Time off for good behavior and Project: Fables


The Internet, apparently

The above was the No. 2 result in a Google Image search for “internet” (No. 1 was just the Microsoft Internet Explorer logo). I’m not sure I get it, and I certainly haven’t tried to read the small lettering, but it looks pretty.

Anyway, that image, or at least the idea of it, is relevant because for the next little while (3 weeks?), I won’t have the Internet. Oh, I’m right by campus and will be checking my E-mail and stuff fairly often, plus there’s a few wireless internet portals around town, but I don’t know just how often I’ll stop by the blog, since I was an infrequent poster even when I did have the Internet, at least until a recent spurt of activity (the “good behavior” from the post’s title).

So for now, I’ll tide you over with what you can expect when I get back:



About 48 hours before I learned just how long I’d be sans Internet, another noteworthy thing happened to me, one that caused a mixture of sadness and good fortune: I went to buy some new comics. This was Thursday, and I needed to buy them then to be ready for the critically acclaimed, “The Warriors Three: Groins United, A Review and Discussion of Final Crisis #1.” At this point, I was still back at my old home, visiting parents before moving back to school, so as I had the previous couple weeks, I went to my old comic shop, only to find upon arrival that it was going out of business forever.

Let me stop there and say that this was a pretty sad development, since I went to that shop for about six years before I quit reading and moved away, and it played a huge role in developing my love for comics. R.I.P. Dragonfyre Comics, you will be missed.

The good part, for me, was that they had to try to get rid of as much of their inventory as possible, which that week, meant 30% off everything (which would go up in the coming weeks, but I wouldn’t be there for that). Even though I probably ought to ave tried to save my money, that sale was all the encouragement I needed. I wanted to get all caught up on something that I’d missed for the three years I was out of comics.

I felt like I had two main choices, since many of my old favorites have gone through too many changes. But there were two Vertigo titles I always loved, and there were consistently in my top five favorites: Fables and Y: The Last Man. Both were brilliant, though I probably preferred Y slightly. But, whereas the shop had all but the last trade that I needed of Fables, they were missing one right in the middle of what I needed of Y. I could only afford to buy a ton of trades of one of them, and since that fact, plus Fables still being ongoing, led me to pick it. I will catch up on Y some time fairly soon; getting those trades take priority over all others, except maybe Sinestro War Part 2.

OK, back to the point. I bought five Fables trades, which, if it seems like a lot, is because it is. the downside to DC’s good job of collecting nearly everything is that the company largely collects its title in very small section, so each trade may only be 5-6 issues. But oh well. They didn’t have volume 10, so I tried to get as many of the back issues from 60-73 (current) as I could, but could only find half. I’ll look for the rest at the comic shop here. I also bought Fables: 1001 Nights of Snowfall, another special set of stories.

Now, faced with no limited Internet and no cable for three weeks, I have a ton of time on my hands, and hereby announce Project: Fables. Since I haven’t read the book in three years, I’ve dug out all my old issues, and all my recently acquired, and I’m going to read them all. Assuming I am indeed able to find the last few fairly recent back issues that I need, that’s 73 issues, plus Fables: The Last Castle (the equivalent of two or so issues) and 1001 Nights of Snowfall (probably the equivalent of about 5-6 issues). So we’re looking at about 80 stories of one of the most critically acclaimed series of all time.

Normally, this would probably take me forever to accomplish, but like I said, no tv or Internet for three weeks, and nearly all my friends are gone for the summer. I have no clue just how I’m going to pass the time, so my goal is to have it all read by the time I have the internet at my house, at which point you’re all in for one massive post.

So, that’s all for now. I’ll try to come by once a week and comment on what new is coming out, plus make any comments on reviews. Of course, I jsut wrote that Astonishing X-Men review sitting in the Student Union using its free WiFi, so maybe I’m exaggerating the impact that this will really have on my presence here. Who knows.




2 Responses to “Time off for good behavior and Project: Fables”

  1. spiffyithaca Says:

    I’m gonna pull a Goki:

    A worthy project and I look forward to see the fruits of your labor. I’m definitely undertaking a few of these projects like you, and I like the title “Project: Whathaveyou” enough to make it into a blog series. What do you think?

    Enjoy life without the internet….and let me know if you ever need help on the FB front. I’ll miss you, you son of a bitch. But more importantly, enjoy Fables!

  2. gokitalo Says:

    Three weeks without our Handsome Man (TM)? How will we survive?!?! Seriously though, enjoy your time without the ‘net, which in some ways, might feel liberating! Project Fables sounds great, despite being born out of sad circumstances. Happy reading; we’re looking forward to your return!

    “Project: Whathaveyou” sounds like a great idea for a blog series, Spiffy-O.

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