Don’t Go Today, Go Tomorrow: Comics for 7/10/08


How a 3 day weekend affects shipping on Wednesday in the year 2008 is beyond me, but whatever. I forgot about the holiday and went to the store to be rewarded with LAST WEEK’s comics. Don’t make the same stupid mistake I did. Go in tomorrow. Here’s the top stuff coming out.


Booster Gold #1,000,000: Seriously. The long awaited millionth issue of Booster Gold hits the stands today. I find it sad that I read the book and still have no idea why the numbers have changed, but it’s obviously a “future” issue, as Booster Gold is the best time traveling superhero of all-time. Seriously, Geoff Johns, Jeff Katz and Dan Jurgens are a great team on this book, and it’s one of, if not my favorite book that DC puts out (and I read so many!!). If you like comedy, time travel, and sarcastic robots, pick this up.

Image Comics

I Kill Giants #1 (of 7): Helluva thing to go on the resume. And quite the conversation starter. Example:

You: Hey.

Hottie: Hey.

You: I Kill Giants.

Hottie: ….

Prediction: This is a limited series and ends on issue 7, because by issue 7, the giants strike back. Do you really think their going to let some shit do damage to their rep? You ain’t got shit on giants. Nobody does.

Shark-Man #3: If you’re struggling with creating a new hero, just think of an animal or fish, and add a man or woman, and you get a series out of it. Just ask the writer of Shark-Man. Platypus-Woman, written by yours truly, is coming out in November, and I can’t wait.


Secret Invasion #4: It’s amazing this is already on 4, it seemed like it just started. This is a good thing and a bad thing: it’s been 4 months, yet not a helluva lot has happened since issue 1. But I expect Bendis and the awesome Yu to deliver this week.

Runaways HC: Dead End Kids: Following Vaughan’s orgasmic and critically acclaimed Runaways run, Whedon followed suit with a 6 issue run of his own that finished shortly. I haven’t heard a peep about it. Is it good? I’m betting it is: it’s one of my favorite books in the hands of one of the best X-writers of the decade.

Ultimate Origins #2: Hey, another Bendis book. #1 was one of my favorite issues of the week when it came out, and I can’t wait for this. The secrets to the Ultimate Universe are here, and they’re pencilled beautifully by Butch Guice.


Bad Kitty Vol 1: Catnipped: While I wish this was about Kitty Pryde, or about a house cat named Heathcliffe, it’s probably none of those things, and probably sucks. Prediction: The writer of Bad Kitty posts on this blog. Enlighten me!

Badger Saves The World: There’s no way this can be bad…unless it’s a clever promotional scheme by the Wisconsin school to get more students, those bastards.

Dead She Said #2: If I was more intelligent and witty, I’d write a cool little ditty that finishes with “Dead, She Said”, because that title sounds like it was born to rhyme.

Fiction Clemens #2 (of 3): This book’s plot must be: “What if Roger Clemens did steroids to trivialize the whole game of baseball for his own amusement”. Oh wait…Fact Clemens did that.

Harry Porker (One Shot): I may actually buy this if I find it. If it’s a mature title parodying Harry Potter, I’m totally in. If it’s as good as Barry Trotter, then hallelujah.

Omen Positive Issue: I guess all Omens are good things in this far too revealing title. I wonder if Omen Negative Issue comes out next week? Bwa-ha-ha!

Unwanted Graphic Novel: Have you seen the new comicbook based movie Wanted? Take out Angelina Jolie and replace with Rosie O’Donnell and there you have this very brave GN.

Very Very Sweet Vol 1: Titles like these set themselves up to fail pretty easily. It better be fucking sweet or some writer half as clever as I will lambast with a headline “Very Very Bittersweet”. I, however, will not resort to such petty wordplay.

BLAXPLOITATION CINEMA ESSENIAL REFERENCE GUIDE: This isn’t in caps for any reason other than I didn’t want to type it up. OR FOR THE FACT THAT ITS THE MUST HAVE OF THE WEEK! Everyone remembers the days when we exploited the unfortunate to make horrible movies. Thank god we don’t do that anymore. But remember the glory days with this $28 manual to Hollywood greed and racism.

We all know that was most painful, so feel free to carry on with your lives.

What I’m buying when I get to the store: Ultimate Origins, SI, Booster Gold, Green Arrow/Black Canary and maybe Final Crisis: Requiem, which I didn’t profile because I think DC is attempting to profit off of a shameless death, but I hope I’m wrong.


4 Responses to “Don’t Go Today, Go Tomorrow: Comics for 7/10/08”

  1. davidry214 Says:

    I too would like to know why a holiday still moves shipping back a day. My guess: the comic companies just use the holidays as an excuse to cover up previously scheduled Orgy Days.

    My first guess was that Harry Porker was a Simpsons Movie reference, but your inference is good too.


    Final Crisis: Requiem: Even though I had the same concerns as Spiffy, that DC is just trying to profit off an already pointless death, there was little chance I wouldn’t be buying this.

    Secret Invasion #4: practically every tie-in has sucked, but I have to admit, the mini-series itself has been consistently good so far. Is this the issue that will take it up another notch? Check back Saturday for my reviews.

    Justice Society of America #17: The first couple issues after I started back in on this title were underwhelming, but last month, #16 kicked ass (if I’d started doing my current system of reviews by then, it would have been in the “Best” category). This is a kind of storyline that feels like it could go either way with each issue, so while I have a good feeling that this is going to keep building toward even more goodness, I’m not sure I’m completely sold. Maybe after this issue I will be.

    Captain America: White #0: Would I have bought this issue if not for an argument with Spiffy regarding Jeph Loeb in general and this title specifically in the very soon to be released Preview Reviews: MarveL edition? I suppose it’s impossible to say. Defending Loeb and the chance this has to be good helped seal the deal, but I really think I would’ve at least tried the first issue no matter what.

    I Kill Giants #1: THAT’S RIGHT, I WENT THERE. I checked the blog this afternoon before heading to the shop, and I loved Spiff’s take on this. I don’t currently buy anything outside of the Big Two, and I think I’ve only ever bought two books not from DC or Marvel (Crossgen’s Brath and Image’s Micronauts, both of which were really good for a while). With all that in mind, I decided what the hell, if I see this at the store (my store doesn’t carry many Indies at all), I’ll take it as a sign and buy the thing. When I saw it was written by Joe Kelly, I almost changed my mind, but I stuck to my guns, and we’ll see how it turns out for me.


    Goon #26: I don’t know what this book from Dark Horse is actually about, but if it explores the world of the seemingly endless supply of henchmen that bad guys always have (which is waht the book is about in my mind), then that’s a cool idea.

    100 Bullets #93: Obviously I’m not going to buy a book that ends with #100 for the first time on issue #93, but I felt like mentioning this, because I’ve heard it’s been one of the top 3-5 Vertigo runs ever, which is no small praise. I’d love to try to read it all one day, but that’s very far down my lengthy list.

    Booster Gold #1,000,000: I almost bought this on a whim too, but I could only let Spiffy influence one of my buying choices, and I wanted to make damn sure it was I Kill Giants.

    Detective Comics #846: Apparently this is an RIP tie-in, but I’m content with rolling the dice and hoping I get everything I need to know in Batman. It’s a pretty good story so far, but nothing so special that I’m going to make sure I read everything to do with it.

    Lost Boys Reign of Frogs #3: I wanted to say something clever about frogs, but honestly, I’m not sure how I feel about frogs. I really have no clue whether I love or hate them, but I assume if it was either of those, I’d know.

    New York Four: Does this mean there’s four New Yorks? Do they all have two baseball teams with payrolls greater than $100 million who might not make the playoffs?

    Captain Stoneheart and the Truth Fairy HC: I really want to read this collection from Image. No, I don’t know what it’s about, but I hope you’ll all believe me when I tell you how sincerely intrigued I am.

    Amazing Spider-Girl #22: I miss the Fantastic Four some, Archangel quite a bit, and Black Panther a lot. But despite how much I used to love this book, I don’t really miss May.

    Nova #15: If Spiffy and I has discussed this in Preview Reviews before I went to the shop, I might have tried it. I hope someone out there did buy this and will tell us how it was.

    Bastard TP Vol. 17: 17 volumes for a book called Bastard. Yet Christopher Priest couldn’t get past 65 issue for Black Panther, with only two TPs. Oh well. Good for Bastard.

    Chumble Spuzz Vol.2: Pigeon Man and Death Sings the Blues: Sweet.

    Dog Style GN Vol. 2: In case you were thinking that maybe this manages to have a non-dirty meaning, it’s marked adult.

    Fart Party GN: From the creators of Bastard, no doubt.

    Magic Whistle TP Vol. 11: Body Armor for Your Dignity: God, I really do love some of these titles. And with exceptions like Bastard and Fart Party, I’m not even trying to make fun of them. The Big Two could learn a few things about naming from these Indies. Body Armor for Your Dignity? That’s a really awesome phrase.

    Tempest #6: Judging by Marvel’s evaluation that it’s super cool to make comics out of literary classics, I wouldn’t be surprised if this was actually an adaptation of William Shakespeare.

  2. spiffyithaca Says:

    Bwahaha I can’t believe I didn’t find Body Armor for Your Dignity, that has all kinds of meaning, and is brilliant.

    Same with Dog Style, Pigeon Man and Fart Party and especially Bastard, and I’m adding that title to my list of titles to get before I die, in at slot 1092. Damn good finds.

    Goon’s supposedly the best thing Dark Horse puts out, and I mean that in the highest praise possible. It’s super good.

    I can’t wait for your take on I Kill Giants especially, but I especially look forward to your thoughts on Requiem. I almost texted you after I read it. I feel like it’s going to be in the best category for ya.

  3. davidry214 Says:

    I’m going to find a way to use the phrase Body Armor for Your Dignity in my life

    Maybe I should have tried Goon then. I like the idea of reading one or two really great Indies (and I’m going to use Indies to refer to any no-big 2 company, because I’m lazy). I couldn’t let it get past that, because I’ll be buying too much soon with just Marvel and DC, but I wouldn’t mind reading one great book that hardly anyone knows about, like I had for a while with Brath (unfortunately, too few people knew about that, since the entire company went down, lol).

  4. spiffyithaca Says:

    We could always name our blog, Blog For Your Dignity. Although I think Blog of Life has potential.

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