Weekly Reviews for 10/15/08


It was a great week for comics, with the conclusion of the best Final Crisis tie in, the conclusion of the best thing from the Ultimate Universe since the Ultimates, a new writer’s debut on DC’s quirkiest title (besides Ambush Bug) and another installment of Moon Knight, and some Brubaker/Fraction. What’s the best of the week? I don’t know yet. Read on, because I promise I will by the end.

5. Booster Gold #13: Rick Remender, Patrick Olliffe. I’m not familiar with either of these guys’ work, but I have to say, I enjoyed it. There wasn’t a big dropoff from Johns and Dixon, but it’s still not the same awesome title as it was under Johns and Jurgens. Olliffe’s art here is very similar in style to Jurgens’, but it’s just not as crisp or as delightful. This issue features Starro the Conquerer taking over the body of Rip Hunter, which leads to all kinds of problems as you can imagine. Only Booster and his sister Michelle can save the world (with the help of the greatest robot in the DCU, Skeets), and it’s some fun stuff. It gets the last spot just because of the tough competition. There’s no danger of me dropping this title right now, but I have to say, I miss Johns/Jurgens.

4. Uncanny X-Men #503: Matt Fraction, Ed Brubaker, Greg Land. The most high profile X-title continues, and it comes with a big revelation and a coming out party for the newest X-Man. Pixie comes through big here, and actually makes her presence worthwhile, something I didn’t think would happen. There’s some good Cyke/Emma moments as usual, but the big thing is the ending here. I’m excited to see what it means and if it’s entirely for real, but it’s something. Even after Goki’s attempts to sway me, I still can’t help but love Land’s art, because it’s so gorgeous, even if it may be stolen or reused from other creators. It’s still a delight to look at.

3. Moon Knight #23: Mike Benson, Mark Teixeria. Marvel’s most underrated series continues, and its biggest storyline, “The Death of Marc Specter” heats up. We get some more great T-Bolts stuff here, with Norman Osborne stealing scenes like he really is Tommy Lee Jones (because he looks just like him!). Frenchie has some fucking crazy nuts scenes as well that MAKE this issue and the ending doesn’t look good for our hero (who’s really more of a nutjob bad guy than a hero, really). Teixeira’s art continues to grow on me. There’s nothing I can’t say about the job he’s doing. He’s almost made me forget that Finch used to do the art.

And, because I am anti-climactic, it’s a tie for first place this week!

1. Final Crisis: Rogues’ Revenge #3 (of 3): Geoff Johns, Scott Kolins. This has got to be one of the best tie-ins for a crossover in history. Bendis could take a lesson from Johns in this one. Each issue was just jam packed with awesome and overflowing with beautiful thanks to Kolins. Each creator has put themselves in the discussion for best writer/artist on Flash ever (whether or not they are the best probably depends on Flash Rebirth). In this issue, the Rogue’s finally catch up Inertia, who’s accompanied by Zoom, and battle to the death. And hey, Libra shows up. This tie in made me sure to buy the upcoming Flash series, and definitely has me jonesing for a rereading of the Johns/Kolins Flash run.

1. Ultimate Origins #5 (of 5): Brian Michael Bendis, Butch Guice. What Bendis doesn’t need a lesson on, is writing preludes into crossovers, apparently. This issue and mini series gets me so excited for the Ultimate Universe and how connected everything is and how impressed I am that Bendis tied it all together so well…until I realize that not him or Millar will be around to actually write Ultimatum. But wow, what an issue and series. We found the secret about the mysterious totem poles last issue, but I won’t spill the beans, but it’s perfect. Frankly, everything was perfect with this issue, and to top it off, we have Guice’s brilliant pencils. The ending made perfect (that word again!) sense but at the same time surprised me completely, and the stuff with Magneto and Charles Xavier was chilling. I think I’ll have to get the first issue of Ultimatum, despite Loeb’s presence.

Fucktastic Writers of the Week: Geoff Johns for Rogues’, Bendis for Origins.

Fucktastic Artists of the Week: Scott Kolins for Rogues’, Guice for Origins, Teixeira for Moon Knight and Land for Uncanny X-Men. The artists came through this week big time.


11 Responses to “Weekly Reviews for 10/15/08”

  1. Gokitalo Says:

    There wasn’t a big dropoff from Johns and Dixon, but it’s still not the same awesome title as it was under Johns and Jurgens.

    And Jeff Katz (co-writer)! Jurgens will be back starting with issue #15, this time drawing AND writing the series. Which makes sense, since he created Booster Gold.

    Even after Goki’s attempts to sway me, I still can’t help but love Land’s art, because it’s so gorgeous, even if it may be stolen or reused from other creators. It’s still a delight to look at.

    Even if he does seem to swipe/reuse art (mostly his own, fortunately), I agree Land’s art can be pretty nice to look at.

    So happy to hear Rogues Revenge #3 was awesome; it’s definitely one of the titles I’m looking the most forward to. Geoff Johns has just been owning on his Final Crisis tie-ins, as have Scott Kolins and George Perez (who’s doing Legion of Three Worlds).

  2. spiffyithaca Says:

    I forgot Katz’s name, so I went with the route of not mentioning the co-writer at all. It was a greivous mistake.

    I am glad that Land just uses his own art. To be honest, all hot babes pretty much have the same body type anyways (a sad statement of our culture), so why not reuse some of it? He’s just doing what Americans do all the time in their jobs: slack off and/or take shortcuts and/or not do it as awesomely as they can. Yay America (our country sucks)!

    Are you going to get Flash Rebirth?

  3. gokitalo Says:

    You betcha. Johns and Van Sciver make a killer team.

    I’m not sure Land ONLY reuses his own art, but I think that’s mostly the case. His art does look heavily photo-referenced, though.

  4. Lia Says:

    Rogues’ Revenge was indeed awesome, though I liked #2 better.

  5. Gokitalo Says:

    I’m not surprised: the emotional confrontation between Captain Cold and his dad is hard to top. Welcome back, Lia!

  6. spiffyithaca Says:

    True ‘dat. You can’t complain about any of the 3 issues. They were all probably 10/10 worthy.

  7. Lia Says:

    And the shoutouts to Glider, Top, and Raider made me squee like a fangirl — they haven’t been forgotten! Although Johns makes me a sad panda by declaring he wants Glider to stay dead 😦 He did claim however that he’d bring Raider back.

  8. gokitalo Says:

    I don’t blame him for not wanting to bring back Glider, though. To do that would probably rob that great Captain Cold story he did in The Flash #182 of its power. But a NEW Golden Glider might be interesting…

    As for Raider, I remember that group of Rainbow Raiders that formed to honor his memory. Think the original Raider will lead them on crazy, technicolor crimes?

  9. Lia Says:

    I fail to see how bringing her back now robs a past story of its power. If it turned out to be a retconned death (“OMG she was never dead!”), then that would hurt the story, but not bringing her back tomorrow. Johns’ reasoning for it is that her being dead makes Cold more interesting, but that takes it dangerously close to Women In Refrigerators syndrome, IMO.

    I would not be happy with a new Glider, personally.

    Well yes, there is a new Rainbow Raiders group, but they’ve only had 2 appearances and they’ve said nothing about honouring the previous one (or even mentioned him). So I don’t see a real connection. Also, they suck 😛

  10. Gokitalo Says:

    But Lia, it’d be like bringing back Bucky or Jason Todd! 😀

    Seriously though, I agree that retconning the death would do a lot more harm than bringing her back from the dead. Although I can see Johns’ point about Cold, as Glider staying dead makes that chip on Cold’s shoulder a little heavier. But who knows, maybe a resurrection would work. Ice’s return, for example, was handled very well in the Checkmate issue where she was reunited with Fire.

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    […] in Flash: Rebirth and whatever comes afterwards. For more about this particular issue, check out Spiffy’s review of the issue, which echoes my thoughts about it word for […]

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