You Know The Drill: Comics For 6/11/08


Time flies, don’t it? The second week of comics for June is already upon us. Click on for Spiffy’s rundown.

Dark Horse Comics

Fluffy HC: It sounds delightful, and it’s 20 bucks. Enjoy Fluffy.

DC Comics

Green Arrow/Black Canary #9: It’s the start of a new storyline. Written by Judd Winick, the king of inconsistency, who knows what you’re going to get. But with guest star Plastic Man, I’m checking it out and with the bickering couple and PM in tow, this issue has a chance for some laughs. If you want light hearted fare, this is a good issue for you, I’m betting.

Marvel Comics

Moon Knight #19: There were plenty of choices, but I went with issue 19 of one of the better and lesser known titles at Marvel. It’s the finale of 6 part story “God and Country” written by Benson (and co plotted by Best Selling writer Charlie Huston) with gritty art by Mark Teixeira (I had no idea Atlanta Braves switch hitter could draw). It’s been a worthy follow up of Huston’s stellar first 13 issues, and with guest stars like Iron Man and the villainous Black Spectre involved, I’m excited for the big finish. And plus, I’ve heard from my friend Will who says it was an excellent final issue.


Hot Moms #11: I think this is self explanatory. 5 dollars for fans of (and who isn’t?!).


Spiffy Bought: Green Arrow/Black Canary #9, Moon Knight #19, Daredevil #107, Booster Gold #10 and Trinity #2. The first time I’ve bought more DC than Marvel in a particular week, I believe. Also, I forgot to get Avengers/Invaders #2 AGAIN, and will have to get that. And apparently Secret Invasion: Who Do You Trust? is pretty good, so I’ll be checking that out next week as well. What about everyone else?


6 Responses to “You Know The Drill: Comics For 6/11/08”

  1. gokitalo Says:

    I think it’s safe to say the best parts of these lists are Spiffy’s picks for indies, hands-down. No… FLY down.

    Much as I like Plastic Man, Winick’s stuff hasn’t always been the best lately, so I may pass. Other than that though, Spiffy and me are getting the same DC things. Well okay, I’m getting a little more: Action Comics #866, which starts Geoff Johns and Gary Frank’s big Brainiac story, Wonder Woman #21, and maybe the DC Universe Mongul Special. The Question: Five Books of Blood could be good, but I’ve got other trades higher up on my list.

    On Marvel’s end, there’s Daredevil (Rucka and Brubaker, duh), and maybe Amazing Spider-Girl and Secret Invasion: Who Do You Trust? I hear the latter is not only great, but has a Wonder Man/Beast story. Can’t go wrong with that. Or at least, you’d BETTER not go wrong with that.

    I tried Moon Knight when it was first coming out and it didn’t really grab me. The character kind of seemed like a jerk, to be honest.

  2. spiffyithaca Says:

    Yeah I don’t blame you for passing on Winick, but I’ll give you the rundown after I’ve read it.

    And Daredevil came out last week, but I just got it today. And yeah, I heard the Wonder Man and Beast part was great.

    And your Moon Knight statement is great. He is a jerk. He’s hardly a hero. He ruins all his relationships and is a borderline murderer. It makes for a great and interesting read.

  3. Mrs. Ennis Says:

    Moon Knight is a miserable waste of life who just happens to be one of the most fascinating characters in modern comics. Mainly because he’s a miserable waste of life.

  4. Gokitalo Says:

    Welcome to our blog, Mrs. Ennis! Maybe I didn’t read enough issues, but he didn’t really fascinate me. When it comes to jerks in comics, it helps if they’re likeable, or at the very least interesting*. Moon Knight, at least Charlie Huston’s version, was neither to me, I’m afraid.

    *Well okay, it also works if they’re entertaining: Guy Garnder’s a great example of this.

  5. davidry214 Says:

    I didn’t even bother going to the shop because nothing on my regular buy lsit was coming out. But I will get GL Corps and the SI Special, assuming they’re both still there, next week. If they’re not, I can live without them.

    (PS: I’m back)

  6. Gokitalo Says:


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