Goki’s Giving Judgment- May 2008


The first comics of June come out tomorrow, but how were May’s comics? Let’s find out, using our patented ratings system!

For those who aren’t in the know, or need a reminder, here’s how the rating system works:

Goki’s Fly is DOWN: it means this comic was so good, I unzipped my fly and made sweet, sweet love to it.

Goki’s Fly is UP: This comic wasn’t even worth pulling down my fly for.

Goki’s Fly is STUCK: Was it good? Wasn’t bad? I can’t decide, my fly is stuck!

Every so often, a comic will make me FUDO— our highest honor. However, every now and again I’ll read a comic that is so awful, I have to reverse-FUDO– a.k.a. ODUF. For those who don’t know what FUDO and ODUF mean, see our manifesto.

I’ll also put up one-paragraph reviews underneath of certain comics I want to talk more about. As always, my fellow contributors, Spiffy and David, are more than happy to use this rating system (they can even call it “Spiffy’s Fly,” “Andy’s Fly” and “David’s Fly,” instead of Goki’s 😉 )

Got it? Then let’s begin!

X-Men Legacy #211: Fly DOWN

Action Comics #865: Fly DOWN

All-Star Superman #11: Fly DOWN/STUCK

Batman #677: Fly DOWN

Brave and the Bold #13: Fly DOWN

Booster Gold #9: Fly DOWN

Daredevil #107: Fly STUCK

Detective Comics #644: Fly DOWN

Fantastic Four #557: Fly STUCK

Final Crisis #1: Fly DOWN (probably Fly STUCK for Spiff and David; review HERE)

Green Lantern Corps #24: Fly STUCK

Giant-Size Astonishing X-Men #1: Fly DOWN

Green Lantern #31: Fly STUCK

Huntress: Year One #2: Fly STUCK

Invincible Iron Man #1: Fly DOWN (review HERE)

Justice League of America #21: Fly DOWN

Legion of Superheroes #42: Fly DOWN

Marvel 1985 #1: Fly DOWN (review HERE)

Secret Invasion #2: Fly DOWN

Superman #676: Fly DOWN/STUCK

Teen Titans #59: Fly DOWN

Wonder Woman #20: Fly DOWN

How’d I afford that many comics? Discounts, baby.

X-Men Legacy #211: Gambit is back, mes amis! Which I’m sure will make some jump with joy and others quiver with fear. Anyway, this is another solid issue, as the characterizations are spot on and the flashbacks are actually more accessible; for example, I’m pretty sure you don’t need to be familiar with late, late 90s X-Men to get the point of what Xavier sees in Gambit’s mind. I think longtime X-Men readers will still get the most out of this series, but this issue is still pretty solid.

Daredevil #107: interesting ideas in here, but it’s way too early to tell if this story’s a keeper or not. I did like how they turned something seemingly out-of-character for Matt (hint: he does it to Luke Cage) into a plot point. Fans of Bendis and Maleev’s run on the title will be happy to know that the first few pages look and read just like something out of their run.

Action Comics #865: the spectre of the “grim ‘n gritty” 90s finally leaves the Toyman, as Geoff Johns brings the character back to his classic status, with a little modern edge added on for good measure. People who hated the bald, cloaked, child-killing Toyman will be happy to see him explained away in a way that actually doesn’t contradict continuity. I think Johns took it too far by explaining away the young Toyman in Jeph Loeb’s Superman work as well, but it’s no big deal.

Justice League of America #21: want to know more about Libra and the Human Flame? Check it out here, in a tie-in that compliments Final Crisis very nicely. Carlos Pacheco and Jesús Meriño’s art is the best I’ve seen in the title in ages: I wish they were staying onboard! This issue, like a lot of recent JLofA issues, is another tie-in to an event, but it’s one of the better-written one. There’s also a nice Superman/Batman/Wonder Woman scene at the beginning that advances the subplots introduced into the title before it got all crossover-heavy.

Batman #677: even though she’s the obvious choice, I just can’t bring myself to trust Jezebel Jet. Which is bad news for Batman, because “Batman R.I.P.” kicks into high-gear this issue. As the villains behind many of Batman’s recent troubles prepare for the endgame, Batman struggles to figure out if they even exist. He also gives his latest love and secret identity-discoverer, Jezebel Jet, a tour of the Batcave. Jezebel repays the courtesy by… basically making Batman question his entire mission. It’s a character-driven issue that ends with a bang, and well worth picking up.

Legion of Superheroes #42: this was one of Shooter’s better issues, but things still aren’t coming together yet. Sure the new costumes are nice and Shooter’s got a stronger grasp of the characters (particularly Brainiac 5; I like his interaction with Lightning Lad a lot), but I think he’s taking too long to get to wherever he’s leading to.


4 Responses to “Goki’s Giving Judgment- May 2008”

  1. spiffyithaca Says:

    Excellent idea for a post Goki-O! Great stuff.

    What’s the creative team for X-Men Legacy? And is it just flashbacks, or old stories, or is it in current continuity? (is it just what New X-Men became, I’m confused)

    I think I’m going to have to get back on Daredevil.

    And good to see Pacheco is still ruling. Remember JLA/JSA? ‘Nummy.

    Oh also, no FUDO’s for the month of May? Sad…Maybe June will get you wet.

  2. gokitalo Says:

    I hope! I was a little sad about it myself when I was doing the reviews. It was a pretty good month, but I can’t believe I didn’t get at least one FUDO.

    X-Men Legacy’s creative team is Mike Carey, who wrote Lucifer and has been writing X-Men for a little while now. The story takes place in continuity, but has a fair amount of flashbacks: basically Professor X’s mind got messed up during the X-Men event “Messiah Complex,” so now he’s trying to put it back together with stuff he remembers and information he reads from other people’s minds (with their permission… usually). All while uncovering secrets he never knew about before…

    Pacheco is king. Of course I remember his amazing work on JLA/JSA; it’s on the table right next to me! :b And yes, you should get back on Daredevil. I think Rucka, Brubaker and Lark are just warming up.

  3. davidry214 Says:

    I agree Goki, well done with this idea.

    Carey has a pretty great track record, though X-Men seems an odd choice for him. Sounds worth trying though. And Pacheco is great. JLA/JSA was indeed impressive, though his work on Avengers Forever was even better.

    Mighty Avengers #13: up

    Secret Invasion #2: down

    X-Factor: Quick and the Dead: Stuck

    Batman 677: Stuck/down

    Justice Society of America #15: Stuck

    Captain America #38: down

    Mighty Avengers #14: up

    X-Factor #31: down

    Final Crisis #1: Stuck

    Green Lantern #31: down

    Giant-Sized Astonishing X-Men: down, almost fudo

    New Avengers #41: up

    I think I’m missing something, but oh well.

  4. Gokitalo Says:

    Totally forgot about X-Factor: Quick and the Dead. I’d give it a Fly Down, or maybe a Down/Stuck. David’s humor and Pietro’s interaction with “Layla” was definitely the highlight of the issue.

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