Comic Recommendations For 7/23/08


I honestly completely forgot this column until this afternoon, and am just now getting to it. I’m sure it’ll be as dreadful as usual, but there’s some great stuff to check out this week, so read on.


Ambush Bug: Year None #1: This book, apparently featuring the most popular bug in comicdom, was probably judged unfairly by AA and I in our reviews. The “Year None” subtitle is pretty clever, since the “Year One” subtitle has been used so often of late on characters that have no use of it, including the upcoming Crime-inator Year One. That said, Ambush Bug?

Batman: Gotham After Midnight #3 (of 12): This was the only DC book I bought this week. Steve Niles and Kelley Jones make quite a team, and I’ve liked the first two issues, but am hoping for more in this week’s tale, but it has a lot of promise: the new villain “Midnight” is thorougly creepy and creepy looking, and we get a look at Batman’s rogues gallery (Scarecrow, Axe Man, Man-Bat and in this issue, Clayface and another big name). Hopefully people are giving this dark Batman book a shot, especially following the excellent film that some of you may have heard about.

Image Comics

War Heroes #1: This series, written by Mark Millar, who’s all over the place lately (in a good way) with art by Tony Harris (Ex Machina) looks promising. It’s basically about soldiers with powers in a war setting, and that’s all I got. I bought it on the reputation of Millar and Harris alone, and promised that I’d get it when I saw the ad for it in Kick-Ass last month. This is probably the best creative team of anything out this week that I can think of, and while that might be horse shit, it sounded like a good selling point. Buy it.

Scud The Disposable Assasin: The Whole Shebang HC: This is where I would usually make fun of this title. But instead, I will let you know that my friends at IC found random issues of this at a sale at our shop, and found it to be terrific. I haven’t read it, but apparently, it’s not a book that I can simply make fun of without any knowledge whatsoever of the real plot or the quality of the book. But I’m going to do that anyway here. Watch:

Scud sucks, and this book is probably disposable! And the only shebang I want is Goki’s mom.



Immortal Iron Fist #17: Following Brubaker, Matt Fraction and David Aja’s incredible run on IF is tough to do, but I’m going to give Duane Swierczynski and the aptly named Travel Foreman a shot.

Uncanny X-Men #500: Speaking of Brubaker and Fraction, here is possibly the biggest issue of the week. Fraction joins the title with this landmark issue for the X-Men, joined by artists’ Terry Dodson and Greg Land. They both draw beautiful women, and because that’s apparently all I care about, I’ll leave it at that. I’ve caught myself up through Messiah CompleX, so I’m very excited for this issue, and ready to get back into the X-Men saddle again, because what I’ve read from Brubaker and company in the X-titles has been quite good, and I expect more of the same here.


Apocalipstix Vol 1: I’d make fun of this, but that title is just too darn clever.

Blood Bowl #2 (of 5): I don’t even know how to approach this one, but the thought of a bowl of blood is mildly intriguing and terrifying. Prediction: Each issue has to do with a different blood type in said bowl o’ blood. Are there 5 blood types? If there are, I’m a genius.

Brainfag Forever GN: First off: this graphic novel is 9 bucks. That’s quite a deal. Second: It’s a sad state of human affairs when “fag” can be used in the title of a comicbook. Hopefully it’s the British version, which means a bundle of sticks or a cigarette, but for whatever reason, I don’t find that likely, but maybe I’m just a pussy.

I would also like to point out that The Boy Who Made Silence #5 is coming out this week. The creator of the book was one of the first posters besides Goki, AA and I to post, so you owe it to him to buy his book.

Dan Dare #7 (of 7) (Note Price): The real DD finishes its series this week, but this Dan is a sneaky bastard. That subtle “Note Price” is really a warning to bring more bills, because this issue is 5.99. A little greedy, are we, Dan? You couldn’t dare me to buy this title for that amount. Yeah, I wasn’t too optimistic for that one.

Dying of Thirst HC: Well, this sounds depressing. And fatal.

Gearz: It’s gears but with a z. Coolz.

Glamourpuss #2: The thing that amazes me most about this is that I didn’t see this when I was doing recommendations last month. If this book is anything like the glamazon herself, then you’re going to see some Jennifer Walters snatch, which hopefully isn’t dying of thirst, and yes, EW. But there isn’t anything more glamorous than a puss, and I’m glad this comic recognizes that.

Gravel #0, 1, 2, 3: Just like the real thing, there’s always so much fucking gravel. 4 issues in one week? Talk about flooding the streets with too much shit at once.

Hack Slash Annual Suicide Girls (MR): Thank god this is for mature readers. But man, this sounds hot.

How To Love HC: I’m still learning myself, and judging by the MR tag, maybe there’s diagrams or various positions or manuevers to study. I think anyone could appreciate that. If this is about “true love”, then it will be a step by step narrative of Joey and Pacey’s relationship on Dawson’s Creek. Or it will be one page saying in bold: LOVE IS FOR SUCKERS, BRAINFAG

Negative Burn #21: I can only assume that Negative Burn is the fallout from what happens when you attempt to burn (read: insult) and you yourself are the one that gets burned, or your attempt was so lame that you should be ashamed of yourself. So basically, this title re-enacts everything that I’ve said in today’s post.

Shmobots TP: Being a huge fan of adding “Sh” to the previous word said in a statement, I will not question this comicbook at all. And it’s for a tidy price of 14.99. Money, shmoney, as I always say. Goki is a particularly fun one to do: Goki, Shmoki

Tragic Tale of Turkey Boy: An American Love Story: Turkey Boy, Shmurkey Boy. This title is the epitome of today’s column. There’s a ton of pure comic gold to be had in these titles, gold that I can usually wield into funny or at least awkward silence, but doing this so late at night was a bad idea. I’m sore, tired and just not into it. So perhaps the true tragedy is that I could give a rat’s ass about Turkey Boy right now, because I’m going to go to sleep. Now THAT’s American.


Spiffy Bought: War Heroes, New Avengers, Batman: Gotham After Midnight, Iron Fist, Uncanny X-Men and Daredevil


2 Responses to “Comic Recommendations For 7/23/08”

  1. davidry214 Says:

    AA bought:
    Madame Xanadu
    Uncanny X-Men
    New Avengers

    Meant to buy X-Men Legacy, but it slipped past me. It’ll be with next week’s reviews.

  2. spiffyithaca Says:

    No what AA should have bought? I guess it was a late week…

    And I actually am gonna try out Legacy this week, in lieu of it being such a lame week in general.

    And Zanadu is cooler than Xanadu, so there.

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