Why Bullseye, you look… different…


Among the many interesting news bits at Wizard World Philly was that Marvel is introducing not one, but two female versions of pre-existing villains. A female Kraven debuts in Amazing Spider-Man this August, while Lady Bullseye is showing up in Daredevil in September.

Conceptually, I think this is awesome; it’s always great when new, strong female characters show up. That is, assuming they’re strong characters. You can’t just have them coasting off the names of their predecessors for success, you know? Fortunately, if there’s one person who can pull Lady Bullseye off, it’s Ed Brubaker. Guggenheim’s not too bad a writer himself (his Wolverine stories notwithstanding), so I think the new Kraven’s got a decent chance of succeeding. Frankly, we could use a new, good successor to Kraven: the other ones have been all over the place!

I also like Lady Bullseye and Kraven’s designs: they’re certainly different from the outfits the original Bulseye and Kraven wore, but don’t stray too far conceptually.

What do you guys think of all this? Personally, I’m hoping for a FUDO, or at least a Fly Down.

EDIT: More on Lady Bullseye here.


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