Announcing upcoming Projects


With the mammoth effort of Project: Fables behind me, and it seemingly a smashing hit, I thought I’d give you lucky bastards a hint into some of my plans for the rest of the summer with regards to Goki’s Giving Groin.

Project: Sandman

How do you follow up what became your favorite comics run of all-time? With the greatest comics run of all-time, as chosen by the patrons of Comics Should Be Good and practically every other damn person who has done such a list. Supposedly, it really is that phenomenal. I’ve purchased 7 of the 10 volumes of Neil Gaiman’s original masterpiece on that great modern marketplace, eBay. On a sidenote, internet is really the way to go for bargain shopping, even with comics. Anyway, I’ll get those missing volumes once I get a little more money, and then, let the next great obsession begin.

Project: Y

Notice a theme here? What can I say, Vertigo books are just the shit. Y-The Last Man was the first Vertigo title I ever bought, and I’m dying to know how Brian K. Vaughan’s run ended up.

Other old titles I want to buy lots of include Alan Moore’s Swamp Thing, Peter David’s original X-Factor (maybe some of his Hulk too) and James Robinson’s Starman. But though I’ve been able to afford* more trades than I used to by keeping my new comics’ list down to a very manageable size, my funds are still limited. So it might take a lot longer on those. But here’s what else I will try to deliver this summer:

Project: Preview Reviews

I don’t what we’ll actually call it when it’s posted, but we called it Preview Reviews a couple times at the ol’ Comics Castle 4, so I’ll use that just for this announcement. What am I talking about? The triumphant* return of AA and Spiffy looking into the future, going through the next month’s new comics’ solicitations (we can read!*), and telling you miserable sheep what you do and do not need to buy. This feature single-handedly made CC4 one of the Ten Most Visited Sites on the Web* according to a 2003 survey by Forbes magazine*. It returns in July, and it’ll be hilarious*, or else we’ll give you each $100*. 

Project: Consistency

This and the next one don’t really need a fancy “Project” title, but I’m on a roll here*. This one is just about trying to do more reviews. Basically, I’m pledging to do a new comics review at least every other week*. I’d say every week, but I don’t read enough books to guarantee that I’ll get something worth reviewing each week. Plus, let’s face it, I’m doing well lately, but I’m still not a model of reliability. Take what you can get.

Project: Diversity

This is a blog that Spiffy once billed as being about “all things awesome, really.” And by my mere presence here, that’s true*. Still, nearly all of our entries are comic-based, with the occassional review of a blockbuster film. And that’s fine: I’ve regained my comics addition, and I’m loving it. But still, I’m going to pledge to get a few more things outside the comic book realm up on the blog. Probably no sports, since I get burned out talking about that enough at my job (I’m the sports editor for a mediocre newspaper) and in conversation with my dad, friends, and Spiffy (who has the sports department well-covered himself*). But I do want to get more up on TV and movies, and maybe a couple posts on cooking and interior decorating. Possibly porn too. Anyway, that’ll start late next week with “Top 5 Sitcoms of All-Time,” with “5 Movies I Love” the week after, and “5 Recipes You’ll Thank Me For” coming in mid-July.

Finally, right before the summer ends, I have one final Project that I’ll unveil, and I promise it will be the most exciting and mindblowing in Goki’s Giving Groin history. But I’m keeping it a secret for now, just to tease you.

After that, I’ll probably sink back into unreliability and highly infrequent posting as school starts back up. Unless there’s a Project: Dropout on the horizon! But no, there’s not…sadly.

*Denotes statement probably isn’t true.


4 Responses to “Announcing upcoming Projects”

  1. spiffyithaca Says:

    I really like all your upcoming projects*!

    But really, I’m excited for YOU just to start tackling Sandman, Y, Starman and all that excellence. It’s daunting, but man it’s going to be worth it. And I’ve only read one of those.

    Yes, join the ranks in an effort to get some diversity here. I’ll add more sports ones eventually, but like you, I tire of talking sports sometimes*.

    As far as consistency goes, us three should all denote one day of the week where we do a review. Like Tuesday would be Goki (the day he gets comics, dont ask me), Wednesday you, Thursday me, or some BS like that, and the pattern would be brilliant*. I don’t know, just a thought.

  2. Gokitalo Says:

    Like Tuesday would be Goki (the day he gets comics, dont ask me),

    Psh, ONE time I did that. ONE time.

    (that time being yesterday)

    All these projects sound most awesome in nature, AA. The return of the Preview Reviews is especially grointastic! The ones you and Spiffy did at Comic Castle 4 were the stuff of legend: maybe one of us can post links to the older ones after you guys do the new one.

    I like your idea for consistency, Spiffy, although I wonder if we’d be able to do it, you know, consistently. Maybe the three of us should talk this over on AIM?

  3. davidry214 Says:

    I’m excited about all these as well. Thing is, i can’t not be obsessive with comics. I’ve tried, but it always happens. But for now at least, I’m trying to expend some of that obsessive energy on finally getting around to some of the classics that I’ve always wanted to read. It’s helping keep my new comics’ list somewhat low, though I’m spending enough on all these trades that I’m still losing money. Oh well, if all these projects turn out as good as the Fables one, it’ll be well worth it

  4. spiffyithaca Says:

    Same here. I knew it would happen when I started back up, but when I’m reading, there’s no way I can limit myself.

    Let me know when you start up your next project.

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