Star Trek made me a geek


I’m going to be honest, I wore a Star Trek uniform to school once.  Generally I only wore it to Star Trek Fan Club meetings, I was a regular at the Kelowna chapter, but since Star Trek: The Next Generation was ending that night I figured I should show my Trek pride and wear it to school.  I’d already given up on getting a girlfriend, deciding to start again in university, so there was nothing to lose.

Since then my Trek love has been under ground.  I enjoyed Deep Space Nine a lot, and even liked Enterprise, but bit by bit my love of the franchise has died like so many red shirted security officers on away missions.  The end of the movies seemed to confirm that Trek was no longer going to be a part of my life.

Then I saw the newest trailer for the Star Trek relaunch directed by J.J. Abrams.

Holy shit.  I think I’m going to buy a Star Trek costume and wear it to work. 


3 Responses to “Star Trek made me a geek”

  1. spiffyithaca Says:

    My Star Trek fandom is limited to watching more than half of the original series and a couple of the films, but I’m definitely very excited for this because of Abrams’ involvement. LOST and Alias are fucking incredible, Fringe is showing signs of improvement.

    And I hope you do wear a Star Trek costume to work. Very ballsy.

  2. pinklady2009 Says:

    Here’s a babe in a Star Trek uniform that I bet you’ve never seen

  3. Star Trek: can a movie save Nerdville? « Goki’s Giving Groin Says:

    […] of my first blog posts was about how Star Trek was my gateway drug into being a full on geek. Now that it has started and is looking like it’s going to be the next Iron Man, a light fun […]

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