A handsome man enters


Hi. My name is David. You may not know me, although I’m sure you’ve heard of me.

Once upon a time, I too posted on a comics blog. This was a very long time ago, so I only barely recall the experience. But I’m fairly sure I enjoyed it.

In time, however, the pressures of life got in the way, and the blog faded into the background of my consciousness, as did comic books. Until Saturday, I had not read a comic in more than a month. However, I finally sat down and started perusing the many purchased but unread issues I had. It turns out that many of them were quite good, and there’s even a few left I still haven’t gotten to.

With this in mind, it is my intention to one day review comic books again, perhaps even writing those reviews out on a blog for others to read and comment on. It won’t be easy. Not only am I still crazy busy, but also my computer is broken, and because the repair will be expensive, it might stay that way for a while. So I have no Internet access at home, unless I use a roommate’s. Nevertheless, I think it would be just swell if I could find the time and manner to type up some entries and submit them for your tacit approval.

Who knows when this will happen, or how often. But I’ll say one thing. Prediction: November will not go by, like previous months, without an AA review.

That’s all. I look forward to getting to know you fine gents better in the coming months.


2 Responses to “A handsome man enters”

  1. spiffyithaca Says:

    This should boost female readership.

  2. Gokitalo Says:

    Assuming he meant OUR blog when he said “a blog”

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