Comic Reviews for The Week of 11/19/2008


Here comes another delayed but delightful batch of reviews.

4. Uncanny X-Men #504: Matt Fraction, Terry and Rachel Dodson. This issue, solely written by Fraction, is pretty good. But it’s not up to par with the past few issues, which still aren’t at the level of excellence I’ve come to expect of Brubaker and Fraction. I still have faith, even if this issue begins with Colossus trying to get a tatoo when in his armor (talk about retarded). As usual, there’s some good Cyclops and Emma Frost moments (which usually carries the book). Other than that, Colossus meets some scary figure from his past who I haven’t come to give a shit about yet, even if I love our boy Rasputin. I do like that Fraction and company are experimenting with new characters like said mystery character of Colossus’ past and a certain new Doctor joining the fray. I won’t ruin his name, but he seems like a cool addition, even if he does have a lame name. Lastly, the Dodsons, while fairly cheesecake art in my opinion, add a nice flavor to the book and prove to be a fine compliment to the other working pieces involved.

3. Orson Scott Card’s Ender’s Game: Battle School #2 (of 5): Christopher Yost, Pasqual Ferry. The epic mini series continues, and it’s pretty good, but I feel like it loses a lot from the book. I feel like Yost is trying to cram too much, and the effort seems rushed, but then again, that may feel different to those who haven’t read the book. I love Ferry’s art, even if it does seem off at times. Ferry excels with the sci-fi/fantasy aspect of the art, and sometimes struggles with the more human interactions. Another aspect that is lost from the book is Ferry’s renderings of the Battle Room. It’s fairly confusing to see what’s going on, even if the art is good. Anyways, despite all of that, I really do enjoy seeing Ender in comicbook form, and look forward to seeing how Yost and Ferry settle into the remaining three issues.

2. Moon Knight #24: Mike Benson, Mark Texeira. Chapter 4 of “The Death of Marc Spector” may be my favorite one yet, which speaks to how awesome the #1 comic of the week is, because this story has been consistently great. Texeira’s art continues to rule and he’s evolved into one of my favorite artists going today. In this issue, Frenchie joins back up with Moon Knight to enact some old fashioned vengeance upon Norman Osborne and the Thunderbolts. There are just some awesome scenes between the Thunderbolt members and the ending promises #25 to be a thing of beauty.

1. Fantastic Four #561: Mark Millar, Bryan Hitch. I don’t know what else I can say about how much I’m enjoying this book, but I’ll try: this storyline is so well scripted and planned that even if you know what is going to happen next, you just appreciate how perfect it is. Any story that has elements of time travel, the Hulk, Galactus, Doom and a “Hooded Man” (although I’m not sure how I feel about who he turned out to be) is gold. Hitch’s pencils continue to rule, bringing the widescreen scope of film to comics just as he did on Ultimates. A lot of my friends couldn’t stand the Fantastic Four for the longest time, but since I’ve been feeding them these issues, they’ve begun to reconsider. That sums up this book more than anything I can say about it.

Fucktastic Writer of the Week: Mark Millar

Fucktastic Artists of the Week: Bryan Hitch and Mark Texeira.

Also, quick note: I read a friend’s copy of the newest Thunderbolts, written by the new creative team Andy Diggle and Roberto De La Torre. If I had the copy on me, I would’ve put it in the rankings. Actually, I just forgot about it until now, and don’t feel like adding it. But if I did, it would’ve been #2 in the rankings, just behind FF. It was that good. Diggle has a great feel for the characters, and Torre’s art is the closest thing to Deodato I’ve seen, which is a huge compliment. I had stopped reading T-Bolts after Ellis and Deodato left, but this one issue made me reconsider that decision. Check it out folks.



4 Responses to “Comic Reviews for The Week of 11/19/2008”

  1. Gokitalo Says:

    “I still have faith, even if this issue begins with Colossus trying to get a tatoo when in his armor (talk about retarded).”


    I did read part of the scene where Emma was in Scott’s mind, which was pretty good. I think Emma’s a good foil for Scott. And Terry Dodson’s art is just so easy on the eyes, even when he doesn’t do cheesecake.

    I almost bought the Ender’s Game book the other day, but decided I love money too much. Should I have gotten it?

    “A lot of my friends couldn’t stand the Fantastic Four for the longest time, but since I’ve been feeding them these issues, they’ve begun to reconsider.”

    Glad to see Hitch and Millar are turning your friends around. I always find it kind of weird when people say they don’t like a certain Marvel or DC characters, since they’re written by so many different people.

    You know, I’ve been thinking about giving Thunderbolts a shot (even if Penance is ‘tarded), but I don’t know whether to check out Ellis’ stuff or hop straight onto Diggle’s. What say you, O Spiffy One?

  2. spiffyithaca Says:

    If you’re intent on saving as much money as possible, you’re probably okay living without reading Ender’s Game, especially if you’ve read the books before. But it’ll end up being a solid mini series when it’s all said and done, at the least.

    As far as T-Bolts goes: Ellis’ stuff was nigh fucktastic for the most part. It’s worth checking out the first trade. But you could also get Diggle’s first issue, which is very much in the same vein as Ellis’, and if it strikes your fancy, go back and read Ellis/Deodato’s run.

  3. Gokitalo Says:

    “If you’re intent on saving as much money as possible”

    It’s the economy, man. Although I was talking about the book! The first one, that is.

  4. spiffyithaca Says:

    Oh. Then yes, buy that.

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