The All Star Superman Companion


I’d been meaning to post this up for a while, but I forgot! Anyway, as I mentioned in a previous post, Newsarama’s conducted a 10-part interview with Grant Morrison about All-Star Superman. It’s an incredibly informative and fascinating piece, in which Morrison recalls his favorite moments and answers questions about the series you might not have even realized you had.

Part 1 “The Origin” (includes a very unique take on the Batman/Superman “rivalry”)

Part 2 “Favorite Moments, Future Stories [that we’ll never see] and the Twelve Labors”

Part 3 “The Formula, The Poet of Bizarro World and The World’s Toughest Guy”

Part 4 “The Villains… and Garth” (not that Garth! Also, I like the way Grant describes the Chronovore)

Part 5 “Luthor, the Supporting Cast and the Superman/Luthor Duality” (Grant even hints at a future project)

Part 6 “The Power of Superman, the Power of Stories and the Power of Humankind”

Part 7 “Myth and Mind”

Part 8 “Superman of All Eras” or “The Only Black Man in Metropolis” (Grant also reveals how he and Frank Quietly would have done Brainiac and how Kryptonian culture lives on in superhero costumes)

Part 9 “Superman as Jesus?”

Part 10 “Finale”


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