Guess What Day It Isn’t? Comicbook Day! (It’s tomorrow, 5/29/08, son)


Memorial Day postpones comics a day, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get a head start on what to check out. And I’ll get to it.

DC Comics

Final Crisis #1 (of 7): Goki wouldn’t let me live with myself if I didn’t mention this one (I was going to spotlight Cartoon Network Block Party #45). At long last, DC’s super event is here. It’s taken Identity Crisis, Infinite Crisis, the original crisis AND 52 to happen first, but DC is now ready to unearth some serious shit. And plus, its Grant Morrison and JG Jones. I can’t guarantee you’ll know what’s going on…but it sure is going to be epic. And stay tuned, because by Thursday night or early Friday the Warriors Three will make their debut on this blog in doing a three-way review of this very title.

Image Comics

Astounding Wolf-Man #6: I’m just a big fan of Wolf Man. Who here has seen Lon Chaney Jr’s Wolf Man? GREATNESS.

Marvel Comics

Marvel 1985 #1 (of 6): Written by Mark Millar, this mystery project finally hits the stands. Goki gave me the scoop: it’s a world where the superheroes are gone, and only the villains exist, but no one can see them, except for a comics obsessed boy. No one believes him….until….bad shit happens supposedly. Sounds intriguing, and if Millar channels his work on Top Cow’s Wanted, were in for a treat.


Gene Simmons Zipper #6: Um, what the fuck?!

What Is It HC: For $24.95, you can find out….what it is.


Yeah, I didn’t like today’s colum either. Tough. See ya next week!


4 Responses to “Guess What Day It Isn’t? Comicbook Day! (It’s tomorrow, 5/29/08, son)”

  1. davidry214 Says:


    Busy week tomorrow folks, and there’s a lot you need to pick up. Luckily, there’s one person (me) you can trust to tell you all the essentials.


    As my esteemed colleague pointed out, the center of the comics universe this week in Final Crisis #1. I missed all of Infinite Crisis, all of 52, and all of Countdown, so I may not really understand this book, but with an event like this, there’s really no choice but to buy it. Could be literally earth shattering. For more DC, we double dip in the Grant Morrison pool for Batman #677, the second installment of Batman: RIP. I admit I found the first issue slightly underwhelming, but this is going places. I’ll grab Green Lantern #31, because I saw enough via trade to know that Geoff Johns can kick ass on this title, even though I don’t see much of a point to the current storyline. In a perfect world, I’d be buying Fables, but it’ll be quite a while before I can afford to get caught up on that brilliant title. Finally, Starman Omnibus is a worthy collection of a supposedly truly amazing run, if you have 50 bucks lying around (I don’t).


    The big news in Marvel, at least to me, is Giant-Sized Astonishing X-Men #1, the conclusion to a great run by Joss Whedon. Whedon did some great things with the X-Men, but his run has been undermined by the infrequent release schedule. still, this is a must-have ending for one of the best X-runs in recent memory. I might be being unfair, but I really have no interest in Marvel 1985. I imagine it’ll be pretty good, since I’ve seen Mark Millar pull off a dark What If?-type story to perfection before (see superman: Red Son), but I’m just not feeling this one enough to expand my comic buy list, which I’m unsuccessfully trying to keep small. Probably pick it up in trade later if it gets good buzz. I’d also like to jump onto Uncanny X-Men soon, since it is Brubaker, but I’m waiting for the start of a big arch, and #498 looks like filler. Finally, for the last thing that I actually will buy, we turn to New Avengers #41. Frankly, I’ve found both Bendis’ Avengers titles to be fairly mediocre since I’ve been buying them the past couple months, but I’ll be sticking with them at least through Secret Invasion.

    That’s all folks. No smaller company items from me, ever. Sorry.

  2. Gokitalo Says:


    MY EYES [can’t stand the handsomeness]!!!!!!

    Starman really is great: I had the pleasure of reading it from Christmas 2003 to Christmas 2004. Thankfully the omnibus is even collecting the stuff the trades left out, although it would’ve been nice if DC HADN’T LEFT OUT THE STUFF IN THE FIRST PLACE

    *ahem* anyway… I say hold off on Uncanny until it reaches #500, since that’s when things’ll heat up again, hopefully. And I second your view about Bendis’ Avengers.

    Marvel’s 1985 has got me pretty intrigued, since comics were generally awesome during the ’80s. And I actually heard the first issue of Zipper was good, Spiff! But seeing as this is Gene Simmons’ Zipper we’re talking about, that’s practically a given.

  3. spiffyithaca Says:

    Tell me how the Giant Size Astonishing is. I can’t wait for the final trade to come out in July, because like you said, aside from Grant Morrison’s New X-Men, Whedon’s X-Men run is the best I’ve read since starting comics in 2001 (Millar’s Ultimate X-Men would get #3).

    I still really like Bendis’ Avengers, I just feel like the issues have stuff that we already know or can assume if we’ve been reading SI and that not enough shit is happening in the issues themselves. I thought the last Mighty had some good info in it though with the Skrull meeting and such.

    And I’ll probably hold off on Uncanny once it reaches #500 as well, but judging by the one volume of Uncanny I’ve read of Brubaker’s….it might be worth buying now anyways.

    I expect a 1985 review from you Goki-o!

    Gene Simmons sucks.

  4. Gokitalo Says:

    BAH! No Zipper for you!

    1985, though? Count on it.

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