ANOTHER Delayed Week: Reviews for 9/10


And I’ve learned my lesson: I’m not promising 9/17 is coming any time soon.

4. Green Arrow and Black Canary #12: Judd Winick, Mike Norton. This is the last issue I will buy of this series…assuming the new creative team doesn’t kick it up a notch. This was the conclusion to the arc, and while it was satisfactory, it wasn’t anything special, and I can’t afford to stay on a title just because it has GA and mild moments of cool. This isn’t the Green Arrow that made him my favorite character in all of comicdom, so I’m out.

3. Booster Gold #12: Chuck Dixon, Dan Jurgens. On the other hand, this title continues to impress, even with losing Johns. Dixon has a good handle on everything, which is no surprise, since he brings Booster and company into Bat territory, as Booster needs to save Gotham City from Killer Moth (it’s better than it sounds). This mindfuck of an issue was a ball to read and really enjoyable. The ending for this was interesting, but it’s hard to say if it means anything at all. I believe Dan Jurgens is taking over writing for Booster, but I hope he stays on the art, because it’s one of the delights of this funny book.

2. Secret Invasion #6 (of 8): Brian Michael Bendis, Leinil Francis Yu. Basically, this issue gets this ranking because of some of the awesome that’s happening and how EPIC this feels. Yu’s art continues to impress, but it has lagged since the first couple issues. Of course it beats any other tie-in not drawn by Billy Tan. I’m still waiting on Thor and Captain America to actually do something, but the last few pages of these, gorgeous and just flat out majestic double paged spreads guaranteed this issue to have a high ranking. But the fact that this issue really only screamed epic while not really having anything happen except for the all-out brawl to begin. There’s some sweet tidbits that portend poorly for the MU, and I’m excited to see where Bendis takes it. The last two issues will determine whether all the hype was worth it.

1. Ultimate Origins #4 (of 5): Brian Michael Bendis, Butch Guice. This is the best issue of the series thus far. Guice’s pencils are incredible, and he’s deserving of doing the next big crossover (same with Tan). We get more info on Ultimate Nick Fury, and it’s pretty sweet, and we get the origin of the Ultimates scientists which blew my mind. Just an awesome issue that completely reshapes the Ultimate Universe beginnings, especially of a certain friendly neighborhood spider-man. Great stuff.

Fucktastic Writer of the Week: Brian Michael Bendis, for Origins moreso than SI, but both his books take the top spot.

Fucktastic Artists of the Week: Butch Guice, and Yu for the last 4 pages of SI. Jurgens also gets a nod.

Hopefully 9/17 is coming soon…but I can’t promise anything.


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  1. Gokitalo Says:

    We all at Groin Central are a little taxed by school and other commitments… which is why the Weekly Recommendations, which I offered to handle for Spiffy this week, still aren’t up yet. But they’ll be up this weekend; what better time to pick up comics, right?

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