Weekly Recommendations for 11/5/08



First off, congratulations to the new President of the United States, BARACK OBAMA! Nothing is as important as this news today. But there are comics to supplement the awesome. Click on to read about them.

Dark Horse Comics

Gigantic #1 (of 5): This could be about a great many things. 1) The gigantic news of today and the gigantic hope that should swell in our hearts. 2) My gigantic penis 3) The handsome man’s gigantic ego and 4) Goki’s gigantic laziness

DC Comics

Final Crisis: Resist #1: Enter description by Goki here.

Secret Six #3: Another issue by the fine creative team of Simone and Scott, who’s title will always garner a spot because Gail was nice enough to post on our delightful blog.

Image Comics

Impaler TC Vol 1: If there’s anything I miss, it’s people getting impaled. People need to bring that back. And hey, here’s a comic attempting to do just that.

Marvel Comics

Sub-Mariner Depths #3 (of 3): The conclusion of the pretty sweet, pretty Sub-Marinerless mini series by Milligan and Ribic. The first two issues have been fun, but whether or not this issue was truly worthwhile hinges on this issue. Either way, you know we’re going to get fucktastic art from Ribic, one of the best in the industry.

Ultimatum #1: The huge event in the Ultimate Universe is finally here! Yay…? Ultimate Origins was so great that I might owe it to myself to buy this issue…but it’d be a MUST buy if it was Bendis and Guice again. Instead, it’s Jeph Loeb, who’s apparently raped Ultimates to the point where Marvel had to bring Millar back.


Magenta: Color of Sex GN: If magenta is the color of sex….you probably should’ve waited for another time of the month.

Michael Turner Tribute GN: RIP Turner, one of the great artists of our time.

Star Porks (One Shot): Awesome. NOT.

Stop Bullying Me (GN): Something tells me that if you write a graphic novel called “Stop Bullying Me” and show it to your bully, your problem will only get worse.

You Make My Head Spin: I feel like I should have something clever for this, but when have I ever been clever?


Spiffy’s getting: FC: Resist #1 (mayhaps), Secret Six, Cable, Sub Mariner, Ultimatum (mayhaps) and because my store didn’t have 1985 last week, I’m getting the conclusion this week.

See ya next week for more recommendations, and I’ll be sure to review things this week after a two week layoff.


4 Responses to “Weekly Recommendations for 11/5/08”

  1. gokitalo Says:

    As Spiffy rightly points out, the most noteworthy thing this week has nothing to do with comics at all. Congrats, Barack Obama!

    Gigantic #1 (of 5): This could be about a great many things. 1) The gigantic news of today and the gigantic hope that should swell in our hearts. 2) My gigantic penis 3) The handsome man’s gigantic ego and 4) Goki’s gigantic laziness

    My gigantic penis ego awesomeness weighs me down!

    Final Crisis: Resist #1 stars the unlikely combo of Cheetah, Mr. Terrific and Snapper Carr (yes, Snapper Carr) as they “rally the various factions of Checkmate and awaken an evil from a Crisis past” to survive in a world where evil wins. Greg Rucka co-writes and the amazing Ryan Sook draws, so this comic could very much be worth it.

    How’s THAT for a description?

    Secret Six is a must-buy, of course. I’ll probably skip Ultimatum; saw some preview pages and the writing was kind of smeh, although there was some nice art by David Finch. As for Sub-Mariner, I think I’ll trade-wait.

  2. spiffyithaca Says:


    I decided to skip Resist, because I only recognized Mr. Terrific, and I knew I’d be lost. But Sook’s art was quite good. I was more intrigued by last week’s Rage of Red Lanterns and may still buy that pending reviews.

    I went with Ultimatum. Finch was the clincher, but I had to see how this followed Origins. We’ll see if it was a huge mistake.

    Sub-Mariner didn’t ship for me, and 1985 is coming NEXT week. I’m pissed.

    How many of the titles/mini’s you “trade wait” for do you actually buy? 😉

  3. gokitalo Says:

    Lulz, touche. I’ve been eyeing Marvel Zombies for weeks and I still haven’t bought it!

    Rage of the Red Lanterns WILL get a review after I go comic shopping tomorrow– or Friday. It WILL happen, this I vow!

    By the way, you totally missed out on the huge release (and I mean huge) of the week, which is the reprinting of Watchmen: The Absolute Edition. It’s $75 bucks and no doubt worth it, dear readers, but if you’re short on cash and already have a copy of Watchmen, get Watching the Watchmen by Dave Gibbons instead.

    Or get Terra #1. I have no idea if the story will be any good, but Amanda Conner’s a fantastic artist.

    Also, if you’re a Jack Kirby fan or care about the peripheral heroes that popped up in Superman titles in the 90s (me! me! me!), Adventure Comics Special Featuring the Guardian may be right up your alley. Although putting the word “Superman” in there probably wouldn’t hurt sales…

  4. davidry214 Says:

    Rage of the Red Lanterns was very good, but it had little to do with Final Crisis (at least in that first issue, this could change). Rather, it’s essentially a growth of what’s been happening in the regular Green Lantern title lately, finally bringing some current repercussions to Johns’ good (but slightly slow-moving) retrospective piece in GL. I think you could easily still enjoy it even without having read any of Johns’ Green Lantern run, but certain things might not have quite as big of an impact.

    As for AA, it looks like a fairly weak week of comics. I was going to go to the store tomorrow, but seeing this list, I might wait a week. But here’s what I tentatively plan to buy:

    Final Crisis: Resist #1

    ….and that’s it.

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