Millar writing Ultimate Avengers


No, this is not some old blog entry from seven years ago or whenever it was Mark Millar began The Ultimates— Millar is coming back to his version of The Avengers in early 2009 and calling it Ultimate Avengers.

From the Newsarama interview:

MM: The Ultimates was really a twenty-six issue origin story. Ultimate Avengers is where the shit hits the fan every month. Bryan and I had the best experience of our professional careers on that book, but you didn’t see Ultimate Kang or Ultimate Red Skull or any updates of the classic Marvel villains. Ultimates 1 and 2 gave The Avengers a 21st Century facelift, but this is where the stories kick into high gear. That world is about to get much bigger as we hopefully reinvent the superhero versus super-villain kind of stories in much the same way as we did a very different kind of superhero origin story.

Millar says this is going to be the only Marvel title he’ll be working on for the next few years (once he’s finished up his runs on FF and Wolverine). His plans include a reinvented Punisher and War Machine, Ultimate Blade, an African-American Hulk, Ultimate Kang, Ultimate Red Skull and a story dedicated to the special-ops group of the Ultimates (e.g. Hawkeye). There will be four “above A-List” artists (they change up every six issues) working on the series.

Okay, so now that I’ve regurgitated the news for you, I have three words: sign me up. I loved Ultimates 1 and 2 and can’t wait to see what Millar has in store for these guys next. And although I get the feeling Ultimates co-creator Bryan Hitch won’t be one of those four artists working on the series, I know Marvel and Millar probably picked their artists very carefully.

This is exactly what the Ultimate line needed. Welcome back, Millar.


One Response to “Millar writing Ultimate Avengers”

  1. spiffyithaca Says:

    You’re right Goki. I just FUDO’d all over the place. Goddamit, that’s awesome news. Who cares about Ultimatum…all we need to know is that this follows it, and I cannot wait.

    I hope Hitch makes an appearance…but either way, I’m sure the artists will be sweet regardless. Thanks for posting this Goki, I love it. You made my day.

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