You Know What Day It Is: Comicbook Day! (6/4/08)


Big week this week! Click on to read the recommendations for the first week of June!

Dark Horse Comics

The Serenity Lunch Box comes out this week. It’s only 15 bucks too. Shit, I kinda want it. For fans of the tv series Firefly and the stellar movie Serenity should check this out!

DC Comics

Trinity #1: Get the new weekly series in DC, debuting this week, featuring DC’s big three: Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman. Written by Kurt Busiek with art by Mark Bagley, it’s one of the biggest events in DC excluding Final Crisis. I know I’m going to check out issue 1 just because I want to know what it’s all about. You should too, and expect Goki’s wise words on the title soon.

Marvel Comics

Kick-Ass #3: Long delayed, the 3rd issue of this hit series finally hits the stands today. Written by fan and Spiffy favorite Mark Millar, with art by stud John Romita Jr. (the best stuff I’ve seen him do since Amazing Spider-Man), it continues the story of a comic nerd trying to be a superhero in the real world…with hilarious and bloody results. Check it out!

Ultimate Origins #1: Bendis sets out to tell the origin of the Ultimate universe, which is actually one of the more interesting things that’s come about in the Ultimate universe for awhile now. I didn’t really want to get back into it…but this mini series will force my hand, because I’m such a big fan of the early Ultimate universe, that I’m intrigued to see how Bendis explains it all. And plus Butch Guice is doing the art chores, and he’s supremely talented (see: Ruse, Captain America, the 80s).


Buckaroo Bonzai Return of the Screw #1 AND #2: It’s not every day you see two issues of a title coming out the same week, so that must mean this is the greatest title in comics. Ever.

What Spiffy’s getting: Avengers/Invaders #2, Kick-Ass #3, Secret Invasion #3, Trinity #1 and Ultimate Origins #1.

I hope everyone has a wonderful wednesday, and look forward to hearing your thoughts about what came out. Peace.



4 Responses to “You Know What Day It Is: Comicbook Day! (6/4/08)”

  1. davidry214 Says:

    Very small week for me: only two comics, neither of which have I read yet. I got Secret Invasion #3, which I imagine will be at least fairly good, and possibly great. Then I bought Justice Society of America #16, which I’m honestly not that excited about, but I want to stick with the title. It’s still Johns, and he and Goyer made JSA always a top 5-10, and probably one of my top 2 for a while. I do wish it would move on to a new storyline though.

  2. Gokitalo Says:

    Gah, Spiffy’s practically committed me to writing a review of Trinity #1! Which I was probably going to do anyway. Ultimate Origins #1 is on my radar too, because like Spiffy, I was a fan of early Ultimate Universe. No lunchbox for me, though.

    Hmm, what else… fans of Justice League Unlimited (like myself) will want to check out Justice League Unlimited #46, which is the last issue of the comic and is written by Matt Wayne, who wrote for the TV show as well. Joe Kubert fans should grab Tor #2, but snag Tor #1 first if they haven’t already. Me? I’m trade-waiting it. Robin/Spoiler Special is a one-shot written by Chuck Dixon that will no doubt tie into his recent (and excellent) return to the Robin ongoing title. And coming out just in time for the Legion’s fiftieth anniversary is The Legion of Super-Heroes: 1050 Years In The Future TPB. Waid and Kitson got me into Legion, so I kind of want to see what the previous versions of the team were like.

    On Marvel’s end, you’ve got Secret Invasion #3 (duh), Invincible Iron Man #2 and the Astonishing X-Men Sketchbook (featuring designs for Warren Ellis and Simone Bianchi’s upcoming run on the series). Peter David’s classic run on the original X-Factor series gets its fourth (and last?) trade, while fans of the Hulk smashing heroes get to see him do it a lot in Hulk vs. The Marvel Universe TPB #1.

  3. spiffyithaca Says:

    Don’t feel like you have to, but I’d love to know what you thought of it. I read it today, and I’m not sure what I feel about it yet.

    When I’m 43, I will buy the complete Tor collection. I promise.

    You and your sketchbooks.

    And is X-Factor coming to an end soon? Is that what you meant by the last trade comment? That’d be sad. I stopped, but it was a quality title and I know you guys loved it.

  4. Gokitalo Says:

    Oh no dude, what I meant is that they’ve been collecting Peter David’s run on the original X-Factor series in the early 90s, and I think the latest trade collects the last issues of the run. The current X-Factor series, on the other hand, isn’t ending anytime soon, as far as I know 😉

    Don’t worry about Trinity: if I buy it this week, I’ll happily review it!

    Oh, here’s something I forgot to mention: the critically-acclaimed Manhunter series returns with issue #31. It’s one of those titles that gets great buzz but low sales, so I’d pick up the latest issue before DC decides o cancel the series again!

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