AA’s Judgment: Comics of 7/30/08


As with Spiffy, this was a tiny week for me, but it was a week of quality over quantity. Next week looks small too, so maybe I should be using this to experiment with more weird titles. But for now, here’s what I thought of the two books I bought this week. Both were written by Geoff Johns; try to guess who writer of the week will be.


Green Lantern #33 (Writer: Geoff Johns. Artist: Ivan Reis.)

My first thought after finishing this issue was, “Finally.” This was Part 5 of the 6-part story, “Secret Origin,” which has retold the origin story of Hal Jordan, adding some new touches or tweaks to fit Johns’ plans. The first four installments were all enjoyable and well-written, but they seemed pointless. We get it: Johns wants to put his stories into greater context, in particular giving the upcoming Blackest Night a deeper history, but did we need Hal’s full origin? Is there a comic fan alive that doesn’t pretty much know it already? He could’ve done that and fit those four issues into two, three at most. But the stories were OK, and with this issue, he makes it all very worth the readers’ while. Finally, the stakes are raised, the action is exciting, and the cliffhanger for the conclusion is extremely promising. It was an exciting and fun read that has me excited about this title again. Ivan Reis’ art continues to impress.



There were only two comics this week, and since I liked them both, I happily have no “Worst” section this week.



Justice Society of America Annual #1 (Writer: Geoff Johns. Artist: Jerry Ordway.)

While Johns’ other book this week may have been a little better, this one arguably accomplished a more impressive feat: it made me care about Power Girl. Not a lot, mind you, but considering the Annual was solely about her and I enjoyed it anyway, that’s still something. I’ve just never cared for her. I get it, she has a huge rack and a costume that shows it off, but aside from the ability of artists to draw breasts beyond logical proportions, what is her appeal, really? It’s not her powers: she flies, has some invulnerability and super strength; well, so do about 60% of comic characters. Her personality never quite clicked for me either, with its uncomfortable, awkward meshing of brazen arrogance and odd insecurity stemming from her confusing origin. But in the annual, she’s suddenly back in Earth 2, confronting a past she’d nearly forgotten while worrying about his present teammates, who are still in conflict the the godlike Mog in the main book. It’s an interesting look at a world left in near limbo, and a character forcefully jolted into her distant past. I enjoy it, especially with Jerry Ordway, who may fairly deserve the “comics legend” tag, supplying the art. It’d been a while, so it was good to see him again. I will say, however, that the last few pages seemed quite weak; the sudden twists were bizarre and completely inconsistent with the tone of the rest of the book. But eh, it still has some potentially interesting implications. Nicely done.


Writer of the Week: Well, it’s Johns, but not by much. Joe Kelley almost snuck in there as well, since putting no material out was his strongest effort to date.

Artist of the Week: This, however, is a toughie. I could just give it to both, but that’s quite a cop out when there’s only two books. Honestly, I’m going to have to give a slight edge to Reis, though I feel bad about it. Ordway had a couple panels that were just slightly off.

Line of the Week: Well, I don’t have the boks with me, so I have no quote. But it probably would’ve been soemthign Sinestro said.


2 Responses to “AA’s Judgment: Comics of 7/30/08”

  1. spiffyithaca Says:

    Thanks for upstaging me this week, ass.

    Green Lantern’s issue sounds pretty cool and I’m actually interested in it. If I had a little bit more interest and if I’d get any of it, I’d consider buying Blackest Night. I know so little about GL it’s sad, but Hal Jordan is my favorite (with Guy).

    And I can’t afford to give a shit about JSA, even though I was probably to quick to drop it. I’m glad you kept reading it.

  2. gokitalo Says:

    BWAHAHAHA, that Joe Kelly comment was cruel, but hilarious. But did you mean him or Joe Casey?

    Glad to see the “Secret Origins” story is going somewhere, although I have a fondness for the way Gerard Jones et al told Hal’s origin back in Emerald Dawn and especially Emerald Dawn II.

    As for Power Girl, Geoff Johns got me to care about her in JSA Classified #1-3 (a.k.a. JSA Classified: Power Girl), so I’m not surprised he’s been able to do the same for you in the annual.

    P.S. I think it’s Gog, not Mog 😉

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