Weekly Recommendations for Oct 15th, 2008


It’s been awhile since I actually posted this on time: a full day before comics come out. Read up, and take notes, so you know what to get at the store this week. Read on for mediocrity.


Final Crisis: Rogue’s Revenge #3 (of 3): The conclusion to the best thing that’s been put out at DC since Final Crisis began. Get Johns and Kollins love letter to the rogues. You won’t regret. Speaking of which, when the fuck is the next issue of Final Crisis coming out?

Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen Special #1: You’d think DC would be smart enough to maybe make this special cheaper, because I’m not sure even the most hardcore of Supes fans are going to buy 5 bucks for this amateur shit.

Image Comics

Dear Dracula HC: Dear Dracula, how do you feel about the fact that everyone and their mom is using vampires in stories these days. Do you wonder about their creativity (or lack thereof)? Are you upset that they don’t give you more credit? Note: Twilight, True Blood, Forgetting Sarah Marshall (has a hilarious Dracula puppet show in it).

Marvel Comics

Astonishing X-Men #27: I haven’t read this book since the first issue of Ellis’ run, but Marvel has been pimping this issue all this month. Two reasons have me intrigued: 1) it’s about something called ghost boxes (my guess of what’s inside: either the souls of the mutants killed by Scarlet Witch lay within, or Brendan Fraser’s career) and 2) Alan Davis is doing the art, and he’s better than that other guy/girl who was on it previous.

Moon Knight #23: The Death of Marc Specter continues, and I’m pumped. That’s all you need to know. Or maybe you want to know the fact that the Thunderbolts and Tony Stark are on his trail.

Ultimate Origins #5: This might be my most anticipated issue this week. Bendis and Guice have crafted truly some Ultimate Greatness here, and it would actually get me excited for Ultimatum if THEY were writing it, but it’s Loeb. Ah well, this issue promises awesome.


Mercy Sparx #1: Sounds kinky.

Moresukine GN: This one should be called, MORE SUCKING. Yeah, I did that. (Note: I apologize to the creator of this fine work, please post on this blog and make fun of me anyways)

Red Sonja Vacant Shell B&W Ed: I’d like to fill her vacant shell, if you know what I mean. (and maybe add some of my own color to the mix, if you know what I mean).

Booty Sweat Energy Drink: From the acclaimed hit Tropic Thunder, come the fake energy drink advertised therin. Hilarious. (the movie actually is hilarious, go see it)

Sucking Democracy Dry by Alex Ross: Talk about your politics. Go Alex Ross. I’ll actually check this out, because of I’m of the opinion that the U.S. will implode/explode within 12 years, especially if McCain/Palin get elected, but it’ll probably happen anyways.

That’s all folks.

Spiffy’s buying: Mighty Avengers, Moon Knight, Ultimate Origins, Uncanny X-Men, might check out Astonishing, Rogues’ Revenge and Booster Gold. Big week!

See ya next week when more shit comes out


5 Responses to “Weekly Recommendations for Oct 15th, 2008”

  1. Gokitalo Says:

    Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen Special #1: You’d think DC would be smart enough to maybe make this special cheaper, because I’m not sure even the most hardcore of Supes fans are going to buy 5 bucks for this amateur shit.

    Read before you judge, Spiffy-O:

    Geoff Johns’ other Final Crisis tie-in, Legion of Three Worlds #2, also comes out this week. Issue #1 was great and very accessible, so even if you aren’t very familiar with the Legion, you should be able to follow along just fine.

    If you have money for trades, you should give it to Goki. But if you’re in a greedy mood, check out JLA: That Was Now, This Is Then, which collects the last JLA Classified story. It’s written by Roger Stern and drawn by John Byrne, which I know might make people weary (they’ve both done great work, but Byrne’s more recent art hasn’t been my cup of tea), but I heard this story wasn’t bad.

  2. spiffyithaca Says:

    I never read before I judge, that’s what makes me such a polarizing figure!

    But fair enough, Robinson and company is a pretty good combination, and it looks fairly great artwise. But come on, “Superman’s Pal”. Groan.

  3. Gokitalo Says:

    Ha, I think that’s part of the reason why they’re doing this special: to bring a modern interpretation of Jimmy Olsen and the idea of “Superman’s Pal” that doesn’t make folks groan… while simultaneously staying true to who Jimmy is as a character. I like Jimmy, but he could really use this kind of thing. The preview pages look pretty promising, both story and artwise.

  4. spiffyithaca Says:

    Buy it….and WRITE A REVIEW (for once). I command thee!

  5. gokitalo Says:


    (speaking of which, a review IS coming your way, gentle readers. No, it’s not Nixon’s Pals.)

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