like some sketches more than I do others; the second one at the bottom, for example, looks pretty slick. I’m diggin’ the symbol for the Gods of Apokolips and the crazy ideas Grant Morrison has for Darkseid (e.g. he’s in constant pain, casts no shadow and everything he touches rots in his hand).

What do you guys think?

UPDATE 5-15-08: Brand-new Final Crisis sketches! If you thought you knew how the New Gods looked like, think again:


2 Responses to “First look at Final Crisis- UPDATED”

  1. Lia Says:

    Needs some Rogues…

  2. gokitalo Says:

    Ha, maybe in later pages or issues. It’s a crisis, after all! And hey, there’s always Final Crisis: Rogues Revenge, which has got me all kinds of excited. Johns + Kolins + Flash and the Rogues = WIN

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