Weekly Recommendations for 10/1/08: They’re back, and worse than ever!


Maybe not worse, but just as mediocre. Enjoy, Goki!

Dark Horse

Night of Your Life HC: Or, what I give every woman I’ve ever met.

Tara McPherson’s Somewhere¬†Under the Rainbow Coloring Kit: Would you rather be over the rainbow or under it? Discuss. Or, buy this goddamn kit.

DC Comics

Batman #680: RIP continues, and this is when its getting good, and potentially historic, and hey, maybe even potentially historically great. It’s been spotty, but never bad, and the last two have been the best yet. And plus, JOKER. ‘Nuff said.

Image Comics

Four Eyes #1: Or, what every girl calls Goki


Cable #7: I read #6, and it was a pretty sweet Cyclops centric issue. I got this issue for some Bishop/Cable awesome, and we’ll see how that goes. Anyone else read this book? Anyone else care?

Marvel Apes #3: Why oh why?

Sub-Mariner: Depths #2 (of 3): The first issue was mesmerizing. Milligan’s writing was sharp and Essad Ribic’s painted art was fucktastic, as usual. This could be my most hyped issue along with Batman (which may not be as impressive as it sounds, since I’m getting 3 books).


Blood Bowl #4: This is my favorite thing to have in a bowl, after cereal and beer.

Everybodys Dead TP: This trade is either about zombies (been there, done that), or it really just is pages upon pages of portraits of dead people. Or else it’s a lie.

Hissing GN Vol 4: For some reason I thought this was dirty. But on hindsight, I’m probably just a pervert.

Pistolfist #3 (of 4): He’s no Cock Knocker.

And that’s all I got! I bought Cable, Batman and Sub Mariner. Somebody buy Four Eyes and make me happy. See ya next week, folks!


One Response to “Weekly Recommendations for 10/1/08: They’re back, and worse than ever!”

  1. Gokitalo Says:

    Also, someone check out Manhunter so DC doesn’t decide to cancel it again. I haven’t read an entire issue of Manhunter yet, but I read somewhere that writer Marc Andreyko would cry if it got cancelled for good. So come on, guys. Don’t make Marc Andrekyo cry.

    Oh yeah, try Supergirl #34 too. I heard Sterling Gates (the new writer) and Jamal Igle (the new artist) talk about this at the Baltimore Comic-Con and it sounds like they’ve got a cool take on the character. I even saw fully-finished, unlettered art from issue #34 at Jamal’s table and from what I remember, it was fantastic. If you haven’t got a clue who Sterling Gates is, that’s because he’s a fairly new writer to comics, but he’s going to be working pretty closely with Geoff Johns and James Robinson, who are writing the other two Super-titles and are capable of fantastic work.

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