The End of July: Not Built for Comics, 7/30/08 Recommendations


Very light week of comics, so I didn’t get to this until tonight, because it really doesn’t change a lot. Although, who are we kidding? Me doing this early or late matters very little, because only 2 people at most will read this.


Previews Adult Vol XVIII #8: So apparently, there’s an ENTIRE book of previews of adult materials. That explains a lot of these titles. There’s so fucking many of them.

Dark Horse

Robots & Donuts: For $25, you can own the best combo in history.

Style School Vol 2: While I’m writing this, I’m watching Say Anything, and clearly, John Cusack did not take Style School. He’s one awkward motherfucker. You know who has gone to style school? Neil Patrick Harris.

Uncle Creepy Statue: Who wants to own somebody called “Uncle Creepy”? Well, I’ll admit, it might wake me up in the morning to have Uncle Creepster watching over me, but $150? Who is Dark Horse kidding with this shit?


Un-Men #12: There’s really nothing to spotlight this week in DC (Green Lantern blows), so I’m going to go with a title that David can attest to (because he’s not a MAN, bwa-ha-ha!). That’s all I got.


Black Panther #39: Jason Aaron takes over for the obligatory Secret Invasion tie-in, where a Wakandans/Skrull fight will break loose. I was going to get this book based solely on the cover, where T’Challa is holding a Skrull head, but it didn’t make it to my store this week. Alas. Hopefully someone else got it, because it’s definitely the cover of the week.

Fantastic Four: True Story: I have no interest in this mini series. True story.

Wolverine #67: The second part of Millar and McNiven’s future Wolverine saga is finally here. The first issue was a great opener, and I can’t wait for more Wolvy and blind Hawkeye action.


Age of Insects: Not Human: Most useless subtitle ever. Insects aren’t human? Since when?

Babysitter GN: At first, I thought this was a naughty graphic novel, but there’s no MR tag here. So it’s really a warm hearted story about a babysitter who loves the children she cares for, starring Julia Roberts. Ugh.

Comic Book Comics #2: BEST TITLE EVER. We now have a new name for blog: COMIC BOOK BLOG

Girl Genius GN: Talk about an oxymoron. Bwa-ha-ha! (we’re never going to get female readers)

Mumbai Macguffin: My only guess is that this is the Indian version of Scruff McGruff of Chicago Illinois. Indians have dogs too.


I Voted for Ninjas

I Voted for Pirates: I have no idea what these t-shirts mean. Gross.


3 Responses to “The End of July: Not Built for Comics, 7/30/08 Recommendations”

  1. davidry214 Says:

    When I saw Robots and Donuts on this list, for some reason, I immediately thoguht of Baldrick, even though he was obsessed with bagels, not donuts, and I don’t recall robots playing any role for him, ever. But still, it was nice to have Baldrick pop into my mind.

    I don’t know what the t-shirts mean either, but I think I would vote for Ninjas. Sure, the first Pirates of the Caribbean rocked, but it was a downhill trip from there. Ninjas are such shifty bastards, they never go downhill, unless it’s to slit the throat of a pirate standing down there. Yeah, I Voted for Ninjas.

  2. spiffyithaca Says:

    I’d put both t-shirts together and create Vote for Pinjas

    And Baldrick was a complete take off of a sweet British show called Black Adder starring Rowan Atkinson. I changed him somewhat, but the idea of him came from there (the name too).

  3. davidry214 Says:

    It makes me very sad that you got your Baldrick inspiration elsewhere, since I always thought of him as solely your creation. I feel kinda jaded now, frankly.

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