What We Buy: AA Edition


So I formally made my subscription with the comic shop in town today, and as I was telling the comic shop guy what all I get, it occurred to me that this mgiht be a good time to tell you, the viewer, as well.

Goki and Spiffy and I were all going to send these lists amongst each other, but I’m not sure I ever did. So now they get to know as well, and hopefully will post their lists too, either as comments or new posts as they prefer.

Here we Go!

Titles I Buy:



Green Lantern

Justice Society of America

Final Crisis

Secret Invasion

New Avengers

Mighty Avengers

Captain America



Titles I’ll may or may not be trying out soon (within the next two months):

Green Lantern Corps

Uncanny X-Men

X-Men Legacy

Jack of Fables


Fantastic Four


2 Responses to “What We Buy: AA Edition”

  1. Gokitalo Says:

    Dave and me have got Batman, Green Lantern, Final Crisis, Secret Invasion and X-Factor in common. So if you want to be cool like us, buy these titles, take them out for dinner and make sweet, sweet love to them in the back seat, then ignore them the next day, but tell all your friends you totally did them.

    Or you can just read them. The choice is yours.

  2. spiffyithaca Says:

    You’re in good shape if you can limit it to 10 titles, but we all know that’s a losing battle, especially with Jack of Fables and Uncanny out there to be read.

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