The Good Thing About Comics: Still Good, Even A Day Late. 7/2/08


Sorry about being a day late, but really, who cares? No one reads this blog anyways. Here’s my effort to change that. Check out the silly and serious recommendations for the first week of July. Jesus, summer is flying by.

DC Comics

Dark Knight Batarangs and Grappling Launcher Props: For a combined $325, you can have these props from the new movie, and take your shot at defending the streets. Be warned, it doesn’t come with common sense or any residual skills, but I’m sure people buying this have no use for those anyways.

Shirley: For 10 bucks, you can see what this simply titled comic/what have you, really is. I have no idea, frankly. A Shirley Temple graphic novel or a Shirley Temple doll/action figure? Honestly, if I get any responses to this piece of shit post, I want it to be the answer to WHAT THIS IS. Help me.

Water Baby: This is the same price as “Shirley”, and just as intriguing, if not moreso.

There’s really nothing exciting coming out for DC other than the next installment in “RIP” in Morrison’s Batman. Sorry Goki.

Image Comics

Walking Dead #50: This mature rated series is, quite possibly, on par with Y: The Last Man from what I’ve read. It’s a black and white zombie adventure story with a little Dawson’s Creek mixed in, and a lot of depression as well. It’s written by Robert Kirkman, who rules. If I thought I was as clever as our semi-handsome man, I’d say that I’m going to undergo “Project: Walking Dead” when I return to Ithaca and read my friends’ trades of this awesome title. Seriously folks, it’s THAT good.

Marvel Comics

Astonishing X-Men #25: I haven’t read the end of Whedon’s arc yet, but I went ahead and bought the first issue of Ellis and Bianchi’s run here. I’m not sure I’m a fan of Bianchi, but Ellis is quite good most of the time, and I love me some X-Men. This might be the lesser hyped of the X-Men issues this month, what with Uncanny X-Men #500 coming out, but I have a feeling that this title will continue to impress. That said, as usual, I have little to no information about the title to help you out in buying or skipping this title, but go to the store and check it out for yourselves. No one takes my advice anyways.

Patsy Walker Hellcat #1 (of 5): Written by Kathryn Immomen (Stuart’s wife/daughter?), I flipped through this book because I was stunned that our girl Patsy actually had a mini series. I know little of her character other than that she’s hot and maybe the most useless member of the Defenders (of course with a super group featuring Hulk, Silver Surfer and Dr. Strange, you need SOME firepower), but this looked semi interesting, and definitely something new female comicbook readers could enjoy. I liked the art, and there’s shopping/dresses and Tony Stark, which gets the little girl in me all wet just thinking about.

A variant for Marvel 1985 #1 came out today. If you haven’t bought this series yet, start by getting this variant or the original issue or both, if you’re one of those weird purists/collector who need every single cover.


A Super Erotic Anthology #84: I think that I have to have this title in my recommendations every single time it comes out no matter what. It’s AN EROTIC ANTHOLOGY, and HIGH ART, people, and $5 of fun. If you don’t have the internet (then you can’t read this, so I don’t know why I’m bothering with this sentence), a Playboy subscription or the love of real men/women, this comic is probably perfect for the horny bastards left that this shitty sentence applies too.

Boys #20: Unless this is a purely female oriented version of the Erotic Anthology or a subversive mag designed to spread pedophilia across the globe, this is quite simply one of the worst titled comics ever.

Fruits Basket GN Vol 20 (of 22): What stuns me about this is twofold: There’s twenty VOLUMES of a graphic novel called Fruits Basket…which doesn’t exactly make sense grammatically and that it’s the same great price as “Shirley” and “Water Baby” at $9.99.

Love The Way You Love #6: There’s a really great message here. If you have to change the way you love or make love, you’re not with the right man, woman or sex doll.

Prince of Tennis GN Vol 26: Another long running graphic novel about quite possibly the most athletic prince ever.

Pumpkin Scissors Gn Vol 3: I can’t make this shit up.

Stephen Colbert’s Tek Jansen #2 (of 5): Stephen Colbert has a comic?! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! He really is America. Prediction: He really is our president by 2020.

XXXholic GN Vol 12: This probably is for the same crowd as readers of the Erotic Anthology and Boys. Something tells me that people that go to XXX anonymous meetings don’t introduce themselves by saying “Hi, my name is Vivian, and I’m addicted to porn. Not, like regular porn, but like, porn in graphic novels. Like comics, you know? That really gets the juices flowing”, but the fact this is at Volume 12 might prove me wrong.

Thanks for sitting through that/skimming/skipping to the bottom. I’m sure you’re worse off for it. Spiffy bought Avengers/Invaders #3, Batman, Secret Invasion: Frontline and Astonishing X-Men.


7 Responses to “The Good Thing About Comics: Still Good, Even A Day Late. 7/2/08”

  1. davidry214 Says:

    I’l pretty sure your weekly Wednesday column is the best thing happening on this blog. Always makes me laugh. Sometimes even cry.

    Well, I had to take your challenge/plea, so I looked up Shirley and Water Baby. Took me a surprisingly long time to find them, but Shirley is a manga collection. I’m not even sure how you’d classify Water Baby, but here they are:

    Written and illustrated by Kaoru Mori
    Further exploring the world of maids in English society which she portrayed in EMMA, Kaoru Mori moves slightly forward in time—from Victorian to Edwardian England. When Miss Bennett gets too busy running the pub she inherited, she decides that she needs some help at home. She posts a notice for a maid and young Shirley Madison replies. Shirley can clean and cook as well as anyone – even if she’s only 13 years old! As readers have come to expect from creator Kaoru Mori, this one volume collection of short stories is filled with rich pe
    CMX | 200pg. | B&W | Softcover | $ 9.99 US | TEEN

    (And no, I didn’t accidently cut it off; the solit stops after “pe.” )

    Written by Ross Campbell; Art and Cover by Campbell
    Surfer Girl Brody just got her leg bitten off by a shark. What’s worse? Jake, her shark of an ex-boyfriend, is back and when it comes to Brody’s couch, he’s not budging. It’s up to Brody and her BFF Louisa to embark on the roadtrip from hell, narrowly escaping weird hitchhikers and shark-infested nightmares, to get Jake out of their lives forever. This time it’s personal!
    Two-time Eisner nominee Ross Campbell (Wet Moon, The Abandoned puts punk rock on paper with his brutally honest characters and perversely lush artwork.
    Minx | 176pg. | B&W | Softcover | $9.99 US

    Both sound superb. Thanks for drawing our eye to them.


    Fables #74: Obviously.

    Batman #678: Another RIP issue, and another chance to try to figure out where Morrison is going with all this.

    Astonishing X-Men #25: The new creative team arrived, and while I was sure I wouldn’t like it as much as Whedon, I still like me some X-Men, and of course Ellis has a substantial rep himself.


    Wondermark: Beards of Our Forefathers: I can’t grow a beard worth shit, so if this explains how Lincoln, Garfield, and most importantly, Chester A. Arthur (our greatest president) grew their facial hair, then it’s worth having.

    Secret Invasion:Front Line #1: Actually, I don’t feel bad at all about not buying this. I feel pretty confident that nothing major is going to happen (that won’t also be shown in the main miniseries), and that if it does, it’ll be with characters I care little to nothing about. If I’m terribly wrong, i suppose I may grab it next week.

    All-New Atom #25: If a book has “All-New” in the title, it’s just asking to get cancelled, and this book got what it asked for, I suppose.

    Brit #7: I assume this comic from Image is either about Hugh Grant or is a retrospective on the life of John Lennon. Those are the only Brits I’ve ever heard of.

    Cemeterians TP Vol. 1: My guess here is that this Indie is about a creepy but puritanically righteous cemetery landlord who has to fight off roving gangs of heroin addicts and animorphs, who try to harvest the bones of the dead to use in their satanic rituals in a post-apocalyptic world, all using only his shovel and trusty one-eyed cocker spaniel named Bisquik. If so, that sounds like the greatest comic book ever.

  2. spiffyithaca Says:

    They both sound terrible, but Campbell was nominated for an Eisner, so that’s nice. Thanks for solving the mystery, I forgot that I demanded results.

    And your Cemeterian prediction was the best thing, ever. You should write that, especially with Bisquik.

  3. davidry214 Says:

    Maybe Eisners don’t amount to squat after all. But I agree, Water Baby sounds like the winner out of those. Any time a solit actually says “BFF,” I’m in.

    Perhaps we’ll all should write stories for the blog or something. Not full-blown fanfic stuff, just a couple paragraphs each week at the bottom of rankings or soemthing, as part of an occassional running story gag, like Tek Jansen on Colbert.

  4. davidry214 Says:

    P.S. I’m totally going to buy/steal those batarangs and grappling launcher and take them to a midnight showing of Dark Knight so I can inflict some justice on any rowdy fanboys.

  5. spiffyithaca Says:

    Speaking of which…you down for a dual review of Dark Knight after it comes out? I’ll be at the midnight showing as well.

  6. davidry214 Says:

    I actually don’t know that I’ll be going to a midnight showing, and I dare say it’s unlikely even, though I’ll try to see it as soon as possible. You can do it without me.

  7. spiffyithaca Says:

    You suck.

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