Weekly Recommendations for 11/25/08


Spiff has put me to shame with his incredible posting output, so I figure he could use a break. Hope he doesn’t mind if I handle his regular feature this week!

DC Comics

Batman #681: this is it, the long-awaited finale to “Batman R.I.P.” Will DC actually kill one of its most iconic and popular characters? Only one way to find out, gang.

Birds of Prey #124: apparently Oracle is finally going to make the Joker pay for crippling her in The Killing Joke. I hear Tony Bedard’s been teasing at this confrontation for a couple of issues now, so let’s hope that (a) it finally happens and (b) it’s worth it.

Blue Beetle #33: the critically-acclaimed, cult title not enough people were buying ends in February, but maybe you can save it by, you know, actually buying it.

Justice Society of America Kingdom Come Special- The Kingdom: not to be confused with The Kingdom mini-series from a few years ago, which no one seemed to like as much as they liked Kingdom Come. If you’ve been following JSofA’s current storyline, “Thy Kingdom Come,” this is probably essential reading. Me? I gave up on JSofA because of his incredibly sluggish pacing. Maybe it’ll read better in trade?

Wonder Woman #26: “Rise of the Olympian,” the story Gail Simone’s been building up since May or something, begins here. Apparently Wonder Woman’s going to face off against a male version of herself and male versions of the Amazons. Their name? The Manazons.

Yes. The Manazons.

The name is so awesome and yet so messed up at the same time. Gail’s Wonder Woman has been hit or miss for me, but I think I’ll give this issue a shot.

Bat Lash- Guns and Roses: So I think I heard this was good. Also, Bat Lash is probably the only guy who can wear a flower in his hat and sort of pull it off.

Marvel Comics

Captain America #44: Dudes. Dudes. Batroc the Leaper is in this. Do you have any idea how hard it is to say no to Batroc the Leaper AND Ed Brubaker? Not to mention this issue has an alternate cover by the legendary John Buscema.

Daredevil #113: “Lady Bullseye” continues, and while it’s not the most brilliant Daredevil story ever written, it’s been pretty entertaining so far. It looks like Daredevil’s finally going to meet Lady Bullseye fist-to-fist this issue, meaning its potential for rulage is most high. Plus it’ll probably have Iron Fist and a mysterious old guy who likes beer. What’s not to love?

Ghost Rider: Danny Ketch #2: if more than one character at DC has the same superhero name, you’ve got a legacy. If more than one hero at Marvel has the same superhero name, you make one of them turn evil. Hooray!

Guardians of the Galaxy #7: there’s a gun-toting raccoon in this comic. Let me say that again: there is a gun-toting raccoon in this comic. If that doesn’t convince you to buy it, then what if I told you this is supposed to be one of those great series not enough people are purchasing? And what if I told you this issue was the beginning of a brand-new storyline? That’s right, now you HAVE to buy it.

(let me know how it is)

Hulk #8: Don’t buy it. Seriously, there are people online who hate this comic so bad, they will probably send a Rainbow Hulk Squad to your house to kill you if you buy this issue.

Incredible Hercules #123: Apparently this and Captain America and Guardians of the Galaxy and Nova and Fantastic Four and the entire Marvel Adventures line are the best Marvel Comics I’m not buying. I actually kind of want to check this series out, since I hear it’s hilarious (how many other comics have sound effects like “Krakkinajaa!”?). Not this month, though, since it’s part 3 of an ongoing storyline.

Nova #19: speaking of Nova, apparently the Nova Corps are coming back! They’re practically the Green Lantern Corps of the Marvel Universe, so I think this is kind of a big deal. So someone should buy it!

Thor: Man of War #1: I think I saw preview pages for this online. Is this the one where Odin tries to get Thor beat up and laid at the same time?

Punisher by Garth Ennis Omnibus: apparently this collects every Punisher story Garth Ennis did before the Punisher MAX series, including the classic “Punisher Kills the Marvel Universe” (I’ve read that, it’s good). Ennis practically defined Frank Castle as we know him, plus what I read of his pre-MAX work could be pretty funny. I’d buy it… IF IT DIDN’T COST 100 DOLLARS

X-Men: Magik – Storm & Illyana Premiere: I’ve kind of always wanted to read the classic Marvel story of Magik, but 20 bucks? Maybe I’ll wait for the softcover…

Cyclops Bobble Head: you ever wonder what Cyclops’ blubbering would look like in real life? Well, now you can find out for yourself!

Image Comics

Brit #10: Look! Invincible’s in this! Everyone loves Invincible!

Savage Dragon #141: Look! Invincible’s in this! Along with just about every other Image superhero who didn’t sell out to “the man”!

(just kidding: we love you, Wildstorm)

Savage #2: there is no dragon in this one to my knowledge, but the main character is a shoe salesman.

The Fantastic Worlds of Frank Frazetta, Vol. 1: Frank Frazetta is a legend. ‘Nuff said. Check out the beautiful cover.


Attack of the Killer Tomatoes #1 (of 3): For some reason, I couldn’t really see this as an ongoing.

Hanky Panky GN: Also known as “Fridays With David and Spiffy”

Project Superpowers #7: the last issue. It’s Jim Krueger and Alex Ross, so I’m filling this under “trade-waiting.”


Title of the year.

That’s it for this week! I’m not sure I actually recommended anything (get Daredevil and Batman R.I.P), but hopefully I left you entertained.


3 Responses to “Weekly Recommendations for 11/25/08”

  1. spiffyithaca Says:

    Batman and Captain America were my only buy’s, as I begin my quest to cut back down my obsession. I can’t wait to read the end of RIP. I’ve really grown to like the last couple issues after a cloudy start.

    Birds of Prey actually sounds pretty sweet. Oracle rules. How do the reviews look for the book Goke?

    A shame about Blue Beetle. I have issue 1, and while I may have enjoyed the long haul, it’s just not Ted.

    The Manazons sounds pretty ridiculous to me. You must keep me up to date on this. In fact, review the first ish!

    I definitely need to catch up with Daredevil, even if Lady Bullseye isnt the most creative new character I’ve ever heard.

    The Fraction penned Thor oneshots have been quite badass and cool actually. I didn’t get this one, but I’m going to read a friend’s copy at some point. It comes highly recommended.

    Herc and Nova are two books I’d buy if I had a stable income. But alas…

    Nice on Mr. Scootles and Hanky Panky. Good stuff this week Goki, and I appreciate the break, because I really wouldn’t have gotten to it anyhow. You’re a good man.


  2. RobTheSolarMan Says:

    I’ve always felt the story of Magik (I pronounced it “Mageek” throughout my formative years) was beyond overrated. I think the 80s fan boys just had a hard-on for her, being one of the only blonde X-ladies… (Outside Dazzler, and Magma…)

    Can’t believe Blue Beetle is ending. DC took a nice risk on that character, and I think it has paid off.

  3. gokitalo Says:

    I’ve always felt the story of Magik (I pronounced it “Mageek” throughout my formative years) was beyond overrated. I think the 80s fan boys just had a hard-on for her, being one of the only blonde X-ladies… (Outside Dazzler, and Magma…)

    Don’t forget Kitty Pryde, especially as she started growing up and filling out.

    I bought Batman, Birds of Prey, Daredevil and Wonder Woman. Expect (or at least hope) a review for one of them in the next few days…

    Birds of Prey reviews for the latest writer started out good, Spiffy-O, but I think people got frustrated because he teased the Joker/Oracle fight for a little too long. I’ll definitely tell you guys how their REAL fight goes down. In fact, Birds of Prey is ending next year, so maybe this is part of the last storyline…

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