Guess What Day It Is?! It’s Spiffy’s Birthday (And Comicbook Day!) 5/14/08


It’s that time of the week again….and I’ll get right to it.

Dark Horse Comics

I was gonna recommend something…but then I carried on with my life.

DC Comics

Batman #676: It’s Grant Morrison….It’s RIP. I don’t particularly know what that means, and Goki will be sure to fill us all in. But it’s got an Alex Ross cover….and it’s kinda a big deal. It’s my most recommended title of the week!

Others: Booster Gold #9, Booster Gold HC Vol 1 52 Pick Up

Image Comics

Death Grub (One Shot): Stand alone issues are always fun….and this title sparks images of zombie grub worms….sounds fun

Also, Walking Dead comes out, and it’s a great fucking title

Marvel Comics

Thunderbolts #120: After a long delay and a few one shots, the main title is BACK! Ellis and Deodato are on a roll, and as I’ve detailed in a previous post, it’s one of the better titles Marvel has going right now. Check it out.

Others: I bought the Fantastic Four Secret Invasion tie-in. It has an intriguing start from what I’ve heard, and Barry Kitson is on the art chores, which is a treat in itself.


After School Sex Slave Club GN: I don’t even think this title needs a joke. It’s 20 bucks….and I was always wondering why my high school never had any of these….(zing)

Everybodys Dead #3: With a title like that, you wouldn’t expect it to get much past issue #1.

Life Sucks GN: I don’t need to spend 20 bucks to know that, thank you very much. But hey, maybe somebody does!


I hope everyone has a wonderful wednesday, and takes time out of their day to celebrate my existence.



3 Responses to “Guess What Day It Is?! It’s Spiffy’s Birthday (And Comicbook Day!) 5/14/08”

  1. gokitalo Says:

    Haha, I actually just finished doing the fill-in when I saw yours! Batman R.I.P., btw, might be exactly what it sounds like. Batman may be in for the challenge of his life, and well, he may not have a life when all is said and done.

  2. spiffyithaca Says:

    Yeah sorry, I looked for a post in progress before I started, didnt see one, so I went with it….it took me like 10 minutes, so it wasn’t a big deal, and I enjoyed it.

    And I doubt they kill Batman before his movie in July, but I’m excited to read the story. I haven’t read it yet, but will later tonight mayhaps

  3. Lia Says:

    Happy birthday, skank!

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