Goki’s Giving News


Pretty big things have happened in comics and comics news today. Let’s look at some of them! 

This should keep you guys busy. Enjoy!


5 Responses to “Goki’s Giving News”

  1. spiffyithaca Says:

    AA probably is cheering that Jones failed to complete this mini, so he sort of has the last laugh on that argument. But Mahnke is great, so it’s hard to be too upset. The change only hurts for continuity sake, but if Jones was going to rush it or be late on it, then I’m glad DC made the move.

    I hope this isn’t an omen that Iron Man 2 will fall apart and blow. I’d prefer Terrence Howard much in the way that I’d prefer JG Jones to complete the series, for continuity sake, but it’s not like Don Cheadle can’t act. It’s more of why/how they fucked up this situation than anything.

    Who’s writing the new reboot? And also, gross. Unless Storm and her get it on like you suggest. Mal would love that.

    A 10 part interview sounds like overkill, but then again, they may be taking cues from AA and I’s preview reviews, that are 40 pages in Word. TOP THAT NEWSARAMA (they probably did).

    I think I’ll wait until SI ends to take a look at said solits. I can do it……maybe.

    Nice post as always, and a great idea. I think a weekly news segment is something that works a lot more than posting various links every time something new happens. Good work!

  2. Gokitalo Says:

    Reggie Hudlin, who wrote most of the latest Black Panther series, will be writing the new one. And I meant maybe Storm is the new Black Panther, ya degenerate! :b

    The All-Star Superman interview is going to be 10 parts because (a) Newsarama is kind of making this a companion piece to the comic, and (b) Grant Morrison gives really good interview. Part 2 went up today and it’s hilarious, albeit spoileriffic.

    I like the idea of a weekly news segment too, although it could become a little draining. Semi-regular, though? Now there’s an idea!

  3. spiffyithaca Says:

    Anything and everything you do is semi-regular.

    Just ask the ladies.

  4. gokitalo Says:

    *sobs* I can’t argue with any of that

  5. spiffyithaca Says:


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