Just a Quickie (or “Shut up, Spiffy”)


Full reviews take a while sometimes, so here are some quick hit-and-run reviews of comics I’ve recently read.

But first, a quick reminder of our rating system!

Goki’s Fly is DOWN: it means this comic was so good, I unzipped my fly and made sweet, sweet love to it.

Goki’s Fly is UP: This comic wasn’t even worth pulling down my fly for.

Goki’s Fly is STUCK: Was it good? Wasn’t bad? I can’t decide, my fly is stuck!

Every so often, a comic will make me FUDO– our highest honor. However, every now and again I’ll read a comic that is so awful, I have to reverse-FUDO– a.k.a. ODUF. For those who don’t know what FUDO and ODUF mean, see our manifesto.

Wonder Woman #26: Fly DOWN

“Rise of the Olympian” has finally arrived! The Greek gods return from deep space to find their home in shambles, thanks to the events of Amazons Attack (although you don’t need to read that story to know what happened). Meanwhile, Wonder Woman and the Department of Extranormal Operations face off against Genocide, a new villain that could very well be Diana’s version of Doomsday (as in the monster who killed Superman). Gail Simone’s Wonder Woman has been hit or miss for me, but this is definitely a step in the right direction. We see the makings of a supporting cast for Diana Prince, a major twist in Wonder Woman’s relationship with Nemesis and some great action sequences.  Genocide mostly lives up to the hype it’s given throughout the issue, although I still have trouble believing that this creature would make its creator (a prominent DCU mad scientist) suddenly grow a conscience. I won’t say who it is, but this one of the guys who created the Four Horsemen in 52! I also miss his facial hair. But these are minor gripes.

Birds of Prey #125: Fly DOWN

While the main plot of the issue deals with the Birds fighting off Kilg%re, the Calculator and the Silicon Syndicate, the real draw is the confrontation between the Joker and Barbara Gordon. Seeing as the Joker is the guy who crippled Barbara back in the famous Batman/Joker story The Killing Joke, this is definitely supposed to be a big deal. Bedard delivers, making the fight both visceral and realistic. Without spoiling much, I’ll just say Bedard hasn’t forgotten that Barbara used to be Batgirl and wields a mean escrima stick, but he also hasn’t forgotten that Barbara is a woman in a wheelchair. Folks looking for a clean win for either character are going to be disappointed, but trust me, the fight is definitely satisfying for fans of both characters.

I may add one or two more comics to the list, so keep your eyes peeled!


2 Responses to “Just a Quickie (or “Shut up, Spiffy”)”

  1. spiffyithaca Says:

    They both sound like worthwhile reads, especially Birds of Prey. Although “Genocide” sounds cool too. Who are the artists for both titles?

    And haha, I need to insult you more often, because apparently that gets you to post!

    Good reviews Goki-O!

  2. gokitalo Says:

    Thanks, Spiff! Haha, don’t get TOO excited about the insults thing.

    Aaron Lopresti (Excalibur) drew Wonder Woman and did a pretty good job on it. Art on Birds of Prey is by a guy named Michael O’Hare; it’s not bad, but it didn’t grab me until the Barbara/Joker confrontation.

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