Goki’s Giving News (and more) 10/31- UPDATED


This has been a busy week. When I haven’t been busy, I’ve been lazy resting. So until I get back on track next week (which will include the triumphant return of my patented ratings system), enjoy what all these other productive people have posted on the Internet:

  • Jim Shooter talks about his tumultuous run on Legion of Superheroes. I kind of lost interest in Shooter’s run mid-way, but “Super Lad” (I know, I know) and the Brainiac 5/Dream Girl wedding could have been interesting…
  • UPDATE: in a new interview, Shooter apologizes if his comments about Manapaul’s art (which really weren’t that mean) came off harsher than intended. He stands by his statements about DC Comics, however.
  • The Savage Critic(s) posted a pretty funny review for Secret Invasion #7 that raises some good points. I haven’t read the issue yet (trade-waiting), so I hope I like it more than he did! Kudos to Brian Cronin at Comics Should Be Good for linking to this   
  • Hey look! International Superman t-shirts!



Video games

  • So the Quantum of Solace video game covers the new Bond film AND Casino Royale? Click on the link for more on that, as well as screen shots and a video game trailer. If this really turns out to be the next Goldeneye, buy a copy and we’ll FUDO together in multiplayer mode!

One Response to “Goki’s Giving News (and more) 10/31- UPDATED”

  1. spiffyithaca Says:

    I won’t pretend to care about Shooter’s interview, but the Secret Invasion review caught my eye, and it was a delightful review. I’ve been really enjoying the crossover, but have had problems with the tie ins and some things, and this makes me know why a little bit more. He has some great points, and he is pretty funny as well. I like the website. Good find Gokester.

    I’m down for Brainiac. And Routh rules: he made a fairly stellar cameo in Kevin Smith’s Zach and Miri Make a Porno (review pending? who knows).

    I agree about Nolan with superhero crossovers…but I’d still love him to give it a shot if he could.

    And way to add video games to the blog. That’s something fairly awesome to add to the manifesto. Of course, I play none, so I don’t really help there.

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