Weekly Rankings for July 2nd, 2008


After a record week of comics, the first week of July was a lot less substantial, in terms of quality and quantity. I bought 4 comics this week, and the rankings follow.

4. Astonishing X-Men #25: Warren Ellis, Simone Bianchi. I actually think I liked this a lot more than David, but to be honest, this four comics were all very close in quality. Nothing blew it away, but Astonishing gets last for failing to make me care about the new X-Man “Armor” and for the inconsistent and sometimes awkward art of Simone Bianchi. I like her work, but her faces and bodies seem contorted often, and her artwork almost seems better suited for another medium than comics. Of course, this is just one issue, so I could be way off. That said, who knows if I’ll stick around. I liked the Cyclops/Emma Frost scenes, and it looks like Beast will continue to be a big focus here, and those are the positives. The addition of Storm and Armor does little to boost my interest in this Astonishing squad, and the relocation to San Francisco does even less. I am actually interested in the “creation” of mutants and all of that, but with my pull list growing astronomically by the week, I can’t afford to be patient on some of these.

And yes, a tie!

4. Secret Invasion: Front Line #1 (of 5): Brian Reed, Marco Castiello. I didn’t read the Frontline series for World War Hulk, but enjoyed it for the most part during Civil War. Ben Urich is one of the most underrated characters in comics, and I enjoy his presence a lot here, but he’s only 1/3rd of the focus here. This issue reads a lot like a disaster movie, with a few different tangent characters feeling the effects of the invasion of the Skrulls in New York. Reed makes it more epic than it’s felt in the actual mini series, but perhaps that’s because there are nobody with powers here. Castiello’s art is alternately detailed and then sometimes cartoony, but I actually really enjoyed his work for the most part, aside from making the doctor Urich is holed in the hospital with to look like a supermodel. This isn’t Grey’s Anatomy. I find it hard to care about the characters and stories we will be following in the months ahead: the angry New York taxi driver who had his taxi crushed by Spidey, the father and daughter stuck in Avengers tower and recovering from divorce and Urich and Doctor Young holed up in the hospital tending to the wounded. It’s nothing special, and I don’t think there’s enough here for me to keep reading.

2. Avengers/Invaders #3 (of 12): Jim Krueger, Alex Ross and Steve Sadowski. I kind of wanted NOT to like this issue, so I could forget about this mini series and move on, but this was the strongest issue to date. Sadowski’s art was its strongest of the series. The style is a lot different here than it was on JSA, which was stellar, but I’m now getting used to it. His scenes with the Namor from the past and the Namor of the present was the strong suit of the issue. There was also some great stuff with Jim Hammond encountering the androids on the SHIELD helicarrier, and retro Bucky kicked some ass. This issue kept me on the title for another month, and it looks like this is finally getting going.

1. Batman #678: This is probably the weakest #1 issue in awhile, and since this is the 2nd week in a row that Grant Morrison has topped my charts, I’m probably looking like David and Goki in terms of Morrison love, but that’s not the case. This was simply an issue that upped the ante on the huge RIP storyline, and as usual, Tony Daniel’s art was the highlight that propelled this title to the top of the rankings. There was some great stuff with Bruce and “Honor Jackson” and while I have no idea what the hell “Zur En Arrh” means and I’m sure this story is going to read better in trade, the ending and Robin/Nightwing interaction was enough to top the charts. But that’s not to say this is really a great issue, it’s just the best of a weak crop for this week.

Fucktastic Writer of the Week: Nobody, but if Morrison delivers the goods in the coming month, this issue will look a lot better in the future.

Fucktastic Artist of the Week: Tony Daniel, Batman.


2 Responses to “Weekly Rankings for July 2nd, 2008”

  1. davidry214 Says:

    I hope Avengers/Invaders ends up ruling, because I’d like for it to be worth me buying in trade. For me to ever know, though, i guess it better pick up quickly enough to keep you on.

    I think we probably had similar feelings on Batman, though you did seem to like Astonishing more than me. The bottom line (or a bottom line, really) for with that book though is that it would take a lot these days to get me to read a book with Storm. She just rubs me the wrong way. It’d still be worth it if the characters/story came across as immediately compelling as under Whedon, but like I said in my review, nothing about this interested me much at all.

  2. spiffyithaca Says:

    I think Avengers/Invaders will end up being good, but I don’t get the feeling that it’s going to force you to buy the trade. I will make my final judgment on the mini by issue 5.

    Yeah, I think I may try Legacy instead of Astonishing next month.

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