Weekly Recommendations for 10/29/08


It’s Wednesday and that means comics. Regrettably, I haven’t finished last week’s load yet, but promise to post the reviews today or tomorrow. That said, let’s get ya’ll ready for this week’s batch.

Dark Horse

Robots & Donuts Limited Edition HC: 1 glazed donut: $49 cents. 1 robot: prices vary depending on sinister levels. Robots & Donuts? Pricele–$99.95.

DC Comics

Chuck #5 (of 6): This comic is based upon NBC’s struggling sophomore drama of the same name. It stars Zachary Levi and Yvonne HOTNESS and Adam Baldwin. I don’t care about the comic, but I care dearly about the tv show. It’s one of the funnest, quirkiest most delightful dramas on the air. Great characters, great sexual tension and it’s about SPIES and guys who work at Buy More (a Best Buy equivalent). Also:  get ready for an upcoming post about TV folks!

Final Crisis: Rage of Red Lanterns #1: I’m looking to Goki for help on this, but I know it ties into the upcoming huge Green Lantern event “Blackest Night”, which actually has me interested despite the fact that I’ve never cared for the Lantern Corps. Now I’m rethinking that bias…but don’t know where to begin. Let Goki take it from here.

Kill Your Boyfriend (New Printing): It’s good to know some comics stick to those old-fashioned values from past generations, where things were just a bit easier. But seriously, run BOYFRIENDS!

Marvel Comics

Astonishing X-Men: Ghost Boxes #1: Did they really need to make this a mini series?

Immortal Iron Fist #19: Duane Swierczynski (I spelled it without looking!) and Travel Foreman team up to continue their awesome follow up of the awesome-r Brubaker and Fraction and Aja magic that rebooted Iron Fist into Marvel’s consciousness once again. I’m pumped for this issue, as it seems like I’ve read two Fist oneshots since the last one on the regular title. The oneshots are fun, don’t get me wrong, but it doesn’t add up to a title that challenges for the best of the week each and every month it graces us with its presence.

Marvel 1985 #6 (of 6): Blowing Iron Fist aside, this is the comic I’m looking forward to most this week. While it’s a small week for me, this would top the charts for any week that didn’t have Secret Invasion in it. Millar and Tommy Lee Edwards have been terrific thus far, and this conclusion promises big things. If you believe the solits, this mini has implications in the actual Marvel Universe. I’m not sure I buy it (next month in Uncanny X-Men: T-Boning Toby joins the X-squad!), but I’m real excited for one of the best 4 mini series of the year (along with Rogues Revenge and Ultimate Origins and SI).


Archie’s Christmas Stocking #4, 6 and 7: For some reason, 1-3 and 5 are missing. I guess 3 stockings are enough for Archie, that greedy bastich.

Bayba Lady Brown: I’ll stick it in Bayba’s Lady Brown. Hey-O!

Complete Omaha the Cat Dancer: Tp Vol 5-7: Forget 1985, this is my most anticipated book(s) of the week.

Cryptics HC: I may or may not recommend this book. Cryptic enough for ya? Bwa-ha-ha!

I Luv Halloween GN Vol 1 (of 3): ….and so should you! Last year I was McDreamy and Mr. Rogers for the two parties of the week. This year? Pacey Witter of Dawson’s Creek fame, and I may end up being Steve Urkel. Any other’s planning to dress up? I don’t give a shit, but it’s only polite to ask. I luv all of you!

Jazz Cool Birth One-shot: Talk about cryptic. WHAT ON GOD’S GREEN EARTH DOES THAT MEAN? Birth’s aren’t cool or jazzy, from what I’ve seen/heard.

Lulu & Mitzi Best Laid Plans: Anyone reading knows my best laid plans with Lulu and Mitzi (read: I plan on porking one or both of them and then go ice skating with or without them).

McCain the Comicbook: I can’t really come up with a one liner that truly would do this maverick comicbook justice (and yes, there’s an Obama one too)

Sshhh: I’m a terrible blogger. But hey, this new printing is $17.

Girls and Corpses Wall Calendar 2009: Comic readers are twisted, people.


What Spiffy is buying: 1985 and Iron Fist, unless Goki can persuade me to buy Red Lanterns.


4 Responses to “Weekly Recommendations for 10/29/08”

  1. gokitalo Says:

    “(next month in Uncanny X-Men: T-Boning Toby joins the X-squad!)”


    “Cryptics HC: I may or may not recommend this book. Cryptic enough for ya? Bwa-ha-ha!”

    Now that one was cringe-worthy. I heartily approve.

    “Girls and Corpses Wall Calendar 2009: Comic readers are twisted, people.”


    Rage of the Red Lanterns fleshes out an idea Geoff Johns introduced recently in Green Lantern. Basically, the universe is bound together by an emotional color spectrum (ROYGBIV) and each color represents an emotion. For example, violet is love, yellow is fear, and green is willpower (which isn’t an emotion per se, but it kind of balances the others). While the Green Lantern Corps used to be the only one tapping into this spectrum, we’ve recently seen the Star Sapphires tap into the love/violet color and Sinestro tap into the fear/yellow color.

    Which emotion do the Red Lanterns draw their power from, you ask? I’ll give you a hint: it’s in the title 😉 Eventually there are going to be seven different corps, and yes, they are going to rumble.

    Well… there’s going to be EIGHT different corps, actually. Go read The Sinestro Corps Vol. 1 and 2 now, Spiffy-O!

  2. Gary Scott Beatty Says:

    “Jazz Cool Birth One-shot: Talk about cryptic. WHAT ON GOD’S GREEN EARTH DOES THAT MEAN? Birth’s aren’t cool or jazzy, from what I’ve seen/heard.”

    Cryptic can be cool! It’s a play on Miles Davis’ “Birth of Cool” album in 1950 that ushered in the age of cool jazz. The comic is full of those little nods to jazz history, and the graphics and type are inspired by ’50s album cover design, but you don’t need to know any of that to enjoy the story and art.

    Grunge was a wonderful graphic style, but it has been around since the late ’70s and it’s obvious people are looking for something different. The flat, simple lines and bright colors from those days before computers fit in well with my own artistic inclinations so I ran with it.

    The result is like nothing you’ve ever seen in a comic book before, a rich melange of bebop for your glims, a righteous groove without notes, dig? Put on some Monk, Miles or Coltrane and enjoy.

    Also, check out “Seductions” and “Adam Among the Gods” at the Aazurn Publishing website at http://www.aazurn.com

    Thanks for talking about it! Indies always scramble for exposure.

    (Title) Xeric award-winning writer and illustrator (Name) Gary Scott Beatty

  3. Gokitalo Says:

    Thanks for stopping by, Gary! Your description and the preview for “Jazz Cool Birth” look intriguing; I’ll have to make a note to look for it when I go to the store next week…

  4. spiffyithaca Says:

    Gary thanks for taking the time to check out our humble blog, and thanks for not being gentle on my ignorance.

    “A rich melange of bebop for your glims” is a cleverly turned phrase and a comic book based on jazz is a very unique and creative idea, so I’ll have to check it out myself.

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