August Begins: 8/6 Recommendations


Sorry I’m late, it’s been a busy couple of days, and it’s only going to get harder and harder to do these. From now on I’m going to shoot on posting these Tuesday, which makes more sense because you get to read it BEFORE the store, and with the earlier time, if I’m a day late, it still holds merit being posted on a Wednesday. Of course, with Goki around, I could post this next week and he still wouldn’t have gone to the shop (this is even when he’s in the country). Read on for some hot stuff.

Dark Horse

Creepy Archives HC: Many would assume this is a collection featuring the long hallowed history of horror comics that have come out of Dark Horse, but since I can’t name one, I am faced with a more plausible explanation: this is a hardcover featuring Michael Jackson and Paul Reubens.

DC Comics

Final Crisis #3 (of 7): It seems like forever since the last issue, which featured a huge ending, and actually walked away with #1 ranking in my reviews. That was probably a mistake in hindsight, but it was still an awesome issue, and this is the most epic thing going on in DC (after Tor), in case you thought that was the War That Time Forgot (it isn’t).

Jonah Hex #34: Do you think Jonah was mocked for having a last name that rhymes with sex? These are the things I think about.


Cable #6: This issue features Cyclops and Cable and awesome time stuff with Bishop trying to get into the middle of it. I haven’t read the title since #1, but I’m onboard for this issue after reading Messiah CompleX. Will I regret? Couldn’t say.

Wolverine Killing Made Simple: This should have another subtitle: Wolverine: Whoring Made Simple. Or another one: SHIT

Venom Dark Origin #1: Ooooh. It’s going to be dark. Who gives a flying fuck?

Franklin Richards Summer Smackdown: Clearly this is the biggest issue of the week in all of comicdom (after Tor). Franklin Richards walks on water, buys a bar, dates a homeless man and dresses up as a pirate, and IT’S ALL HERE.


Aspirin Vol 1: Thank god this is mature rated.

BOBOBO-BO BO-BOBO SHONEN JUMP ED GN VOL 01: This wins the award for most fun title to sing aloud. But will I buy it? Nonono-No No-NoNo.

Boys #21: This one is too easy to make fun of, and I’m sure Michael Jackson would shonen jump on this one in a second.

Bring It On Vol 5: Little do people know, that aside from two direct to DVD classic sequels to the Kirsten Dunst original, that Dunst now writes this successful trade on the side of her delightful Hollywood career. I don’t blame her: after Spider-Man 3 and Brand New Day, I’d try to take my mind off it too.

Hell Girl GN Vol 3: What is this, a book about every girl on Earth?  Bwa-ha-ha. More likely: this is a cheap ripoff of Hellboy, who instead of having horns that she cuts off, she cuts off her red National Geographic nipples.

Milk #63: This is perfect timing for the upcoming Harvey Milk biopic.

Rest #0: 0 is a clever number for this, and that’s all I have to say.

Titanium Rain #1: Ouch.

Uncle Scrooge #377: This has to be the longest running Indy title in all comics, and it’s not even original. Lame. But it is 8 bucks! yay!

I hope nobody fainted during that awful post. I bought Cable, Final Crisis, Invincible Iron Man, Avengers/Invaders, Ambush Bug #1 and Ultimate Origins


2 Responses to “August Begins: 8/6 Recommendations”

  1. davidry214 Says:

    You bought Ambush Bug? I’m happy and impressed, and I wish I had done the same. Perhaps I will after it pulls the upset and wins your weekly rankings. I also like the Cable buy. I didn’t go there, but I have a feeling I’ll wind up on the book at some point.

    Jonah could have had a worse last name than Hex: Jonah Futhermucker, Jonah Pouchebag, Jonah Dunt, Jonah Bavasi….

    And I’m convinced that Franklin Richards Summer Smackdown will end up being a horror comic.


    Final Crisis #3: I think there’s been as much story development in the one-shots as there has been in the actual series.

    Jack of Fables #24: I’ve officially jumped on board this Fables spinoff, but I’m not going to actually read this yet, as I want to get caught up on the series first (so far I’ve only read the first trade, issues 1-5, but it was very good). I knew that plan when I bought this issue, but I almost cracked the comic open anyway, just because with the ridiculously highly anticipated Fables #75 having been delayed a killer three weeks (it’s supposed to come out this Wednesday for sure), I’m going through Willingham withdrawls.

    Iron Fist #17: The last time I let Spiffy talk me into buying a comic in which I otherwise would not have been interested, I ended up with the hilariously bad I Kill Giants #1. But that was a joke, and his IF reviews have been quite serious, and if I’m going to read about the hard-on this book gives him every month, I might as well buy it too so I can read/stroke along. Like JoF, I haven’t read this one, because even though this issue (from a couple weeks ago) marked the beginning of a new creative team, I would prefer to catch up first. Hopefully I’ll get Spiff and/or a friend of one of my roommates to help me out in that regard.

    Since I’m already quite late in commenting here, I’ll pass on What AA Should Have Bought; it looked like fairly slim picking for that this week anyway. But that segment will return in a much more prompt comment next week (by which I mean Tuesday, a day and a half from now).

  2. spiffyithaca Says:

    Prediction: You’ll be reading Ambush Bug by next month

    I still haven’t read Final Crisis (I suck), and Jack of Fables is something I want to read too, but catching up to Fables is more important.

    YES! IRON FIST! IRON FIST! If you want me to send those to you, let me know, and I’m down. Or I can drop them off in a secure Oklahoma location while driving.

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