The Warriors Three: Groins United, A Review and Discussion of Final Crisis #1



For the first time ever, and not the last, we at Goki’s Giving Groin present a special three-way review featuring the three biggest groins in the world Spiffy, David and Goki himself! For the inaugural event, we review the first issue of arguably the biggest event in comics this year, Final Crisis. Written by Grant Morrison and with pencils by J.G. Jones. Last night the three of us got online and had ourselves a chat, and what follows is the unrated result. Enjoy!


False Start

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MrStanza (8:01:09 PM): eh, lame


Getting To It: Final Crisis #1

MrStanza (8:01:24 PM): but we should probably get started right away

Gokitalo (8:01:24 PM): Anyway, let’s get this thing started!

Gokitalo (8:01:28 PM): Great minds

MrStanza (8:01:32 PM): so if anyone knows how to start…

Gokitalo (8:01:41 PM): Alright you guys, what did you think of Final Crisis?

spiffygy (8:01:47 PM): lol great way to start

spiffygy (8:01:56 PM): Cant argue with that

MrStanza (8:02:09 PM): Well, I was a little underwhelmed, largely because I didn’t get a lot of it.

spiffygy (8:02:33 PM): I thought a lot of it was over my head too, and it wasn’t because I hadn’t read DC in two years, but just because its so goddamn sprawling. Although I’m sure the multiverse people would make more sense if I were up to date

Gokitalo (8:03:07 PM): I thought it was more accessible than say, DCU #0, but there were some aspects that may be lost to guys who’ve been out of it for a while.

MrStanza (8:03:18 PM): From the group Monitors, to Libra, to the weird scene with Martian Manhunter, things just felt out of place. The first two could be because I’m so behind, but some of it just wasn’t the sharpest of writing.

spiffygy (8:03:57 PM): Libra was making his first appearance right?

Gokitalo (8:04:02 PM): Nope, second. Well, second ever.

spiffygy (8:04:10 PM): Yeah, see I assumed as much there.

Gokitalo (8:04:13 PM): Third if you count DCU #0

spiffygy (8:04:14 PM): I didn’t think I missed anything there, but I don’t remember him in DCU very well. I should’ve reread that first lol.

MrStanza (8:04:17 PM): ok, I very vaguely do

Gokitalo (8:04:52 PM): Anyway, I actually enjoyed the issue a good deal. There was some stuff you may not get if you haven’t kept up with recent happenings, as you guys have seen, but I didn’t think it was as inaccessible as DCU 0 was

spiffygy (8:05:25 PM): Well, I actually did some rereading before I read this. I read Identity Crisis and Infinite Crisis (sans 6 and 7, since I dont own those). Which I thought was a good primer. Although this issue didn’t really have anything to do with that so much yet.

Gokitalo (8:06:31 PM): Yeah, DCU’s moved on quite a bit in some ways since Identiy Crisis, and a bit since Infinite

spiffygy (8:06:51 PM): Yeah. New Earth is what used to be Earth-1, right?

Gokitalo (8:06:57 PM): Right.

MrStanza (8:05:26 PM): Well, tell us what you liked about it, I guess. Maybe that’ll help us out.

Gokitalo (8:05:56 PM): Sure. First off, I think having 40 pages gave Morrison a lot of space to tell his story and not get confusing in the Morrison way. Another thing I liked was the way the New Gods were treated like actual gods, from Metron’s appearance at the beginning to Turpin’s uneasiness around Orion

spiffygy (8:07:56 PM): If only I knew who those gods were, but yeah. One thing that is warming on me, is the fact that it started with early man, and Metron giving them knowledge.

Gokitalo (8:08:27 PM): Exactly, specifically fire, which we see reappear a lot

Spiffygy (8:08:30 PM): Only Grant Morrison would start the last crisis with something like that, the crazy windswept fuck. Why not start with the beginning of mankind? He certainly dreams big.

MrStanza (8:08:35 PM): I didn’t really care as much for the early man part, but maybe that’ll grow on me. Part of what bothered me is that it didn’t really get into much of what the ‘Crisis’ is, unlike the first issue of the original Crisis, though we do get Libra and the thing with Orion (which we’ll talk about). And that’s a little worrisome, since there’s 7 issues, instead of 12.

spiffygy (8:10:05 PM): Yeah David, I didn’t like the early man part at first, because it seemed like they were just fucking with early history for no reason, but I liked the fire motif like Goki mentioned.

Gokitalo (8:08:58 PM): Well, the thing to keep in mind is that this was very much a setup issue, putting the pieces in place, introducing the various plot points.

spiffygy (8:09:32 PM): I would argue that they had ample time to put those pieces together better, what with DCU #0 and the fact that this is 40 pages long.

Gokitalo (8:09:58 PM): Though this was a brief scene, I liked Morrison’s handle of the JLA; felt just like something out of his run.




Darkseid Commentary: Just Enough Time to Make Spiffy Look Bad

MrStanza (8:10:11 PM): Sorry I’m late on this comment, but one part of the treatment of the gods that bothered me was Darkseid

Gokitalo (8:10:21 PM): How so?

MrStanza (8:10:55 PM): It was very un-Darkseid. Having him in a nightclub in disguise, apparently hatching a secret plan. That’s not his MO at all

Gokitalo (8:11:13 PM): Well, it wasn’t entirely his choice, you see

MrStanza (8:11:20 PM): Darkseid is loud and boisterous, and comes at you head on cause he’s such as ass.

Gokitalo (8:11:23 PM): It’s Darkseid taking human form on Earth. I personally like the more creepy, subdued approach. Basically trying to convert people to Anti-Life on the ground level.

MrStanza (8:12:20 PM): It could work with another character, but it just seems like too much of a radical departure from him.

Gokitalo (8:12:45 PM): Judging by the designs in the Final Crisis sketchbook (which I posted a while back), I think this is only a small portion of what he’s up to. Like you said, this is Darkseid.


spiffygy (8:12:31 PM): Wow, I didnt even know it was Darkseid.

spiffygy (8:12:37 PM): I feel like an idiot now

MrStanza (8:12:50 PM): …yeah, you are.

Gokitalo (8:12:53 PM): Haha, Spiff

Gokitalo (8:12:57 PM): Go through the issue and look at his eyes.

spiffygy (8:13:44 PM): I mean Im not familiar with Darkseid at all, but the Dark Side/Darkseid connection is obvious


Gokitalo (8:13:39 PM): This will probably be clarified in later issues, but the approach Morrison’s going for is that many of the New God appearances were not of the gods themselves, but “avatars”. And I think “Dark Side” is one of those.

MrStanza (8:13:53 PM): Huh, weird. I don’t think I really get it yet, but who knows, Morrison will probably make it all work.

Gokitalo (8:15:02 PM): Yeah. I mean, despite any accessibility issues, Morrison can do a pretty good job of making things new-reader friendly. I remember hopping into World War II (the last JLA trade) and it was only my second trade of Morrison’s JLA, yet I got it just fine.

MrStanza (8:16:10 PM): Well, that’s a fairly good example since I think I did the same thing, but I’m not sure I found this one quite as accessible. Though it’s obviously way too soon to judge.


Moving On

spiffygy (8:16:22 PM): Oh, should Turpin be a familiar character?

MrStanza (8:16:37 PM): I only remember him from the Superman cartoon

spiffygy (8:16:44 PM): Its not like it mattered if I know who he was or not, but I feel like I should know who he is.

MrStanza (8:16:47 PM): He was Supes’ Gordon, essentially

Gokitalo (8:17:10 PM): Yeah, along with Maggie Sawyer. He was also a prominent supporting character in the Superman titles for several years. And, surprise surprise, a Kirby character. I don’t know about you guys, but the cool thing was that you could relate to Turpin without really knowing much about him.

spiffygy (8:18:14 PM): Yeah, no, like I said, I didn’t feel like I had to know his past. I just got him immediately.

MrStanza (8:18:35 PM): I was fairly indifferent toward him, to be honest. I mean, the stuff with him was good enough.

Gokitalo (8:19:11 PM): He’s basically the tough old guy past his prime.

spiffygy (8:20:15 PM): Yeah, kind of cliché, but I liked it. Part of my favorite part of Civil War was the Front Line mini series written by Paul Jenkins featuring the Daily Bugle reporters such as Ben Urich and shit, and I kinda got the same feel here, which is cool.


MrStanza (8:20:28 PM): Quick question, in Infinite Crisis, who was the “hero of the first Crisis who fell to be reborn as a Prime force for destruction”?

Gokitalo (8:20:37 PM): Superboy Prime

MrStanza (8:20:41 PM): ah

Gokitalo (8:20:54 PM): I don’t know if he’ll be in this one, but he’ll be in one of the tie-ins.

spiffygy (8:20:55 PM): What a dick he is

Gokitalo (8:20:58 PM): Yes.


J.G. Jones Controversy

Gokitalo (8:21:05 PM): Oh dudes, we should talk about the art.

spiffygy (8:21:09 PM): I was gonna say, JG Jones rules.

Gokitalo (8:21:42 PM): I was worried the art was going to look a little stiff since JG wasn’t painting it, but that wasn’t really a problem at all

MrStanza (8:21:54 PM): I’m actually going to differ slightly, and you’ll hate me for it, since I seem to be such a downer lately.

spiffygy (8:22:07 PM): Wow

MrStanza (8:22:12 PM): But I didn’t think it was quite good enough for something called “Final Crisis”. For any other title, I would have really really liked it, but when you hold it up against George Perez, it falls pretty short. As most would, to be fair

spiffygy (8:22:47 PM): You hype yourself too much into not liking things. I don’t think you need to judge his art more harshly because of the title. And I had no problem with it. He didn’t really have a chance to go all out with pencils in this issue, either. Then we will know if he can do the epic stuff that Perez does so well.

MrStanza (8:23:09 PM): Well, if you didn’t, then I guess that’s good enough

Gokitalo (8:23:36 PM): Yeah, the art certainly looked epic, I thought. From the beginning of man to the present to the end

spiffygy (8:24:01 PM): Yeah, I had no worries with JG Jones going in like you did Goki. His work in Wanted was great, so I was prepared for that level of excellence.

MrStanza (8:24:05 PM): I just thought for something that supposedly is going to be one of DCU’s biggest stories ever, they should have gotten one of the very elite, like Perez or Jimenez. And there were a few panels that just didn’t look too great.

Gokitalo (8:24:38 PM): Well, keep in mind back during the first Crisis, I don’t think Perez had ever tackled a project on THAT level before.

MrStanza (8:24:53 PM): Well, he was penciling the No. 1 comic in the world at the time.

Gokitalo (8:25:05 PM): One of. Kind of neck and neck with X-Men.

spiffygy (8:24:42 PM): Honestly David, I feel like if you asked people, you’d get the answer that JG Jones is elite, and if not, that this will be a title that puts him over the top and into the upper echelon.

MrStanza (8:25:17 PM): Oh bullshit. What has he done that makes him elite? And I’ve always liked the guy.

Gokitalo (8:25:26 PM): He did all the 52 covers. Which were pretty good, I thought

MrStanza (8:25:34 PM): Yeah, and Y: The Last Man for awhile too

Gokitalo (8:25:41 PM): He also did Wonder Woman: The Hiketeia, which was great

MrStanza (8:25:45 PM): But he hasn’t done much interior art, really

spiffygy (8:26:07 PM): Wanted

Gokitalo (8:26:12 PM): And Hiketeia

MrStanza (8:26:15 PM): Great, anything else?

Gokitalo (8:26:29 PM): He did some stuff years ago

spiffygy (8:26:31 PM): Yeah, he’s making a comeback

MrStanza (8:26:36 PM): I’m not saying it was bad at all, so I have no idea why you’re so defensive. But I am saying that it didn’t feel like it was as elite as it could have been

spiffygy (8:27:00 PM): He did Morrison’s Marvel Boy, which might explain his involvement more than anything.

Gokitalo (8:27:12 PM): Ohh right, he did do Marvel Boy

MrStanza (8:27:37 PM): Well, I never got to read that, to be fair. But nothing you’ve mentioned was just a really huge event

spiffygy (8:27:38 PM): But yeah he’s known for his cover work mostly, like Goki said

MrStanza (8:27:49 PM): I know that. And his covers are amazing

Gokitalo (8:27:57 PM): I agree.

spiffygy (8:28:09 PM): Well, Wanted is one of the most popular works of the past 5 years….and its being made into a movie (a shitty one, sadly)

Gokitalo (8:28:26 PM): The previews don’t have me optimistic.

MrStanza (8:28:29 PM): It’s not like I’m unfamiliar with him. I just thought the project could have used one of the undisputed elite

spiffygy (8:28:43 PM): Eh, I say why not give someone else a shot? Perez is getting up there with age, and I don’t think you have to use him for every big event in DC (or should even), especially when there are other so many other talented pencillers available.

MrStanza (8:28:46 PM): Whatever, I’ll keep down next time. Let’s move on

spiffygy (8:28:49 PM): Oh no need, I just disagreed is all


The DEATHS (no spoilers)

Gokitalo (8:28:58 PM): But anyway, we should probably mention (and try not to spoil) one of the big events of the comic

MrStanza (8:29:11 PM): The two “deaths” were the big thing

Gokitalo (8:29:12 PM): Basically, Libra showed the villains that he can help them make their wishes come true. Which for one bad guy, was dealing with a certain hero once and for all

spiffygy (8:29:28 PM): Yeah THAT was a great scene

MrStanza (8:29:42 PM): And I’d never even heard of that bad guy. But it was cool

spiffygy (8:29:48 PM): Haha me neither, a real toolbox.

Gokitalo (8:30:09 PM): The Human Flame is one obscure guy, but it was a smart choice to include him. Just to show he can make even a nobody’s dreams come true

MrStanza (8:30:52 PM): At the same time though, I hope it wasn’t legit because without giving anything away, this involved a big-time hero, who, if he does die, deserves something cooler than just proving that the new villain is a badass.

Gokitalo (8:31:13 PM): I know Grant Morrison said he doesn’t like killing off characters outright, so we may have not seen the last of either of them

Gokitalo (8:31:24 PM): The second hero’s last words were perfect, and true.

spiffygy (8:31:46 PM): Yeah, it’d be pretty sad if it was the very end for the hero, but I felt like the last page was a sign that the character wasn’t gone for good, even though I didn’t know who or what it was about.

Gokitalo (8:32:05 PM): As for the first death… remember the last page?

MrStanza (8:32:26 PM): which one was first?

MrStanza (8:32:36 PM): the one Libra killed, or the one the cop found?

spiffygy (8:32:40 PM): The super muk muk

Gokitalo (8:32:42 PM): The latter Haha! We won’t say who.

Gokitalo (8:33:01 PM): I will say this. A redesigned version of him is in the Final Crisis sketchbook. So we may have not seen the last of him.

MrStanza (8:33:02 PM): I thought the last page related to the one Libra killed moreso than the god

spiffygy (8:33:04 PM): Yeah me too. And I like how the sketchbook is like insider information. Something like that which came out before the first issue is kind of lame, and can ruin stuff in the story, IMO. But it certainly helps clear up the story, as Goki has shown us, which is weird since it’s a sketchbook.

Gokitalo (8:33:17 PM): Oh, and that last page. Given the idea that the New Gods’ manifestations on Earth are avatars

MrStanza (8:33:45 PM): Oh, that thing, could be.

Gokitalo (8:34:28 PM): Plus back in Morrison’s Seven Soldiers story, the New Gods kind of “fell” to Earth and took on human forms (including “Dark Side”), so that’s another factor.

MrStanza (8:34:58 PM): That just seems very different than JLA, where he used the New Gods as larger than life.

Gokitalo (8:35:24 PM): He did do that a bit here as well, such as Turpin’s narration with Orion, and Code 1011

MrStanza (8:35:40 PM): Yes, which could have at least something to do with Spiffy and I’s absence, but who knows.

Gokitalo (8:36:21 PM): Yeah, I think that was a factor, and I don’t say that to discredit your opinions or anything. It just helps to know a little about the DCU and what’s been going on lately before jumping in

spiffygy (8:35:29 PM): Code 1011 was sweet

MrStanza (8:35:31 PM): Yeah, it was

Gokitalo (8:37:05 PM): So readers get it, Code 1011 refers to a specific crime in the Green Lantern “law book”.

spiffygy (8:34:54 PM): So clearly, Goki and others alike enjoyed this issue a lot more than AA and I. In my opinion though, that’s why I have a hard time reading DC a lot of the time. If I’m not going to get all of it or be able to enjoy it as much as others, why bother? And yes, that creates an endless cycle, where I will never be fully informed. Its not for everything, but stuff like JSA and Crises always has that effect on me.

Gokitalo (8:37:38 PM): That bothers me as well about DC lately. A lot of their recent stuff ISN’T as accessible to readers as it could be

MrStanza (8:37:40 PM): I didn’t feel that much at all before I stopped reading. But now, I kinda feel that way about nearly everything, so I can’t fairly judge how much of it is a shift in DC.

Gokitalo (8:37:55 PM): I thought Final Crisis was more accessible than other things they’ve done lately, but if you guys still got lost at times, well

spiffygy (8:38:11 PM): Well, I didn’t think I was lost, but I’ve already been made to look like a fool because I didn’t “get” some of the stuff. I just go “ahuh” through most of it, you know? Upon rereading Infinite Crisis, I actually GOT that. And I haven’t read the original crisis, which might be a big issue.

Gokitalo (8:38:58 PM): It doesn’t look like it yet, save the red skies, but it could be.

MrStanza (8:39:03 PM): Well, so far, there hasn’t been a ton with the original. Save the Monitors.

spiffygy (8:39:07 PM): But still, if DC is banking on people reading the original crisis and the subsequent 15 others, that’s too much

Gokitalo (8:39:32 PM): Yeah. Honestly, I think this is more a New Gods thing than anything else. The New Gods and their place in the DCU

MrStanza (8:39:44 PM): OK, so another question then. With that as even a possibility, let’s forecast slightly and take a guess: Just how big of a shakeup of the DCU do you think this series will be? On par with the original Crisis, or one of the others, or less?

spiffygy (8:40:53 PM): Well, I’m a pessimist when it comes to these things. Like any big event, the “shakeup” will be huge and big, but die down and revert to mostly normal after about a year

MrStanza (8:40:59 PM): The original changed a lot and it was actually long term, mostly, too.

spiffygy (8:41:09 PM): Of course there are exceptions

Gokitalo (8:41:09 PM): I think the original Crisis might be going a bit far, but it’s hard to tell at this point. There’s actually been little revealed about what happens AFTER Final Crisis, but then again, it’s still early

MrStanza (8:41:46 PM): huh, interesting


The Important Stuff

spiffygy (8:42:29 PM): Oh Goki, will I get to see the greatest characters in DC? ie. Green Arrow and Booster Gold.

Gokitalo (8:42:52 PM): Sure! I read they want to include as many characters as possible, so don’t give up hope! Booster played a big role in 52 and I know Grant wrote some of his scenes, so I’m sure he’ll at least cameo. And Green Arrow, well, we saw him at the end of this issue already.

spiffygy (8:43:07 PM): Yeah lol

MrStanza (8:43:08 PM): kinda

spiffygy (8:43:33 PM): “FUCK THAT! Whoever did this to BLANK will suffer, you hear me! Will suffer!”

Gokitalo (8:43:41 PM): YES! By the way, Green Arrow’s comment is actually leading somewhere

Gokitalo (8:43:48 PM): To a new Justice League series, actually


Those Bastards And Their Tie-Ins

MrStanza (8:43:48 PM): Oh, what are we looking at in terms of tie-ins?

spiffygy (8:43:56 PM): Soooo many

Gokitalo (8:44:00 PM): There are a lot of tie-ins, but most of the ongoing’s are staying out

MrStanza (8:44:02 PM): I was afraid of there being a lot.

spiffygy (8:44:11 PM): The editor guy was like “so theres not a lot” after listing about 5 or 6.

Gokitalo (8:44:18 PM): Hahaha, yeah. I think most of them won’t be CRUCIAL to the story, but’ll enhance them

spiffygy (8:44:27 PM): There’s….Final Crisis: Requiem. Whomever the dead character is the factor on whether I buy it or not.

Gokitalo (8:44:42 PM): Dude. It’s probably one of the two guys who died

spiffygy (8:44:53 PM): Yup. My bet is that if the second big death is legit, then it’s about that hero. Final Crisis: Rogue’s Revenge is one I’ll definitely want to check out

Gokitalo (8:45:08 PM): Oh absolutely

MrStanza (8:45:08 PM): Probably the same here

Gokitalo (8:45:13 PM): Geoff Johns and Scott Kollins did terrific work on the Flash, especially the Rogues.

spiffygy (8:45:31 PM): And your boy George Perez is doing Final Crisis: Legion of Three Worlds with Geoff Johns

MrStanza (8:45:47 PM): Well, I’m sure I’ll get that then

Gokitalo (8:45:56 PM): Do their need to be three Legions? No idea. But Johns and Perez are dependable guys and hopefully will keep things clear

spiffygy (8:45:57 PM): Then Rucka and Billy Tan (Uncanny X-Men) are doing Final Crisis: Revelations, which has to do with the new Spectre

Gokitalo (8:46:13 PM): Right, and since the Spectre is currently Crispus Allen, whom Rucka created, it could be really good

MrStanza (8:46:44 PM): Eh, I’m not sure I care enough about The Spectre (ironic, I know).

spiffygy (8:46:48 PM): lol

spiffygy (8:46:36 PM): And then there are four others, like FC Submit and FC Resist and FC Superman Beyond and FC Rage of the Red Lanterns

Gokitalo (8:46:59 PM): I think Superman Beyond might be the only one that’s “required”

MrStanza (8:47:06 PM): Ok

spiffygy (8:47:18 PM): Eh, I wont meet the requirement then lol. Unless Gail Simone writes it, because she’s the shit.

Gokitalo (8:47:31 PM): Haha, I don’t blame you. Still, Rucka, Johns and Morrison are hard to resist.


Wrap This Bitch Up

spiffygy (8:48:05 PM): So I have 10 minutes before lost

spiffygy (8:48:18 PM): We dont really have a comprehensive review here

spiffygy (8:48:27 PM): Shall we each one of us, do a quick conclusion and give a rating of some sort?

spiffygy (8:48:37 PM): And any other things we want to tackle?

MrStanza (8:48:49 PM): naw, I think we can wrap it up

Gokitalo (8:48:54 PM): Yeah, I think we did cover a lot

Gokitalo (8:49:03 PM): I mean, we didn’t talk about the Monitor subplot, but that’s still in the infant stages

MrStanza (8:49:16 PM): yeah, I wouldn’t really know what to say yet

spiffygy (8:49:25 PM): We didnt mention Captain Cold and the Rogues either

spiffygy (8:49:28 PM): But whatever

Gokitalo (8:49:37 PM): The Orrery of Worlds looked awesome, though

spiffygy (8:49:42 PM): Yeah it did


Final Thoughts

MrStanza (8:51:31 PM): I thought Final Crisis #1 was a bit of a mixed bag. It wasn’t the strongest start I’ve ever seen to an epic, but there’s some good stuff here that can easily become great once Morrison starts to build a bit more. I found it enjoyable, though not perfect. I’ll give it around a 7/10.

spiffygy (8:52:00 PM): Fuck mine is too long, one sec

spiffygy (8:52:05 PM): (thats what she said)

MrStanza (8:52:07 PM): lol

spiffygy (8:52:12 PM): So, not really understanding the stakes or knowing some of the characters notwithstanding, I did enjoy Final Crisis, and I think it was a solid issue that will bear a lot of fruit in the coming months. I trust Morrison and his vision, and he certainly knows what he’s doing. That said, the issue didn’t assuage my concerns that I or any non-hardcore fan of DC will have trouble understanding or getting the complete picture involved. We’ll see how it develops. The ending and a few of the scenes were terrific, and I had no qualms about the art. JG Jones is great, and I look forward to seeing him pencil some epic scenes to come. I would give it a 7.5-8/10.

Gokitalo (8:53:57 PM): I thought Final Crisis was a very good start to what could be a great story. Accessibility might be a problem to newcomers and people who’ve been out of the DC loop for a while, but it could’ve been a lot worse.



MrStanza (8:54:56 PM): Who’s in charge of editing?

spiffygy (8:54:57 PM): And i can edit it if you guys dont mind?

Gokitalo (8:55:00 PM): Sure

spiffygy (8:55:01 PM): I don’t care

MrStanza (8:55:01 PM): Perfect, I just didn’t really want it to be me

spiffygy (8:55:15 PM): I figured lol

MrStanza (8:55:21 PM): You know me too well


Last Spiffy Mistake

Gokitalo (8:56:32 PM): Alright guys, I’m gonna hit the can. Quick question though, what’d you think of the slight redesign for Metron?

MrStanza (8:56:44 PM): looked cool

spiffygy (8:56:52 PM): I thought he looked sweet, I didn’t know what he looked like before

Gokitalo (8:57:03 PM): *tsk* *tsk*, Spiff! He was in JSA! But yeah, I dug the redesign too.

spiffygy (8:57:20 PM): Oh, well, my memory sucks, you knew that


Mix Ups and Goodbyes

spiffygy (8:57:38 PM): Anyways, good night goke-ster

spiffygy (8:57:44 PM): Just to make it clear. You’re editing, and then I’ll give it the 1-2 and add whatever, and then post it by tonight or tomorrow morning?

Gokitalo (8:57:57 PM): Night, Spiff and David! I think we did a nice job for our first three-way.

spiffygy (8:58:12 PM): Speak for yourself Goki. This ain’t my first rodeo, pal.

Gokitalo (8:58:16 PM): BWAHAHA

Gokitalo (8:58:21 PM): You’ll get better with experience, Spiffy

MrStanza (8:58:57 PM): Take care! Glad we finally did this!


Gokitalo (8:59:09 PM): Oh dude, I thought you were editing.

Gokitalo (8:58:12 PM): I’ll just provide the picture

spiffygy (8:58:16 PM): Oh okay, I don’t care

Gokitalo (8:58:28 PM): It’s yours!

spiffygy (8:58:32 PM): Hurrah


And that’s that. Goki enjoyed the issue the most, which is no surprise, since he’s a more hardcore DC fan than either David or I, but both David and I derived some pleasure from it. It’s definitely a title to get, especially with Morrison’s track record. I hope you enjoyed our three-way, we certainly did, and yes, we all wore condoms. Stay safe, and enjoy the weekend folks!


3 Responses to “The Warriors Three: Groins United, A Review and Discussion of Final Crisis #1”

  1. gokitalo Says:

    since he’s a more hardcore DC fan than either David or I

    Nah… well okay, maybe. I think the big thing is that I’ve stuck around, while you guys are just getting back in. And so you know, I bought a LOT of Marvel this week. So there 😉

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