Weekly Recommendations for 9/17


Yeah yeah, I’m late. But hey, why go Wednesday morning to buy comics when you can just go on the weekend? Anyway, let’s get on with it!

DC Comics

All-Star Superman #12: this series has been called one of the greatest Superman stories in years, and I must admit it’s made me FUDO on several occasions. The sad news is, this is All-Star Superman’s last issue. The good news is, it’s sure to end with a bang. If you’ve been keeping up with the series, pull out your wallets and pick up the finale to a series that never got anything worse than a Fly Stuck.

Action Comics #869: Two Superman titles out this week, and they happen to be the best. Geoff Johns and Gary Frank’s reinterpretation of Brainiac has been pretty intriguing so far; Johns has been on a roll in terms of writing lately, and Gary Frank’s art has gone to a whole other level. I’m a little worried, though, as previous issues and the cover to this one suggests someone close to Superman may not be around much longer…

JSA Presents: Green Lantern: when you get old in the DCU, you don’t get sent to a retirement home; you join the JSA. I’m kind of hoping all these stories are told from Alan Scott’s point of view. “In my day, I didn’t have no Green Lantern Corps! I had to walk fifteen miles just to get to my power battery!”

Marvel Comics:

Gene Colan Tribute #1: seriously, if there’s one Marvel Comic you buy this week, make it this one. Comic book legend Gene Colan’s having some bad health problems right now and needs all the help he can get. The money spent on this comics goes straight to the Hero Initiative, which offers financial support to creators.

Iron Man: Director of S.H.I.E.L.D. #33: sure, Iron Man’s cool… but War Machine’s packin’. ‘Nuff said.

Secret Invasion #6: … do I even have to explain this one?

Uncanny X-Men #502: I loved Uncanny #500, but I heard the latest UXM issues were lacking. Still, it’s Bru and Fraction, so I’m sure things’ll pick up.

The Age of the Sentry #1: Hey, True Believers! This is your chance to see Marvel’s crazy Superman in the Golden Age of Marvel Comics! Expect many exclamation marks, Jack Kirby-style art, and wacky pseudoscience in the Mighty Marvel Manner! EXCELSIOR!

X-Factor #35: The plot involves Darwin, who I don’t really care about, but PAD’s just the guy who could change that.

The rest:

 Bettie Page 6-inch statue: proving that you can FUDO to more than just comic books. In fact, you should probably be FUDOing to this more often.

War Heroes #2: the most hyped comic of all time… at least until Mark Millar’s next project.


2 Responses to “Weekly Recommendations for 9/17”

  1. spiffyithaca Says:

    Wow, maybe it’s me, but it seems like All-Star Supes was finished long ago. The delayed schedule has really wrecked the hype for it. Or maybe that’s because I stopped reading it. One of these days I’ll buy the collection when it comes out.

    Nice on Alan Scott

    ‘Nuff said about Gene Colan.

    SI #6 was actually just a reprint this week, but it still deserves to be bought.

    lol on Sentry. I wanted to buy it, but I realized I wasn’t in the 1950s. A shame Sentry can’t do that.

    I really liked Darwin in Rise and Fall of the Shi’Ar Empire. So go PAD for using him.

    War Heroes #2 was pretty good. Will be writing a review of that with the rest of last week’s comics….sometime. Yay!

    Well done Gokester!

  2. Gokitalo Says:

    YES! And here I was giving myself grief for not making it funny enough (and I probably didn’t!).

    All-Star Superman’s lateness has been a pain, but the wait’s usually been worth it. I’d like to write a little something on issue #12 after I read it, or maybe something on the series as a whole (as some have so eloquently done already).

    Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on War Heroes; Millar’s like a walking PR machine sometimes, but if he writes a good comic, I’ll be happy buy it!

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