(Semi) Weekly Reviews for 11/5/08


The biggest event in Ultimate history begins. The life of the most important mutant to ever be born is in danger. Danny Rand is about to die. Villains are crafty. All this and more in this week’s rankings.

Not one issue stood above the rest this week, but I’ll try my hardest to rank them, even though I’m hardpressed to rank ANY of them. Actually, fuck that. No rankings this week. I’ll just give the usual reviews.

Cable #8: Duane Swierczynski, Ariel Olivetti. First off, Olivetti is growing on me. He and the colorists make him very unique and it’s often gorgeous, but also often stilted and more suited for covers or mythic stories. That said, I’m beginning to get used to it, and he does great work. Duane S-whatsit continues to produce solid work, with the Beast/Cyclops tension being a highlight in this issue, as well as Emma being a badass as usual. Bishop is one fucked up cat, and proving to be an excellent villain, and I’m looking forward to the progression of the story. That said, I’m not completely sold on continuing to buy this title, despite 3 pretty good to great issues under my belt.

Ultimatum #1: Jeph Loeb, David Finch. I decided to bite the bullet and give this HUGE crossover a shot, despite having my expectations tempered by the involvement of Loeb, who’s been lampooned for his horrid Ultimates 3 mini. This issue featured some crazy developments in the Ultimate universe that I had little knowledge about, having given a couple year break to the entire universe, and I’m not sure how I feel about it. But that’s not Loeb’s fault. Loeb wastes little time bringing on the action, setting up all the superheroes across New York and then BAM, horrible things happen. I have a hard time believing it’s as horrible as we’re led to believe, and I always hate that bullshit. I was hoping this would feature more of the historical stuff that made Ultimate Origins so great, but right now it looks like its going to be 5 issues of fighting. I’ll definitely try out issue 2 however. Also, David Finch’s involvement in this mini series was the clincher on whether or not I should try it, and I was very underwhelmed by his art. He’s usually awesome (see: Moon Knight, Avengers), but here he looked rushed in almost every panel and it didn’t have as clean a quality as I’m used to from him, which is probably to do with the mood and the colorist/inker. But still, it wasn’t his best. He’s still better on his off day than the artist for the next title…

Iron Fist #19: Duane Swierczynski, Travel Foreman. Each issue I brace myself, hoping that Foreman’s art will improve. He shows flashes of brilliance, and he’s not a horrible artist by any means, but the sketchy, hard to see/understand and crazy ass faces just don’t mesh with Iron Fist to me, even if this is a dark storyline. And so, I’ll say what I’ve said every issue since he left: I want David Aja back. Swierczynski continues to wield a sweet story with “Mortal Iron Fist”, and we get some more ties with the Brubaction (Brubaker/Fraction) arcs. I can’t wait for the last issue, as it’s set up to be a doozy.

Secret Six #3: Gail Simone, Nicola Scott. This is shaping up to be my favorite ongoing series for DC. The characters are so interesting and have great dialogue throughout, a constant in Simone’s work. Scott’s art gets better and better with each issue, and I no longer believe that she isn’t a good fit for the title anymore. I’m loving “Junior”, who is such a creepy villain with such a lame ass name, and I love it. The revelation with the card was also a sweet ending.

Fucktastic Writers of the Week: Gail Simone for Secret Six, Swierczynski for Iron Fist and Cable.

Fucktastic Artists of the Week: Nobody was fucktastic this week.


4 Responses to “(Semi) Weekly Reviews for 11/5/08”

  1. gokitalo Says:

    Secret Six #3 was king. Although I still think Scott’s art has been great from the start! She and Gail make quite a team.

    You know, someone started up a Secret Six thread on a message board I post at, and I was pretty impressed at how quickly people were to reply (four of us so far, myself included). This series could really catch on, you know?

  2. spiffyithaca Says:

    Secret Six probably would’ve gotten the #1 ranking if I did them, yes. Great stuff thus far, and agreed about the Scott/Simone team.

    The series will last until issue 31. So Sayeth Spiffy!

  3. davidry214 Says:

    I’m so behind that I don’t even know what Secret Six is. But I like Simone, so that’s interesting.

    Cable sounds really good. I’d like to buy that book, if I knew anything about the setup.

  4. gokitalo Says:

    Secret Six is great. Basically it’s a team of villains and anti-heroes, consisting of Catman, Deadshot, Ragdoll, Scandal Savage (daughter of Vandal Savage), Bane and a sixth member who may or may not have been revealed yet. It’s the continuation of Villains United and a Secret Six mini-series, but you won’t need to have read either to enjoy this series. It’s funny, has great character moments (especially between Catman and Deadshot; if you don’t care about either right now, you will) and of course, a solid dose of action. It’s only on issue 3, so catching up’ll be easy.

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