The Warriors Three, Groins United: Marvel Movie Mania


Welcome to another of our three-way chats (yes yes, snicker all you want)! In this installment Spiffy (spiffygy), David (MrStanza) and I (Gokitalo) are talking about Marvel Comics’ decision to make its movies “in-house” through Marvel Studios. Two movies have already come out from the studio (Iron Man and The Incredible Hulk) and both films hint that they’re more movies to come. In this chat, we’ll talk about how Marvel Studios has done so far, where it plans to go, where it COULD go and much more. So strap yourself in dear readers: this is going to be a wild ride!

We Get Started (Finally):

Gokitalo (9:48:20 PM): As we’ve seen in the recent Iron Man and Incredible Hulk films (and yes, SPOILERS ON, people), Marvel is beginning to build its own little movie universe

spiffygy (9:48:51 PM): Yes indeed. Following the success of their various movie franchises, they decided to go solo

spiffygy (9:48:55 PM): And created Marvel Studios

spiffygy (9:49:20 PM): While profitable, the intent was also clear: to have more creative control over their products

MrStanza (9:49:55 PM): yes

MrStanza (9:49:59 PM): that is the case

spiffygy (9:50:06 PM): (to note: In 2005, Variety reported that Marvel themselves will start producing some of the films with Paramount Pictures distributing them.)

Gokitalo (9:50:17 PM): An interesting note

spiffygy (9:50:19 PM): (that deal was ten movies, with Iron Man being the first

Gokitalo (9:50:40 PM): I guess we should start with one of the bigger questions

Gokitalo (9:51:03 PM): Is building a universe around its movies a good move for Marvel?

spiffygy (9:51:22 PM): I say yes.

spiffygy (9:51:33 PM): Not only does it reward hard suffering nerds like us, but EVERYONE is getting it

spiffygy (9:51:49 PM): All my friends, comicbook readers or not, like the idea of them being connected and are getting into it themselves

Gokitalo (9:51:59 PM): Seconded: the way you hear people chatting about the films and what’s coming up next is a level of movie excitement I haven’t seen in some time

spiffygy (9:52:04 PM): I’ve been asked about the roster of the Avengers multiple times since Hulk came out

Gokitalo (9:52:12 PM): Same here

Gokitalo (9:52:22 PM): Obviously the debate’s just as fun as watching the movies unfold

Gokitalo (9:52:38 PM): David! Speak!

spiffygy (9:52:58 PM): Exactly. It’s so exciting, and it’s so much more exciting because Marvel is doing everything so right


MrStanza (9:53:19 PM): Well, i think it’s too soon to say how good of an idea this really is

MrStanza (9:53:44 PM): Sure, it sound cool to have all these movies interconnected, but things easily go wrong

spiffygy (9:53:52 PM): Ever the pessimist

spiffygy (9:53:57 PM): ( 😉 )

MrStanza (9:54:00 PM): especially the further down the road with a character you go

Gokitalo (9:54:12 PM): Pessimist or cautious? I can definitely see David’s point here

MrStanza (9:54:15 PM): Quick question: your least favorite X-Men movie?

Gokitalo (9:54:25 PM): X3

MrStanza (9:54:26 PM): Same question with Spider-Man

spiffygy (9:54:30 PM): I get it

Gokitalo (9:54:34 PM): Hahaha

spiffygy (9:54:38 PM): Laugh at this one

spiffygy (9:54:48 PM): Quick question: which studio made those movies?

spiffygy (9:54:56 PM): Who was in control over those stories BEFORE Marvel?

MrStanza (9:55:03 PM): Don’t know, don’t care

spiffygy (9:55:03 PM): In terms of chain of command*

Gokitalo (9:55:06 PM): Guys Who Weren’t Marvel

spiffygy (9:55:08 PM): NOT Marvel Studios

spiffygy (9:55:13 PM): Exactly.

MrStanza (9:55:16 PM): That doesn’t matter

spiffygy (9:55:19 PM): WHAT!?

MrStanza (9:55:20 PM): The point is the same

spiffygy (9:55:22 PM): How doesnt that matter?

Gokitalo (9:55:22 PM): But see, here’s the thing

Gokitalo (9:55:32 PM): You could have actors deciding not to reprise roles

Gokitalo (9:55:39 PM): Things may take longer to shoot than expected

spiffygy (9:55:36 PM): I agree, theres always the chance for having overkill or making something stale

MrStanza (9:55:41 PM): When you try to do too much with a character(s) in movies, you often ruin a good thing

spiffygy (9:55:53 PM): But Marvel knows there characters MUCH BETTER than Fox or Sony or what have you

MrStanza (9:56:02 PM): OK, here’s another point

MrStanza (9:56:14 PM): Why do we necessarily trust Marvel to do this so right?

MrStanza (9:56:20 PM): because they know the characters?

spiffygy (9:56:25 PM): And because of Iron Man and Hulk

MrStanza (9:56:31 PM): Think of how many things we’ve seen Marvel screw up

spiffygy (9:56:49 PM): Yes, but the question wasnt whether this could go bad

MrStanza (9:56:57 PM): Maybe it’s not all the same people, but the company has a track record of making dumb moves

spiffygy (9:57:07 PM): It was whether it was a good idea, and in extension, I think whether or not IT SHOULD BE TRIED

Gokitalo (9:57:06 PM): You guys heard about the Marvel Brain Trust used for Iron Man, right?

spiffygy (9:57:15 PM): Yeah, I did. How sweet was that?

Gokitalo (9:57:28 PM): And look how well Iron Man turned out!

MrStanza (9:57:29 PM): Well, Andy, I’m trying to get to that

spiffygy (9:57:39 PM): Okay go. I’ll let you finish, sorry

MrStanza (9:58:05 PM): Because to determine whether it should be tried, thinking about how it’s going to turn out seems like a rather logical step

spiffygy (9:58:42 PM): Yes, sure. I agree that maybe we should temper expectations, because things could go wrong

MrStanza (9:58:43 PM): Yes, Marvel has put out one great movie and one very good movie already

MrStanza (9:59:01 PM): but I think they’re being overly ambitious

MrStanza (9:59:18 PM): and while i sincerely I’m proven wrong, I don’t think this is a great idea

MrStanza (9:59:28 PM): *hope

spiffygy (9:59:34 PM): I disagree.

spiffygy (9:59:51 PM): I think it should be tried, and I think Iron Man and Hulk’s MONSTROUS openings prove that these movies still have an audience

spiffygy (10:00:05 PM): And have long legs

Gokitalo (10:00:20 PM): Ditto. Which has me thinking

spiffygy (10:00:22 PM): In 2000, X-Men, like Goki has said, CREATED a new genre, for better or worse

Gokitalo (10:00:31 PM): Very true

spiffygy (10:00:38 PM): And that genre has proved up and down, but for the most part, very very profitable

spiffygy (10:01:04 PM): (When movies like Bulletproof Monk and the like are made, you know its gone on too far, but were talking about the Avengers here)



spiffygy (10:01:18 PM): What were you thinking Gokester?

Gokitalo (10:01:35 PM): How long do you guys think the Marvel Movie Universe should last? Should Avengers be the climax, or should Marvel keep it going?

Gokitalo (10:01:46 PM): (I know, “Hahaha, he said climax”)

spiffygy (10:01:52 PM): That completely depends on the results

MrStanza (10:02:02 PM): Well, I think 8 years is too brief of a time to definitively say this is a new genre

MrStanza (10:02:13 PM): but moving on to Goki’s question

spiffygy (10:02:21 PM): Maybe so, but I think its enough time to say that its not just a fad

MrStanza (10:02:23 PM): I agree with Andy here

spiffygy (10:02:40 PM): And that Marvel has ample evidence to think they can take the next step, and that its a potentially brilliant one

spiffygy (10:02:51 PM): (especially now that they get more of the profits)

Gokitalo (10:03:42 PM): Fair enough. So if I remember right, we’ve got Captain America, Thor, Iron Man 2 and Avengers down the road

spiffygy (10:03:57 PM): Well if we want to move down, let me give you guys the complete list

spiffygy (10:04:00 PM): I have it on wikipedia

spiffygy (10:04:17 PM): Iron Man 2, April 30th, 2010

spiffygy (10:04:23 PM): Thor, June 4th, 2010

spiffygy (10:04:35 PM): The First Avenger: Captain America May 6th, 2011

spiffygy (10:04:43 PM): The Avengers July 2nd, 2011

spiffygy (10:04:50 PM): Ant-Man 2011

MrStanza (10:04:51 PM): I sincerely hope they shorten that Cap title

Gokitalo (10:05:02 PM): Nice build-up, though

MrStanza (10:05:05 PM): seriously? Ant-Man?

spiffygy (10:05:08 PM): Movies optioned: Nick Fury, Runaways, Black Panther, Dr. Strange, Hawkeye, Shang Chi, Cloak and Dagger, Power Pack

Gokitalo (10:05:16 PM): Ant-Man is going to be HARD to get right

MrStanza (10:05:20 PM): That’s part of my problem with all this.

spiffygy (10:05:22 PM): Yes, but before you judge

MrStanza (10:05:27 PM): Yes, this CAN be good

MrStanza (10:05:38 PM): but do all these characters really need their own movies?

spiffygy (10:05:51 PM): Do 80% of the movies made NEED to be made?

spiffygy (10:05:57 PM): I mean none of them do

spiffygy (10:06:02 PM): But Hollywood has been churning out crap for ages

MrStanza (10:06:04 PM): We’re not talking about every damn movie

MrStanza (10:06:14 PM): we’re talking about Marvel Studios

spiffygy (10:06:19 PM): Fair enough

spiffygy (10:06:37 PM): But I think the point has some bearing….if they have a good story, why not try?

MrStanza (10:06:43 PM): and whether they’re going too far. An Ant-Man movie doesn’t speak very positively in their favor

spiffygy (10:06:47 PM): It may be overly ambitious, but if in tandem with the Avengers, it could be fine

“It’s All About The Guys Involved”… Or Is It? 

spiffygy (10:06:55 PM): And this might quiet your complaints

spiffygy (10:06:58 PM): It’s directed by Edgar Wright

spiffygy (10:07:09 PM): And Wright is doing the scriptwriting duties with Joe Cornish

MrStanza (10:07:21 PM): I don’t know who any of those people are

spiffygy (10:07:26 PM): Wright has done Hot Fuzz and Shaun of the Dead

MrStanza (10:07:37 PM): ok, good movies

Gokitalo (10:07:47 PM): Shaun of the Dead was pretty good

MrStanza (10:07:48 PM): but I don’t know why that’s supposed to quiet my complaints

spiffygy (10:08:02 PM): Because its a talented, borderline awesome director directing it

spiffygy (10:08:08 PM): I think the guys involved should mean something

MrStanza (10:08:08 PM): a lot of very talented people hve been working on these movies

spiffygy (10:08:16 PM): Whats the problem then?

MrStanza (10:08:18 PM): it’s something Marvel has done very right

MrStanza (10:08:44 PM): but was there a hotter up-and-coming director in Holywood than Ang Lee five years ago?

spiffygy (10:09:01 PM): True, but again, you gotta give Marvel a ton of credit after the fact

spiffygy (10:09:17 PM): They took a lot of flack and a lot of risk (WAY MORE RISKY THAN THE AVENGERS) to redo it on their terms

spiffygy (10:09:25 PM): And its been a success to this point

spiffygy (10:09:36 PM): Which is borderline shocking to me

spiffygy (10:10:23 PM): And yes a bad director COULD do bad and you keep saying all these things COULD go wrong, but I mean thats not really much of an argument.

spiffygy (10:10:24 PM): Theres a lot to be excited about, and while Ant Man and others might be a little much, they have quality guys attached to the projects

spiffygy (10:10:42 PM): whoops a good director could do bad*

MrStanza (10:10:53 PM): oh christ

MrStanza (10:11:03 PM): yeah, and they COULD be good is a much better argument

MrStanza (10:11:12 PM): this is pointless

spiffygy (10:11:14 PM): At least I have Marvel Studios films to BACK ME UP

spiffygy (10:11:22 PM): And why not be excited? I dont get it

spiffygy (10:11:56 PM): There going to take lumps with some of these movies, but there trying to become their own studio. Every studio makes mistakes, but the Avengers and creating their own universe, is not one of them, IMO

MrStanza (10:12:16 PM): COULD be, we’ll see 

“And We Never Mentioned It Again…”

Gokitalo (10:10:12 PM): You know what’s kind of funny to me? Marvel’s movie schedule is kind of mirroring the changing state of the Marvel U. right now

Gokitalo (10:10:20 PM): Back in the day you had Spider-Man and the X-Men squarely on top

Gokitalo (10:10:39 PM): But in recent years there’s been a major focus on the Marvel Heroes 

“Scheduling Blues (in B-Minor)”

spiffygy (10:12:38 PM): One thing that I’m more worried about than the number is having all these release dates so precise

spiffygy (10:12:51 PM): Every studio does it, but I dont think they should set themselves to be delayed

Gokitalo (10:12:58 PM): Yeah. Who knows how long making these films will REALLY take

spiffygy (10:13:02 PM): Favreau’s not even signed on for Iron Man 2 yet and thats the first one scheduled

spiffygy (10:13:14 PM): Thats one thing that could end up backfiring

The Distinguished Competition:

spiffygy (10:14:17 PM): And one thing that we havent mentioned is this: How bad is Marvel kicking DC’s ass?

Gokitalo (10:14:23 PM): I KNOW

spiffygy (10:14:20 PM): We’re not talking about the Dark Knight, and maybe we should be, but still: all the chatter is in Marvel’s direction, by the general public and by us

Gokitalo (10:14:43 PM): Seriously, DC is really lagging behind in the movie department

Gokitalo (10:14:56 PM): Especially compared to the 90s and late 80s, when it dominated

Gokitalo (10:15:03 PM): (and the 70s with Superman)

spiffygy (10:15:47 PM): Well, Justice League has been in development hell for years

Gokitalo (10:16:09 PM): Truth

spiffygy (10:16:15 PM): And it probably will be for a long time because different studios own different characters

Gokitalo (10:16:54 PM): Which isn’t doing DC any favors, because Marvel’s becoming more engrained into the public consciousnes with each film

spiffygy (10:17:09 PM): Exactly.

Gokitalo (10:17:18 PM): I actually heard that one kid said Spider-Man was stronger than Superman

Gokitalo (10:17:24 PM): That’s how bad a state DC’s in right now

Gokitalo (10:17:27 PM): Movie-wise

spiffygy (10:17:28 PM): Well retards dont really count

“Why Must DC Fail?”

MrStanza (10:17:33 PM): I think DC’s problem is largely rooted in an inability to recover from failure

spiffygy (10:17:50 PM): I thought Superman was an interesting failure

spiffygy (10:17:56 PM): I really dont know how it bombed so badly

spiffygy (10:18:02 PM): I guess Superman isnt as marketable as he used to be

Gokitalo (10:18:09 PM): I think it was execution

MrStanza (10:18:16 PM): Because Marvel has had some bombs, like Hulk and even the first Fantastic Four, but they managed to find a way to keep going and make it better

Gokitalo (10:18:16 PM): A lot of people weren’t thrilled with “Super-Boy”

spiffygy (10:18:26 PM): Well yes that blew

spiffygy (10:18:34 PM): It wasnt as bad as some other comicbook movies, but not great by any means, but I still think it couldve made more

spiffygy (10:18:36 PM): And agreed David

Gokitalo (10:18:48 PM): Agree with both of you

MrStanza (10:18:53 PM): but yeah, DC screwed up with Superman Returns, and it seems to have killed their ability to market the most famous hero in the world

spiffygy (10:19:07 PM): Which is why Im impressed with Marvel. They arent afraid to make mistakes and making bold moves, and have averted all their past ones

MrStanza (10:19:18 PM): Even with Batman, it took them 10 years to recover from George Clooney

spiffygy (10:19:18 PM): reversed, not averted*

Gokitalo (10:19:22 PM): HA

spiffygy (10:19:54 PM): I think its unfair to blame Clooney, even though he’s what everyone remembers, but the point is clearly made. James Bond is a comparable analogy, but it only took 4 years for them to reboot it to much success

MrStanza (10:20:09 PM): yup

MrStanza (10:20:23 PM): and I don’t really blame Clooney, it’s just an easy reference point, like you said

spiffygy (10:20:38 PM): He had nice rubber nipples

Gokitalo (10:21:00 PM): BABY 

 “At Least the Animated Stuff Was Good!”

spiffygy (10:21:09 PM): DC has done well in the animated scene with Goki’s favorite show (ED Note: Justice League Unlimited!), and hopefully they shape up

Gokitalo (10:21:12 PM): Yes

MrStanza (10:21:53 PM): That’s an interesting point

spiffygy (10:21:35 PM): Side note: anyone seen Justice League: New Frontier? Not a bad animated movie at all, I liked it

MrStanza (10:22:15 PM): Because since their classic X-Men and Spider-Man cartoons, Marvel has been pretty terrible in animation

spiffygy (10:22:52 PM): Yeah. X-Men Evolution had an okay following, but the MTV Spidey cartoon bombed and I never even heard about their FF cartoon until it was off the air

spiffygy (10:23:13 PM): Its funny we got to this, because Goki and I talked about the newest Marvel cartoon: Wolverine and the X-Men

Gokitalo (10:23:23 PM): Oh yes

spiffygy (10:23:25 PM): The title isnt promising, but Goki says the trailer is better

MrStanza (10:24:13 PM): the title is awful, but I’ll reserve judgment

spiffygy (10:24:40 PM): But yeah, I think there’s a lot of fodder for talking about WHAT we want to see, and theres a lot of good/interesting stuff to consider


spiffygy (10:22:10 PM): (do you guys want to go into more what we want to see from captain america, thor, avengers, etc. after this?)

MrStanza (10:22:26 PM): (I couldn’t care less)

MrStanza (10:22:31 PM): (whatever you want) 

B.A.: Before Avengers [movie]

spiffygy (10:25:36 PM): Do you guys think its smart to go with another sequel to Iron Man before Avengers?

spiffygy (10:25:38 PM): Because if he showed up again everywhere else, I think itd be well enough established for the Avengers movie. But he’s too profitable not to, I suppose

spiffygy (10:25:45 PM): he’d, not itd*

Gokitalo (10:25:52 PM): I think an Iron Man sequel could work before or after, honestly

spiffygy (10:25:58 PM): Well they are hoping both lol

spiffygy (10:26:09 PM): Demon In A Bottle in Iron Man 3?

Gokitalo (10:26:15 PM): Maybe even 2

spiffygy (10:26:22 PM): Or Iron Man 2, and he redeems himself with the Avengers

MrStanza (10:27:01 PM): I could see laying groundwork in 2 for the acoholism, then making it a main issue in 3

Gokitalo (10:27:08 PM): I was thinking that myself

spiffygy (10:27:09 PM): I think thats the plan

Gokitalo (10:27:19 PM): Hey, you know what’ll be a hard movie to do?

Gokitalo (10:27:25 PM): You know, besides Ant-Man?

spiffygy (10:27:30 PM): Thor?

MrStanza (10:27:30 PM): Thor?

Gokitalo (10:27:32 PM): Bingo

spiffygy (10:27:33 PM): lol

MrStanza (10:27:45 PM): could easily see that bombing

Gokitalo (10:27:58 PM): Ditto. Thor is HARD to do right

spiffygy (10:28:02 PM): Yup.

MrStanza (10:28:11 PM): for one, I know this isn’t something that’s fun to talk about, but it WILL happen:

MrStanza (10:28:23 PM): there’s going to be a lot of Christian protest

MrStanza (10:28:28 PM): to portraying a Norse god

spiffygy (10:28:42 PM): (for the record, the guy who wrote the screenplay for I am Legend, is doing Thor, which is promising)

spiffygy (10:28:52 PM): Well, if anything, that will help the movie

spiffygy (10:29:00 PM): Even though I dont think thatll be much of an issue at all

MrStanza (10:29:07 PM): and that isn’t an obstacle that can’t be overcome if the basis is good enough, like Harry Potter

Gokitalo (10:29:15 PM): You know, I honestly don’t see a lot of people complaining about the Norse god thing

Gokitalo (10:29:18 PM): I mean, it’s mythology

Gokitalo (10:29:29 PM): How many movies with Roman deities have been made?

MrStanza (10:29:29 PM): being portrayed as real, today

Gokitalo (10:29:31 PM): Greek/Roman*

spiffygy (10:29:32 PM): And even so….”controversy” boosts movies box office

spiffygy (10:29:45 PM): See Passion of the Christ

spiffygy (10:29:54 PM): Imagine Brad Pitt as Thor lol

MrStanza (10:30:01 PM): See The Golden Compass

MrStanza (10:30:04 PM): which bombed

spiffygy (10:30:12 PM): Yes but not because of Christian protest

spiffygy (10:30:17 PM): It just blew asshole

Gokitalo (10:30:23 PM): And no one cared

spiffygy (10:30:34 PM): Thor blowing asshole will be what sinks this movie, not protests

spiffygy (10:30:44 PM): And it could happen

MrStanza (10:30:44 PM): I know that

MrStanza (10:31:05 PM): all I’m saying is that if something is already weak, that final push against it can really hurt

MrStanza (10:31:16 PM): if it’s already strong, sure, it won’t matter

“How Doth Thee Solve a Problem Like Thor?”

Gokitalo (10:29:44 PM): I can see two ways a Thor movie could work

spiffygy (10:30:54 PM): What are the two ways Thor could happen?

Gokitalo (10:31:24 PM): Way I figure it

Gokitalo (10:31:49 PM): A Thor movie would work with (a) it focuses on the gods interacting with people, instead of taking place mostly on Asgard or Earth

Gokitalo (10:32:00 PM): Or (b) they do Mark Millar’s Ultimate Thor

Gokitalo (10:32:08 PM): work if*

spiffygy (10:32:09 PM): That would be really interesting

spiffygy (10:32:12 PM): if they did b

spiffygy (10:32:29 PM): But I dont know if fans would want that completely

spiffygy (10:32:49 PM): I could see people questioning whether or not he is a God and Id like that be a plotpoint, and then when he summons lightning and owns Loki, BAM, nobody questions him anymore

spiffygy (10:32:50 PM): EVER

Gokitalo (10:33:05 PM): That’d be sweet

spiffygy (10:33:09 PM): I never really liked Thor until I restarted reading….Thor can be a badass

Gokitalo (10:33:15 PM): Yes

Gokitalo (10:33:29 PM): They probably should avoid the “thees” and “thous,” though

MrStanza (10:33:29 PM): I

spiffygy (10:33:30 PM): I think an Asgard movie could work, but that it wont be a wholly Asgard movie because then hes not firmly entrenched with everyone else on Earth for Avengers

Gokitalo (10:33:31 PM): Much as I love them

spiffygy (10:33:50 PM): Troof, Goki

“The Warriors Three Return After Dinner… Minus One!”

Gokitalo (11:49:13 PM): David had to leave us, but we’ll venture forward!

spiffygy (11:49:28 PM): Let’s hope we can survive!

Gokitalo (11:49:37 PM): Dibs on your remains

Gokitalo (11:49:48 PM): So we’ve talked a bit about the movies leading up to Avengers

Gokitalo (11:49:53 PM): But what about the Avengers movie itself?

spiffygy (11:50:07 PM): Well we havent talked about Captain America, the most important movie before the Avengers movie

spiffygy (11:50:14 PM): At least not very much

Gokitalo (11:50:27 PM): Oh true, let’s do him first

spiffygy (11:50:40 PM): I think Captain America is another movie that could go wrong, and could end up cheesy and misplaced

Gokitalo (11:50:58 PM): On the other hand, it could end up becoming very relevant to our current times

spiffygy (11:50:59 PM): But judging by the “First Avenger” title, I think they are taking the best direction possible: starting in WWII and end with him frozen

spiffygy (11:51:05 PM): Exactly!

Gokitalo (11:51:11 PM): That would be a VERY good way to go about it

spiffygy (11:51:19 PM): That would make me shiver if I saw it

Gokitalo (11:51:25 PM): Oh yeah man, me too

spiffygy (11:51:33 PM): They might even have the ending after the credits be him being found by Stark/Fury

spiffygy (11:51:42 PM): Which would honestly bring the crowd to its feet

Gokitalo (11:51:44 PM): That’d be amazing

Gokitalo (11:51:46 PM): Fun fact:

spiffygy (11:51:46 PM): If the movie was done right

Gokitalo (11:51:59 PM): Cap was actually going to make an appearance in the Incredible Hulk movie

Gokitalo (11:52:03 PM): But they took the scene out

spiffygy (11:52:09 PM): Wow I want to see that deleted scene

spiffygy (11:52:16 PM): They did talk about the super soldier serum a lot

spiffygy (11:52:20 PM): Since that was Hulk’s origin

spiffygy (11:52:25 PM): Essentially

Gokitalo (11:52:34 PM): Exactly, which is a nod to Ultimates and ties the movies even close together

spiffygy (11:52:35 PM): Well not really, I guess thats Ultimates

spiffygy (11:52:40 PM): Yup

spiffygy (11:52:54 PM): And I believe theres a Cap shield in the background of a scene

Gokitalo (11:53:01 PM): Yup, in Iron Man

spiffygy (11:53:06 PM): Ah okay

spiffygy (11:53:08 PM): Well I love that

spiffygy (11:53:25 PM): While Captain America is more than a man, obviously he’s a symbol, the guy they get to play him is huge

Gokitalo (11:53:26 PM): Absolutely: as an Easter Egg alone it’s great, but the fact that is has a PURPOSE is even better

Gokitalo (11:53:40 PM): Or you know, give him a 40s strong-guy build

Gokitalo (11:53:48 PM): Either way works

spiffygy (11:54:01 PM): I honestly dont know who to play him, but he’s what is the glue of this team and Captain America is the movie that needs NOT suck the most

spiffygy (11:54:21 PM): Because nobodys going to want to watch him lead the team if nobody liked his origin

Gokitalo (11:54:25 PM): Exactly. Cap is THE Avenger

Gokitalo (11:54:58 PM): And I’m pretty sure it’s safe to say Steve Rogers is going to be Cap in this movie

spiffygy (11:55:04 PM): Oh yeah, duh

spiffygy (11:54:59 PM): Yup. I’d like them to lean on the Ultimates side, and make him a little edgier, but still NOT being a killer and taking it as far as Ultimates does

Gokitalo (11:55:09 PM): I agree


Gokitalo (11:55:30 PM): So now… *drumroll*

Gokitalo (11:55:31 PM): Avengers movie?

spiffygy (11:55:51 PM): So do we assume that its the original roster?

spiffygy (11:55:59 PM): Wasp, Iron Man, Giant Man, Cap, Hulk and Thor?

Gokitalo (11:56:04 PM): It’s certainly shaping up that way

spiffygy (11:56:19 PM): Yes, especially with Ant Man in development as well (and its Hank Pym, not Scott Lang)

Gokitalo (11:56:25 PM): Of course

spiffygy (11:56:44 PM): Wasp and Giant Man are lesser players anyways, so I think itll work to introduce them in the movie

Gokitalo (11:57:01 PM): I agree. Or Wasp could appear in Ant Man and then get her powers in Ultimates

spiffygy (11:57:04 PM): How would you want it to go? Have a Hulk dust up and Loki pulling the strings?

Gokitalo (11:57:06 PM): Or even in At Man itself

Gokitalo (11:57:12 PM): I wouldn’t know about a Hulk dust up

spiffygy (11:57:22 PM): Im not sure if they have Ant Man going before or after Avengers

Gokitalo (11:57:22 PM): It might remind people too much of the Hulk film

Gokitalo (11:57:42 PM): Honestly, I think Ant Man has the highest chance of bombing

spiffygy (11:57:48 PM): Yes

spiffygy (11:57:57 PM): But it could work if they wait until after the Avengers

Gokitalo (11:58:10 PM): Maybe. Or if they decided to just work him into the Avengers movie itself

spiffygy (11:58:20 PM): Yes and no. Reading Ultimates, how FUCKED UP/SWEET would it be if Hulk was let loose in manhattan and the Avengers had to stop him? Maybe itd make Banner too bad a guy which is sad….but its still a sweet idea

Gokitalo (11:58:56 PM): True. But if we already saw it in Ultimates, they should freshen it up for the big screen

Gokitalo (11:59:00 PM): Add twists and turns

spiffygy (11:59:00 PM): It could work either way. If Ant Man is first, then Im assuming he’ll be Ant Man to start the movie and not Giant Man (but might not end that way, making for a cool scene when he transforms for the first time)

spiffygy (11:59:17 PM): True, Hitch probably does action better than most movie directors

Gokitalo (11:59:28 PM): Ultimates was basically movie Avengers

spiffygy (11:59:44 PM): So would you go the Loki route? That would work and is the Avengers origin….but if he has a big role in Thor, then it might be overkill

Gokitalo (11:59:52 PM): I was thinking that too

Gokitalo (11:59:59 PM): Kang could get too complicated

spiffygy (12:00:03 AM): Yeah I was gonna say that

Gokitalo (12:00:03 AM): … Masters of Evil?

spiffygy (12:00:21 AM): A supervillain team could be kinda awkward….but if they do the attack on the mansion story, thats not bad

spiffygy (12:00:39 AM): Ultron would seemingly be perfect for Avengers 2, with seeds planted in Ant Man

Gokitalo (12:00:48 AM): Ooh yes, Ultron would be a great choice

spiffygy (12:01:02 AM): Or, if Ant Man is first….then Ultron could be the choice in Avengers

Gokitalo (12:01:04 AM): Or an ARMY of Ultrons

spiffygy (12:01:11 AM): Talk about scary

spiffygy (12:01:26 AM): And Ultron could pave way for Vision

Gokitalo (12:01:29 AM): Truth!

Gokitalo (12:01:35 AM): That’d be so awesome

spiffygy (12:01:41 AM): And Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver at some point

spiffygy (12:01:54 AM): Hawkeye/Scarlet Witch/Quicksilver/Vision are the next four to be introduced if it ever gets that way

spiffygy (12:02:01 AM): And Hawkeye already has a movie optioned in his name

spiffygy (12:02:39 AM): I think it could be a good movie, especially since its a classic redemption story (bad guy goes good and all that)….although that pretty much dooms any chance of Green Arrow having a movie 😦

Gokitalo (12:02:48 AM): I know Hawkeye’s cool and all, but does he really need a movie?

Gokitalo (12:03:03 AM): And you could be right, although I did hear a rather unique take on a Green Arrow movie by David Goyer

spiffygy (12:03:18 AM): (share it with me later)

Gokitalo (12:03:24 AM): (done)

spiffygy (12:03:40 AM): Hawkeye is one of the coolest lesser Avengers and I think if done right, could be a breakout character

Gokitalo (12:03:53 AM): I almost think he should show up in Avengers 2 or something, though

Oversaturation and A.A.: After Avengers

spiffygy (12:04:14 AM): And honestly, the only argument against making these movies is flooding the market and oversaturating it.

spiffygy (12:04:15 AM): Other than that, I dont think theres any reason not to make a movie if they have a good script and the stones to stick with their vision

Gokitalo (12:04:32 AM): Well said

spiffygy (12:04:37 AM): Which could happen when you make movies for Hawkeye and Power Pack and Ant Man, sure

Gokitalo (12:04:44 AM): *sighs* Power Pack

spiffygy (12:04:47 AM): Power Pack is the only movie I cant get behind

Gokitalo (12:04:49 AM): They’d have to make that REALLY good

spiffygy (12:05:05 AM): They might be going PG/kiddie movie with that one, like the current series

spiffygy (12:05:13 AM): In which case that might actually be better, so I dont have to really care about it

spiffygy (12:05:23 AM): (and wouldnt regardless unless it stains Marvel U)

Gokitalo (12:05:29 AM): True. Unless it’s a really good PG movie

spiffygy (12:05:36 AM): Yeah

spiffygy (12:05:48 AM): Im really excited for the following though

spiffygy (12:05:54 AM): Nick Fury, Runaways, Black Panther and Dr. Strange

spiffygy (12:06:03 AM): And could get really excited for Hawkeye, Shang Chi and Cloak and Dagger

spiffygy (12:06:16 AM): Nick Fury is one of my favorite characters…and I just love how Sam Jackson is onboard

spiffygy (12:06:30 AM): I would love a Fury and howling commandoes movie…or some SHIELD/espionage movie

spiffygy (12:06:37 AM): Think Bourne/James Bond

Gokitalo (12:06:39 AM): Nick Fury could be all kinds of awesome

spiffygy (12:06:47 AM): Bourne/Bond/Iron Man

spiffygy (12:06:52 AM): Bourne/Bond/Iron Man/awesome

spiffygy (12:06:55 AM): 😉

spiffygy (12:07:18 AM): Any opinions on Runaways?

Gokitalo (12:07:28 AM): Um

spiffygy (12:07:30 AM): It’s probably really complicated to make and not look cheesy to the public

spiffygy (12:07:34 AM): But Vaughan is writing it

Gokitalo (12:07:43 AM): Ahh, now THAT has possibilities

spiffygy (12:07:50 AM): Exactly.

Gokitalo (12:07:58 AM): Who needs Power Pack if you’re doing Runaways, you know?

Gokitalo (12:08:02 AM): (maybe even vice versa)

spiffygy (12:08:01 AM): It might be hard to translate to the screen, but its one of the best titles I’ve ever read

Gokitalo (12:08:15 AM): I’ve liked what little I’ve read of it

spiffygy (12:08:47 AM): Power Pack really has no business of being a movie, but I could see Runaways work out, because it is epic and would appeal to the teen demographic if done right

Gokitalo (12:08:53 AM): Yeah

spiffygy (12:09:00 AM): Although, if Power Pack is a kids film, that does make sense, like we said

Gokitalo (12:09:26 AM): I could actually see it working…

spiffygy (12:09:34 AM): Are you as excited about Black Panther as I am?

spiffygy (12:09:50 AM): None of these are easy, and certainly not this one….but man, I just want to see Wakanda in theatres

Gokitalo (12:09:56 AM): That could be awesome

spiffygy (12:10:20 AM): I dont think he really has to tie in with anybody… kind of Blade only better

spiffygy (12:10:26 AM): And not with Snipes, even though hed love to do that

Gokitalo (12:10:47 AM): Dude, if his Black Panther is anything like his Blade in Blade Trinity

Gokitalo (12:10:48 AM): I’ll pass

spiffygy (12:10:54 AM): We all would

spiffygy (12:11:11 AM): But if Priest got involved with Black Panther, how sweet would it be/

spiffygy (12:11:16 AM): Anyways….Doctor Strange

Gokitalo (12:11:24 AM): VERY sweet. But yeah, Doc Strange

spiffygy (12:11:30 AM): Aside from having kind of a cliche origin….I love Strange

Gokitalo (12:11:44 AM): His origin is very “what goes around, comes around”

Gokitalo (12:11:51 AM): Which I think is what makes it work

spiffygy (12:11:54 AM): And just the whole climb to the mountains and learn from asian man thing

Gokitalo (12:12:03 AM): I love Strange too, but people struggle with him!

spiffygy (12:12:04 AM): Is exactly like about 100 movies/stories

spiffygy (12:12:19 AM): I think some Dormammu/Hell/Mephisto stuff could be really sweet

Gokitalo (12:12:24 AM): They’ll probably solve half their problems by not making him Sorceror Supreme by the end of Movie 1

spiffygy (12:12:25 AM): But yeah this is all speculation

spiffygy (12:12:35 AM): Yeah

spiffygy (12:12:38 AM): And Wong rules

spiffygy (12:12:55 AM): I think Gaiman should write Strange

Gokitalo (12:13:09 AM): Gaiman or even Vaughan

spiffygy (12:13:19 AM): Yeah, I heard “Oath” was awesome

Gokitalo (12:13:19 AM): Doctor Strange: The Oath was great

spiffygy (12:14:02 AM): Wes Craven signed on to direct a Strange movie in 1992 lol

Gokitalo (12:14:15 AM): It’s times like this I’m glad certain movies don’t get made

spiffygy (12:14:26 AM): Del Toro is said to be rumored to be involved with Gaiman writing

Gokitalo (12:14:41 AM): That could be sweet: Pan’s Labyrinth was pretty good

spiffygy (12:14:53 AM): Lastly, Shang-Chi has little risk. It can market a kung fu movie pretty easily

spiffygy (12:15:01 AM): But it just cant be Bulletproof Monk

Gokitalo (12:15:02 AM): And they probably can’t make his dad Fu Manchu

spiffygy (12:15:26 AM): It’s another questionable one, but it could definitely have cool action

spiffygy (12:15:32 AM): I’d rather see Iron Fist

Gokitalo (12:15:38 AM): Now that’d be sweet

spiffygy (12:15:40 AM): and Luke Cage

spiffygy (12:15:48 AM): A rated R Cage movie would be sweet

Gokitalo (12:16:06 AM): Ha, Bendis should write it

spiffygy (12:16:15 AM): And Pan’s Labrynth is not merely pretty good, its incredible



Wrapping Up:

Gokitalo (12:16:42 AM): So all in all

Gokitalo (12:16:47 AM): Marvel Studios: lots of possibilities, but can it deliver?

Gokitalo (12:17:07 AM): We think it could

spiffygy (12:17:17 AM): I think they have a great shot, and are calling all the right shots for the Avengers franchises. There other characters could backfire more easily

spiffygy (12:17:46 AM): But, I think the example Iron Man and Hulk proved that Marvel means business, and that they are a force in Hollywood

spiffygy (12:17:56 AM): Which should make all us fanboys happy, to see if the dream can be realized

Gokitalo (12:18:25 AM): Absolutely. Just when I thought Spider-Man 3 was the last of the big Marvel movies for a while, we get Iron Man and Hulk

spiffygy (12:18:39 AM): (and a crappy Punisher movie made by somebody else)

spiffygy(12:18:43 AM): And also, I have a very serious, important, giant announcement to make. You may have been wondering about David’s disappearance throughout the second half of this three-way conversation. Well, I’d like to announce that our very own David has thrown his hat in the ring to play….


CAPTAIN AMERICA in the upcoming Cap movie. Let’s welcome back the budding


MrStanza(12:19:19 AM): Stay in school and drink your milk, kids! *shines a

toothy grin*

spiffygy(12:19:43 AM): *David then sleeps with Sharon Carter and all her


MrStanza(12:19:54 AM): I love America, and so should you.****


****This scene was entirely fictitious. David was not there, and does not love America.






2 Responses to “The Warriors Three, Groins United: Marvel Movie Mania”

  1. gokitalo Says:

    That COMMIE

  2. spiffyithaca Says:

    Well so much for our second Warriors Three.

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