Twitter puts my favorite creators in my pants


I’m hooked on Twitter.  I’ve written about it, used it and abused it.  After joining it I quickly followed all of my fellow internet dorks in Vancouver Canada, and then once I got the local tech / blogging community good and followed I turned my attention to my hobbies.  I quickly found that the comic book community had embraced Twitter in the wonderful geeky fashion that we’re known for.

With a lot of top comic professionals on the Twitter, it’s now easier than ever to reach out and touch someone.  Well reach out and @ them at least.  Plus having the latest thoughts of my favorite writers accessible on my iPhone at anytime is pretty cool.

Whose worth following on Twitter?  Here are a few of my favorites:

@BRIANMBENDIS / Brian Michael Bendis – writer New Avengers, Mighty Avengers, Secret Invasion, Ultimate Spider-Man and others: by far my favorite comic creator, Bendis rarely Tweets.  However like catching a fairy under a glass, it’s the scarcity of the event that makes it special.  He also swears, which is like… cool man.

@brubaker / Ed Brubaker – writer Captain America, Criminal, Daredevil: though he claims to have received temporally unsubstantiated information that Kurt Vonnegut invented Twitter, Brubaker is a clever tweeter just like you’d expect of a guy from Seattle in a nifty hat.

@warrenellis / Warren Ellis – writer Astonishing X-Men and a bunch of stuff I don’t read: while I don’t think I’ve ever liked a Warren Ellis book, he’s a great follow on Twitter.  More so than most everyone else his caustic personality shines through even in the 140 character format.

@BrianReed / Brian Reed – writer Ms. Marvel and others: Reed is probably the best at Twitter of any of the creators I follow.  He’s fun to read and he’s generally eager to interact with everyone else, so he’s the genesis of a lot of cross-tweets between creators.  He’s also responsible for the very funny fake Bendis account that forced Bendis to sign up for Twitter to protect his identity.

@JefferySimpson / Jeffery Simpson – writer this blog post: what?  I can’t self-promote?  Bah.  Right I’ll probably never be let near a comic book writing job with a ten foot pole, though I do have a great pitch for a Scarlet Witch mini-series, my mother tells me I’m interesting and you’re not calling my mom a liar are you?


6 Responses to “Twitter puts my favorite creators in my pants”

  1. gokitalo Says:

    This reminds me of when Rich Johnston was showing people’s Twitter Messages on a recent Lying in the Gutters:

    Ivan Brandon: wow, now i know what it feels like for rich johnston to shit on my plate. this is all i needed today.

    Brian Bendis: hey, at least he isn’t cronically masterbating to the image of you, like me does millar. 🙂

    Warren Ellis: What I have learned from Twitter tonight. Brian Bendis has no trouble telling people he jerks off over Mark Millar. Comics fuck you up.

    Matt Fraction: Now Mark Millar’s beating off.

  2. Jeffery Simpson Says:


    I have to admit to only reading Lying in the Gutters when I’m trying to find out who Dan Didio is angry at / who is angry at Dan Didio.

    Having said that I probably haven’t invented the concept of articles about Twitter.

  3. spiffyithaca Says:

    I’ll admit that I have never used Twitter, but it sounds delightful. I’ll have to check it out, if only to read about Bendis’ extracurricular activities.

    I’m sure I’ll say it in the other post Jeffery, but welcome to the site! We’re really glad to have you onboard, because you’ve already posted more than Goki has in 3 months.


  4. Gokitalo Says:

    Andy exaggerates.

    … don’t quote me on that.

  5. spiffyithaca Says:

    I never exaggerate.

    Of late, this blog’s seen more action than Pamela Anderson after breast implants (and all subsequent breast reductions, re-implants, etc etc, she has a lot of sex people)!

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