A Night in The Life of The Warriors Three


And now, we have something really special. Here are uncensored excerpts from Three-Ways from days past. I like to think we’re hilarious. Click on for some chatroom gold. And hopefully, Goki and AA are okay with me sharing these, because it’s fairly incriminating.

MrStanza (12:11:23 AM) has entered the room.

Gokitalo (12:11:26 AM): AT LAST

spiffygy (12:11:27 AM): there we go!

MrStanza (12:11:36 AM): god you’re good

spiffygy (12:11:37 AM): Catch up David, Goki and I are at half mast!

MrStanza (12:11:47 AM): pshah

spiffygy (12:11:51 AM): And Im about to go from 6 to midnight

MrStanza (12:12:04 AM): I got to #3 on my 5 Comics list

spiffygy (12:12:07 AM): And fuck, you know what? Im gonna have a beer

Gokitalo (12:13:02 AM): Man, I should start that list

spiffygy (12:13:24 AM): Red Hook baby. Northwest beer

spiffygy (12:13:31 AM): Talk about your empty calories

MrStanza (12:13:33 AM): mine will be untoppable, so don’t even bother Goki

spiffygy (12:13:46 AM): Yeah, Ive decided Im going to pull a Joe Casey

spiffygy (12:13:57 AM): And just insult readers with my follow up

spiffygy (12:14:39 AM): Which means you two

Gokitalo (12:14:46 AM): BWAHAHA, that was brilliant, Spiff

MrStanza (12:14:55 AM): lol

spiffygy (12:14:56 AM): Oh it was better in my chat with David earlier

spiffygy (12:14:58 AM): I was bringing it back

Gokitalo (12:15:00 AM): I might actually put a Joe Casey thing on my list

Gokitalo (12:15:02 AM): It won’t be X-Men

spiffygy (12:15:13 AM): JLA?

spiffygy (12:15:21 AM): Because then you wouldnt have liked my joke

Gokitalo (12:15:24 AM): He did JLA? I thought that was Joe Kelly

spiffygy (12:15:26 AM): oh fuck

spiffygy (12:15:28 AM): it was

spiffygy (12:15:33 AM): damn, that sucks

MrStanza (12:15:41 AM): actually, you suck

spiffygy (12:15:41 AM): Wildcats or whatever it is then

Gokitalo (12:15:44 AM): I’m talking Wildcats Version 3.0

spiffygy (12:15:47 AM): YES

spiffygy (12:15:49 AM): I WIN

MrStanza (12:15:50 AM): figure out what the fuck you’re talking about spiffy

MrStanza (12:16:08 AM): then lick my assholt. It will please me (not really)

spiffygy (12:16:11 AM): Thats what you get for bringing it back

spiffygy (12:16:15 AM): Your assholt?

MrStanza (12:16:20 AM): it’s tasy

MrStanza (12:16:26 AM): you’d like it

spiffygy (12:16:34 AM): Does it come in strawberry?

MrStanza (12:16:45 AM): Oh yes. nothing like my asshole, which is quite bitter

spiffygy (12:17:04 AM): Well thats good. I hear your mom likes strawberry, so me and her will have a wonderful time licking your strawberry assholt



spiffygy (12:17:09 AM): NAILED IT



Gokitalo (12:17:12 AM): YES

spiffygy (12:17:30 AM): I live for Goki’s all caps “Yes”‘s

MrStanza (12:17:39 AM): lol

MrStanza (12:17:45 AM): you’re just on a roll tonight

spiffygy (12:18:15 AM): Red Skull is to cosmic cube as Andy is to “YES”

spiffygy (12:18:31 AM): ah fuck, my itunes just gave me a comedian on shuffle

Gokitalo (12:18:42 AM): ACK

spiffygy (12:19:02 AM): “You been to the Middle East? Not a tit job in the bunch…but they still find happiness”

spiffygy (12:19:05 AM): lol i guess

Gokitalo (12:19:25 AM): Yeah, as in Lot of Lame

Gokitalo (12:19:27 AM): OHHHHHHHH

Gokitalo (12:19:33 AM): … *sigh*

MrStanza (12:19:43 AM): YES

spiffygy (12:19:44 AM): Am I drunk or did that not make any sense?

spiffygy (12:19:49 AM): HAHAHAHAHAHAH

Gokitalo (12:19:50 AM): BOTH

spiffygy (12:20:17 AM): If anyone stumbled upon me in that past minute, theyd think im fucking weird. Its midnight, Im by myself and giggling and having a beer

spiffygy (12:20:30 AM): Ah, AIM, how I love thee

MrStanza (12:20:56 AM): lol

spiffygy (12:21:36 AM): And no way I get drunk tonight, even if i tried. Not enough in the fridge

spiffygy (12:21:44 AM): Although I still want to do that

spiffygy (12:21:48 AM): Hopefully Davids in

spiffygy (12:21:52 AM): We should do that for our July solits

Gokitalo (12:22:00 AM): I second the motion

MrStanza (12:22:22 AM): oh yeah, that would be fun

spiffygy (12:23:01 AM): Wed have to make sure we save the convo

spiffygy (12:24:54 AM): So Goki

spiffygy (12:25:02 AM): Did you read our onslaught of words on Indy?

Gokitalo (12:25:02 AM): Should I be there as a chaperone?

Gokitalo (12:25:08 AM): Doing it now!

spiffygy (12:25:10 AM): Oh and that might be best

spiffygy (12:25:27 AM): At least be in the chat for the whole time, whether you say something or not, so you can save it


spiffygy (12:25:43 AM): AND DO OUR WORK FOR YOU

spiffygy (12:25:44 AM): US

MrStanza (12:25:44 AM): well, don’t read too much of it if you haven’t seen the move

MrStanza (12:25:46 AM): *movie

MrStanza (12:26:05 AM): because I chalked my part way too full of spoilers

spiffygy (12:26:07 AM): And wow, I love the caps with Goki today

spiffygy (12:26:19 AM): I apologize

spiffygy (12:27:01 AM): I think I killed Goki again

Gokitalo (12:27:10 AM): I’m knee-deep in Indy!

spiffygy (12:27:27 AM): Wow, super gay

MrStanza (12:27:32 AM): have you watched the movie though?

spiffygy (12:27:37 AM): Goki loves spoilers

Gokitalo (12:27:42 AM): Isn’t that how we always roll, Spiff?

Gokitalo (12:27:43 AM): LIES

Gokitalo (12:27:44 AM): And not yet

spiffygy (12:27:46 AM): And yes, i loved it

Gokitalo (12:28:47 AM): ” He still wears the hat to perfection, he still uses the bullwhip, and he still has the greatest grin in cinema.”

Gokitalo (12:28:49 AM): I never thought of it

Gokitalo (12:28:52 AM): But it is kind of true

spiffygy (12:29:18 AM): It is pretty fantastic, and even moreso, because he rarely flashes it except in Indy

MrStanza (12:29:29 AM): that cockeyed half grin gets me every time

spiffygy (12:29:35 AM): Although Karen Allen’s grin gets me worse

MrStanza (12:29:38 AM): moreso as Han, but as Indy too

spiffygy (12:29:45 AM): true as Han too

spiffygy (12:29:51 AM): YES! Jessie’s Girl on Itunes!

Gokitalo (12:30:05 AM): Han’s smile gives you a warm feeling inside. Karen’s gives you a warm feeling inside your pants

spiffygy (12:30:18 AM): Naw, it warms me all over

spiffygy (12:30:26 AM): I think I have a boy crush on her

spiffygy (12:30:30 AM): Even though shes 60

MrStanza (12:30:55 AM): and I thought I was the one who was in to older chicks

spiffygy (12:31:07 AM): oh god, LOL

spiffygy (12:31:13 AM): never should have brought that up again

MrStanza (12:31:19 AM): lol, probably not

MrStanza (12:31:24 AM): OH

spiffygy (12:31:25 AM): Does Goki know the story?

MrStanza (12:31:47 AM): No, but I’ll tell an abbreviated version, then you have to hear the new part

spiffygy (12:31:55 AM): Excellent

MrStanza (12:32:20 AM): basically, I was in St. Louis with four of my closest friends celebrating one of their birthday over Spring break

MrStanza (12:32:41 AM): and we were at my friend’s uncle’s bar, where we met and drank with a middle aged woman

MrStanza (12:32:56 AM): who said she’d try to get her hot young friend to come meet us

MrStanza (12:33:16 AM): Well, the friend couldn’t come, and I was already wasted, so I went for this chick

MrStanza (12:33:24 AM): and made out with her in the middle of the bar

MrStanza (12:33:37 AM): She was 45 and a mother of two going through a nasty divorce

spiffygy (12:33:38 AM): (chick seems to be stretching it)

MrStanza (12:33:49 AM): yeah, it probably is

Gokitalo (12:33:52 AM): Wow

spiffygy (12:33:57 AM): oh man im laughing out loud AGAIN

spiffygy (12:33:58 AM): so great

Gokitalo (12:34:06 AM): I agree

MrStanza (12:34:06 AM): well, the new part

spiffygy (12:34:06 AM): and its great, because i wouldve done the same thing, im sure

MrStanza (12:34:28 AM): My friend calls him two days ago, said that he’d been talking with his uncle

MrStanza (12:34:38 AM): who apparently ran into this woman’s sister

spiffygy (12:34:47 AM): Shes not pregnant is she?

MrStanza (12:34:53 AM): lol, no

MrStanza (12:34:56 AM): never got that far

MrStanza (12:35:11 AM): but he made some comment about this woman being kinda weird/crazy

MrStanza (12:35:27 AM): to which the sister replied, “Well, she is.”

spiffygy (12:35:35 AM): NO

Gokitalo (12:35:39 AM): ROFL

MrStanza (12:35:42 AM): Turns out, the woman is mental

spiffygy (12:35:45 AM): HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

Gokitalo (12:35:49 AM): That is GOLD

spiffygy (12:35:54 AM): oh god

MrStanza (12:35:55 AM): and she’s fine when on meds, but frequently goes off them

spiffygy (12:36:07 AM): This story goes at the beginning of our July solits

MrStanza (12:36:14 AM): including, most likely during my ngiht with  her

MrStanza (12:36:16 AM): so yeah

spiffygy (12:36:16 AM): Or at the beginning of something notable

MrStanza (12:36:25 AM): probably the best story of my life

spiffygy (12:36:29 AM): Wow yeah

spiffygy (12:36:33 AM): Not sure how it reflects on you

spiffygy (12:36:38 AM): But I think it was definitely worth it

spiffygy (12:36:50 AM): INCREDIBLE

spiffygy (12:37:01 AM): Oh and Goki

spiffygy (12:37:05 AM): Give AA a little sugar

Gokitalo (12:37:18 AM): But I was saving it for you…!

MrStanza (12:37:26 AM): come on Goki, I earned a fudo

Gokitalo (12:37:33 AM): You’re right

Gokitalo (12:37:35 AM): One

Gokitalo (12:37:35 AM): Two

Gokitalo (12:37:36 AM): Three


Gokitalo (12:37:40 AM): FUDO


MrStanza (12:37:44 AM): thank you

spiffygy (12:37:46 AM): hurrah

spiffygy (12:37:56 AM): Although I was talking about “YES”

Gokitalo (12:38:01 AM): Also


Gokitalo (12:38:07 AM): YES


spiffygy (12:38:10 AM): Ooh

spiffygy (12:38:19 AM): Man, am I the only who just came?

MrStanza (12:38:38 AM): lol

MrStanza (12:38:39 AM): no

MrStanza (12:38:43 AM): youre not

spiffygy (12:38:47 AM): And oh, Karen Allen is 56

Gokitalo (12:38:48 AM): You kidding? Third time this month I have to wash the computer screen

spiffygy (12:38:58 AM): Third time this conversation more like it

MrStanza (12:39:01 AM): wow, that’s impressive

Gokitalo (12:39:01 AM): Truth

spiffygy (12:39:09 AM): This calls for….

spiffygy (12:39:12 AM): A 2nd BEER!

Gokitalo (12:39:57 AM): Bring forth the mead!

spiffygy (12:40:05 AM): thats practically what this is

spiffygy (12:40:38 AM): Dude Karen’s father was an FBI agent

MrStanza (12:40:53 AM): nice

spiffygy (12:41:15 AM): I’d let him spy me giving her the ole 1-2



spiffygy (12:41:21 AM):





MrStanza (12:41:48 AM): wow

Gokitalo (12:41:51 AM): Oh, now you’re just asking for it

Gokitalo (12:42:06 AM):





spiffygy (12:42:18 AM): YES



spiffygy (12:42:28 AM): I didnt even mean for that to be a bigger font!

spiffygy (12:42:30 AM): FATE

Gokitalo (12:42:38 AM): Y… Affirmative!

spiffygy (12:42:54 AM): http://www.imdb.com/media/rm521508352/nm0000261

Gokitalo (12:43:11 AM): I love the part where you guys start speculating on Ford and Allen’s sex lives

spiffygy (12:43:26 AM): Yeah that was really the only part where we got any sort of humor in there

spiffygy (12:43:37 AM): Much like how Ford got in her vagina



spiffygy (12:43:46 AM): VAGINA



spiffygy (12:43:52 AM): Too much?



Gokitalo (12:44:05 AM): RAID TO THE VAYJAY



Gokitalo (12:44:09 AM): Naaaaaaah

Gokitalo (12:44:22 AM): And I guess it’s “of,” but “to” sounded better

spiffygy (12:44:31 AM): It kind of confused me

spiffygy (12:44:37 AM): I can only raid a vayjay

spiffygy (12:44:40 AM): Raid to one?

spiffygy (12:44:53 AM): I guess if you were in a pool of vayjays and you were raiding TOWARD a particular one

spiffygy (12:45:28 AM): Oh, btw, I read Nightside #1 again, and yeah it is pretty good. It missed the “sell pile”

Gokitalo (12:45:58 AM): Nice. What didn’t miss the sell pile?

spiffygy (12:46:11 AM): Casey—Kelly’s JLA

spiffygy (12:46:21 AM): Miscellaneous issues that wont net me shit

spiffygy (12:46:27 AM): But I might as well group them together

spiffygy (12:46:31 AM): A lot of Uncanny X-Men

spiffygy (12:46:37 AM): from 401 on

Gokitalo (12:46:45 AM): I’d actually keep Casey’s last three issues

Gokitalo (12:46:53 AM): Because that’s when things started getting better

spiffygy (12:47:02 AM): Well I dont really care that much lol

spiffygy (12:47:11 AM): And Id be more likely to sell a bigger run

Gokitalo (12:47:25 AM): Ditching Kelly’s JLA is good move

spiffygy (12:47:26 AM): And of course Id be selling Marville #1, BIG TICKET

Gokitalo (12:47:31 AM): BAHAHA

spiffygy (12:47:36 AM): Bloodstone, Avengers: Celestial Quest

Gokitalo (12:47:45 AM): I remember the second one!

spiffygy (12:47:57 AM): Geoff Johns mini series: Morlocks, Vision and Thing. All good, but meh

Gokitalo (12:48:03 AM): Oh wow

Gokitalo (12:48:11 AM): His DC stuff was probably better, anyway

spiffygy (12:48:20 AM): I like how Johns owns DC but he did weird Marvel mini series for awhile

spiffygy (12:48:33 AM): And oh shit

spiffygy (12:48:39 AM): I found this Cyclops mini series

spiffygy (12:48:41 AM): From way back

spiffygy (12:48:47 AM): Written by Brian K Vaughan

Gokitalo (12:48:47 AM): OH YEAH

Gokitalo (12:48:47 AM): I remember

MrStanza (12:48:57 AM): never read it

Gokitalo (12:48:59 AM): Before he became THE Brian K Vaughan

spiffygy (12:49:03 AM): I wonder if that was his first foray into comics

Gokitalo (12:49:05 AM): I read some of it on the Internet

spiffygy (12:49:11 AM): Well….if you want it….

Gokitalo (12:49:11 AM): Nah, he was around a long time before that

spiffygy (12:49:14 AM): BID on ebay

spiffygy (12:49:22 AM): oh really? how long has he been around?

spiffygy (12:49:25 AM): he seems like a young guy?

spiffygy (12:49:50 AM): and Gambit & Bishop im selling

spiffygy (12:49:56 AM): I had poor taste

Gokitalo (12:50:21 AM): I think he’s 30-something

Gokitalo (12:50:29 AM): And dude, Gambit & Bishop?

spiffygy (12:50:44 AM): Or was it good? I dont remember

Gokitalo (12:50:47 AM): I wasn’t buying very good stuff back then either, so I don’t blame you

Gokitalo (12:50:50 AM): Oh no dude

Gokitalo (12:50:52 AM): No no no

spiffygy (12:50:56 AM): lol

spiffygy (12:50:59 AM): three no’s?

spiffygy (12:51:00 AM): jeez

Gokitalo (12:51:03 AM): Sell it

Gokitalo (12:51:08 AM): You won’t regret it

spiffygy (12:51:18 AM): Well, if I actually get on doing that

spiffygy (12:51:28 AM): I dont really feel like setting up an ebay account and scanning covers and all that

spiffygy (12:51:52 AM): Vaughan’s 32

spiffygy (12:52:15 AM): First credit was Cable #43 in 1997

Gokitalo (12:52:35 AM): Of all things to get your start in

MrStanza (12:52:49 AM): Cable was a good series

spiffygy (12:52:58 AM): Although it also says “Ka-Zar Annual ’97” was his first Marvel work, so one of them is wrong

spiffygy (12:53:19 AM): He wrote that Chamber mini series too…I might have gotten some of that

Gokitalo (12:53:27 AM): I remember that too

spiffygy (12:54:05 AM): I have all his Runaways and Hood, some of his Ultimate X-Men (which if I remember correctly, is my least favorite of his work)

spiffygy (12:54:09 AM): And a shit load of Y

MrStanza (12:54:27 AM): I didn’t care much for Hood

spiffygy (12:54:32 AM): Dick

spiffygy (12:54:44 AM): Did you read the issues of New Avengers when he showed up?! It was sweet

Gokitalo (12:54:45 AM): I was actually about to say that’s the first negative thing I’ve heard about it

Gokitalo (12:54:51 AM): The Hood mini, that is

MrStanza (12:54:54 AM): no, I did not

spiffygy (12:55:23 AM): It was sweet. He was running some supervillain ring….and Wolverine fought him

spiffygy (12:55:42 AM): Like it was just weird to see him pop up YEARS after his mini series, and I dont think he had been seen since then

Gokitalo (12:55:50 AM): He was in Beyond

spiffygy (12:56:00 AM): Doesnt ring a bell

Gokitalo (12:56:12 AM): The four-issue miniseries by Dwayne McDuffie

Gokitalo (12:56:22 AM): Kind of Secret Wars 2.5

spiffygy (12:56:32 AM): God, how boring

spiffygy (12:57:06 AM): I feel like Vaughan’s just like Yorick

Gokitalo (12:57:35 AM): I’m sure at least some of Vaughan’s in there

spiffygy (12:57:49 AM): Well yeah, not just like him

spiffygy (12:58:06 AM): This will piss off you AA

spiffygy (12:58:27 AM): Guess whos rumored to play Yorick in the movie…that is apparently in production and filming this year (doubt it, but thats what wiki says)

MrStanza (12:58:40 AM): no clue, who?

spiffygy (12:58:48 AM): LeBeouf

MrStanza (12:58:51 AM): huh

Gokitalo (12:58:57 AM): Eep

spiffygy (12:58:57 AM): He actually might be able to do it

spiffygy (12:59:01 AM): But still

MrStanza (12:59:07 AM): well, I hardly have anything against LeBeouff

MrStanza (12:59:17 AM): but it doesn’t quite seem like a natural fit

Gokitalo (12:59:23 AM): I liked him in Even Stevens, but I agree with Spiff

spiffygy (12:59:25 AM): its apparently being made by the same guys as Disturbia, which explains the connection

MrStanza (12:59:29 AM): ah

spiffygy (12:59:38 AM): Disturbia was actually sweet

spiffygy (12:59:50 AM): But eh. Id like an unknown

spiffygy (1:00:44 AM): that would separate the movie from I Am Legend, because its not like ” big movie star is only man to survive”

spiffygy (1:01:51 AM): Did you hear abou the Ex Machina movie news Goki?

spiffygy (1:01:55 AM): I guess its happening

spiffygy (1:02:37 AM): And shit, apparently less than a week okay Marvel Studios decided to bring Runaways to the big screen

spiffygy (1:02:43 AM): ago not okay*

Gokitalo (1:03:06 AM): I heard about Ex Machina yeeears ago

spiffygy (1:03:21 AM): And vaughan’s writing the runaways script!

spiffygy (1:03:27 AM): I love it

spiffygy (1:03:39 AM): He went to film school, but only through comics did he find his way into films

spiffygy (1:03:45 AM): And TV, with LOST

spiffygy (1:04:43 AM): Who wants to write a screenplay?

spiffygy (1:04:45 AM): Lets do it

MrStanza (1:05:19 AM): I’m writing a series of plays

MrStanza (1:05:37 AM): but film screenplays are too cliched. everyone writes one

spiffygy (1:05:53 AM): Write a play of the Last Man

spiffygy (1:06:11 AM): You have told me this….did you tell me what they were about?

spiffygy (1:06:21 AM): Either way….what are they about?

MrStanza (1:06:33 AM): eh, it’s not serious actually

spiffygy (1:06:51 AM): (And I hope you find it cliche when I take a shit on your doorstep after I write a successful screenplay)

MrStanza (1:07:03 AM): it’s just plays about the group of guys I’m living with

MrStanza (1:07:17 AM): that’ll be really funny to us and our friends

MrStanza (1:07:22 AM): and unbearable to anyone else

spiffygy (1:07:22 AM): oh okay

Gokitalo (1:07:33 AM): I commented on both posts

spiffygy (1:07:47 AM): I cant believe you complimented Gene Simmons’ zipper

spiffygy (1:08:09 AM): Oh man, this mix is really getting going

spiffygy (1:08:15 AM): (Jukebox Hero baby)

Gokitalo (1:08:34 AM): I just hear people really got into Gene Simmons’ zipper

spiffygy (1:10:05 AM): Lame.

Gokitalo (1:10:39 AM): Hey, just because you can’t get into it

spiffygy (1:10:54 AM): Im sure if I tried, I could

spiffygy (1:11:04 AM): Ive got eyes for only one Simmons

spiffygy (1:11:09 AM): (YES MIA PAPER PLANES)

Gokitalo (1:12:00 AM): Either the beer’s taking effect or that completely flew over my head

Gokitalo (1:12:06 AM): Probably both

spiffygy (1:12:15 AM): Richard Simmons

spiffygy (1:12:26 AM): *shivers*

spiffygy (1:13:09 AM): Man, this convo has died down a little

spiffygy (1:13:23 AM): Probably because its 3-4 over there

MrStanza (1:13:31 AM): sorry

Gokitalo (1:13:31 AM): Ditto

MrStanza (1:13:41 AM): I’m trying to finish up my huge post

MrStanza (1:13:54 AM): so you guys have to stay up long enough to read that

MrStanza (1:13:58 AM): (10 mins)

spiffygy (1:14:15 AM): damn

spiffygy (1:14:17 AM): i will

Gokitalo (1:14:22 AM): I will

Gokitalo (1:14:22 AM): try

spiffygy (1:14:24 AM): the beer is putting me to sleep

Gokitalo (1:14:32 AM): My eyes are putting me to sleep

Gokitalo (1:14:38 AM): Oh wait, I have to send an email

spiffygy (1:14:39 AM): your eyes dont do that silly

Gokitalo (1:14:40 AM): That’ll keep me up

Gokitalo (1:14:55 AM): Bah!

spiffygy (1:15:00 AM): Okay give me three guesses to who that email is too

Gokitalo (1:15:24 AM): Okay, go

spiffygy (1:15:30 AM): 1. A family member 2. Someone who frequents the Princess Bar 3. A professor from your school

Gokitalo (1:15:35 AM): WRONG

spiffygy (1:15:38 AM): Damn

spiffygy (1:15:47 AM): One of the friends you went to Iron Man with?

spiffygy (1:16:02 AM): Mal?

spiffygy (1:16:18 AM): Your imaginary friend named Exodus?

spiffygy (1:16:34 AM): A sock bunny named Phillip?

spiffygy (1:16:40 AM): I could go all day buddy, so give me a name

spiffygy (1:16:44 AM): night*

spiffygy (1:16:50 AM): David Bowie?

spiffygy (1:16:59 AM): Jennifer Aniston?

spiffygy (1:17:09 AM): Is it someone from your college?

spiffygy (1:17:28 AM): Is it someone related to Babe Ruth (he was born in Baltimore)?

spiffygy (1:17:46 AM): Is it someone that has something to do with comics?

spiffygy (1:17:59 AM): Wait, Ive got it

spiffygy (1:18:04 AM): ITS NPH



spiffygy (1:18:10 AM): NEIL PATRICK HARRIS




An Aside To David


spiffygy (11:32:46 PM): wow goki sucks: Gokitalo (11:32:34 PM): Saw Iron Man today

MrStanza (11:33:10 PM): lol, little late

MrStanza (11:33:17 PM): though maybe that’s just goki

spiffygy (11:33:39 PM): Ask the ladies


A Goodnight To David and Goki


MrStanza (1:45:59 AM): I’m tired too

MrStanza (1:46:08 AM): and I have to be up in less than five hours

spiffygy (1:46:31 AM): wow

spiffygy (1:46:38 AM): youre the real loser then

spiffygy (1:46:45 AM):

MrStanza (1:46:47 AM): yeah, I’ll nap heavily later though

spiffygy (1:46:53 AM): before you sign off

MrStanza (1:47:01 AM): yes?

spiffygy (1:47:01 AM): spiffygy (1:46:21 AM): Goodnight Tomas “I See Nerd Movies So Late Because I’m Afraid of Being a True Nerd” Gokitalo 
Gokitalo (1:46:43 AM): He knows my name!!

spiffygy (1:47:08 AM): That is all

MrStanza (1:47:11 AM): lol

spiffygy (1:47:12 AM): Good night…friend

MrStanza (1:47:26 AM): that was sweet

spiffygy (1:47:35 AM): lol

MrStanza (1:47:35 AM): good night yourself…billy

spiffygy (1:47:41 AM): BAStARD

MrStanza (1:47:45 AM): (have nothing at 4 am, sorry)

spiffygy (1:47:51 AM): neither does your mom

spiffygy (1:47:57 AM): trust me, ive tried

MrStanza (1:48:05 AM): you’re as sharp as I wish I’d been 2 hours ago

MrStanza (1:48:07 AM): night


Until next time…



One Response to “A Night in The Life of The Warriors Three”

  1. gokitalo Says:

    David’s story is still the best thing ever.

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