The Non-Weekly Reviews for 9/17


This may only pertain to Goki, who probably hasn’t been to the store yet for the past two weeks. But I’m doing it anyways, to save face.

3. War Heroes #2: Mark MIllar, Tony Harris. This issue isn’t nearly as good as the first, but Harris and Millar are cooking up something, and the ending ensures that I’ll be around to find out. A bunch of teenagers infiltrate the U.S. Army in an effort to steal superpowers (because in this future, soldiers are given pills that give them powers temporarily). But it’s far more than that. There’s some full frontal nudity in this one…so good to see Image holding up their end of the bargain. Harris’ art seems more cartoony and larger than life than usual, and while it works for this title, it’s not his best work yet. Looking forward to #3.

3. Mighty Avengers #18: Brian Michael Bendis, Steffano Caselli. This is one of the better Mighty Avengers SI tie ins in awhile, which, while not saying much, means it deserved a spot other than last. So I gave it a tie for last…I make a lot of sense! This issue delves more into Nick Fury and his “Secret Warriors”, trained to kick Skrull ass. There’s some good shit here, especially with Fury being a complete and utter hard-ass asshole. You wonder why anyone follows him. My only big qualm is that this tie-in should’ve been published months ago to fit closer into the actual continuity. Caselli, from Initiative, is pretty good here. Anything’s better than Khoi Pham.

2. Moon Knight #22: Mike Benson, Mark Teixeira. The Death of Marc Spector continues with part 2, and enter the Thunderbolts, sent to take Moon Knight off the streets. We get some sweet fights here, and some good moments with Crawley trying to gather recruits to help Marc. Teixeira’s art is the best I’ve seen it, as he becomes more and more comfortable on the title. Great stuff here, but it didn’t have the feel for a #1 issue. Of course…neither did the next one…

1. Uncanny X-Men #502: Ed Brubaker, Matt Fraction, Greg Land. This is the weakest #1 in a few weeks, but that’s not to say this wasn’t a sweet issue, because it was. Land’s art is phenomenal, and I love his addition to the X-titles. Who needs Cho? We get some more info on the “Red Queen” and some sweet Wolvy/Elf action here. This was just a fun issue, and I really do enjoy where this is heading, even though I hardly care about Pixie. Even so, by next month, I think this will solidify itself as the best X-title on the stands, and a contender for best of the week every issue.

Fucktastic Writer of the Week: No one distinguishes themselves that much.

Fucktastic Artists of the Week: Greg Land for Uncanny, and Teixeira on Moon Knight are the easy choices.


4 Responses to “The Non-Weekly Reviews for 9/17”

  1. Gokitalo Says:

    I still have the link that will change your opinion of Greg Land’s art forever!Still, I’m hoping your prediction for Uncanny comes true, although I’ve seen other reviews that weren’t as positive.

  2. spiffyithaca Says:

    Post said link.

    I could see why people might not like it as much, but it’s been pretty fun so far.

  3. Gokitalo Says:

  4. spiffyithaca Says:

    I had a feeling that it’d be something like that. I’ve definitely noticed something off before, and I guess I should be more upset at him, but I don’t know, I still like the results even if they are a bit stiff and similar often times. Does that make me evil? Probably.

    I find it hard to like Dodson’s cheesecake style any more.

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